Of Patchwork Warriors (The Ragged Jagged Book Launch)

Book Cover 9

I apologise that this will probably cause exasperation to those who have managed a successful and professional launch on more than one occasion. I regret the confusion or puzzlement experienced by readers who are new to me and my ways. There may come a time when I will sneak back and change the whole format then those who have purchased this through Kindle will have a ‘collector’s item’. However, for the present finally after much more post-narrative work than has ever taken place in my small part of Creation ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ is finally onto Kindle and if Computers, Fates and Good Fortune keep the gremlins away should be available for sale in 3-4 days, at 0.99$ or 0.99£…and such low prices world-wide.

It’s my own cover too; with the assistance of www.addtext.com who were so easy to navigate. Now there are those naturally who will think or say ‘Yer whaaa?’ or ‘What the Ffffudge!’ or ‘Oh My God, what was he thinking?’ and such. Yeh, I know, I understand, but if you visited inside my head and watched my tendency after a while to say ‘Arrhhh! So what! Full steam ahead!!’ you would, maybe sigh and say ‘Oh well’

For any reader who is unfamiliar with my blog, this is a Fantasy Work; the 1st Volume of some epic of which I have no inkling where it will go. This is Adult; includes drama, fighting, intrigue, heroics, friendship, humour, villainous deeds, blood and gore (in small buckets), romance (and consequential episodes of an adult nature). And is also quite ‘lite’ in comparison with some of the volumes forged by the best in this genre. This is the ‘blurb’ which hopefully will appear on the Amazon page:

“There came an era when the threat of incursion from the infernal other world realm of the Zerstorung was strong, placing the survival of entire unsettled Oakhostian Empire at risk and thus disparate forces began to marshal, to take up any cause or seize any opportunity.

There in the background The Ethereal, The Stommigheid or The Astatheia just a few names for the force which had arrived upon The World in Ages faded from record. Viewed either as a pernicious creature seeking to control, a power for good, an aspect of Nature to be treated with caution or a means to an end, it remained a constant. With an oft forgotten tendency to engage with the unwilling, the unassuming and the unruly from the rank of lesser folk whose consequential and various struggles would unsettle many a careful plan.

This is the tale of three such, an innocent housemaid, a dutiful soldier and a self-appointed scourge of evil quite unaware the safety of an Empire would soon be resting on them.

They did not take uniformly or conventionally to the task, for that was the way of things, when involved with The Ethereal, The Stommigheid or The Astatheia.”

I wish to thank a lot of folk who in one form or another contributed to the sensible side of this project, but are in no way responsible for my more quirky actions and decisions, so should not be held accountable for any blame- that’s all mine. (Mine! I tell you! All Mine!!….high-pitched laughter): Anyway it could have been very peculiar but for:

In alphabetical order:

Audrey, Dan, Gwin, Jerry, Jill, Lennon, Lisa, Lucy, Rachael, Ron, Sha’Tara & Simon.

All that remains to be said is

I will now return to keeping up to date with other folks’ posts.

Return to the ‘History of These Isles Vol.II’.

Finally read that magazine on how to improve the appearance of my WordPress site.

And of course suffer the attendant horrors which follow self-publishing a book: Such as ‘Did I check everything? What happens if Kindle……? Should I have written ‘that part’ differently? Oh My God what have I done?’ ‘There will be errors I missed, I know there will be’ and other common ailments.

Thank goodness my contact with Reality is tenuous anyhows.

Book Covers Part II. If it was easy, where would the fun be?

A Leap In The Dark (Sort Of) ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’


25 thoughts on “Of Patchwork Warriors (The Ragged Jagged Book Launch)

    1. Thank you Audrey; it’s turned up on Amazon UK today which was a bit of a surprise.
      The sample goes into five and a bit chapters which is fine by me as that gives any reader a good chance to meet Karlyn who is probably the best way to get attention!
      Probably no rockets just a bit of flag waving
      And thanks again for all your help and input.

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  1. Well, you steered clear of NASA for the launch: always a wise move. Kindle, huh? Dang! Apart from boycotting Amazon – don’t ask! – I have to find out how to “back door” a Kindle-type app for my Linux-Ubuntu OS. I know it is doable, just need to find the time to do it, and I still have to register an account on Amazon. I don’t suppose you have any plans to publish Epub format on another publishing site, for example, SmashWord? It’s not likely that Calibre is able to convert Kindle to Epub though they do convert just about anything that uses words! I’ve converted plain text and PDF to Epub so far. Hm, I do love back doors that you can sneak through from app to app… Have fun with the launch, and the stats!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Roger… sorry to seem so dense, but I don’t want to assume anything. Are you saying you’d want me to have a copy of your book drafted in MS Word – for research purposes? That’s very easily done via an attachment in email as such files are not very large – even with the graphics, as a rule, although graphics would not be needed in this case. Assuming that’s what you meant, I can receive an MS Word file attachment, convert it to open source Libre Office format and go from there. I’m not sure however what it is I would be researching. If you have a minute or two, can you clarify? Thanks!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Sha’ Tara.
        Not being dense at all.
        That’s the problem for folk who bump into old-school retired UK civil servants; we sometimes lapse into our old habits and communicate in coded inferances- with a touch of the sardonic, hence ‘research’ 😉
        In short…I’d send you the whole thing as MS. See it as a gift for sticking by your principals for not using Amazon; all I’d ask is that if it ‘clicks’ with you could you spread the ‘good word’ to folk you know who might like it. (this is me ‘marketing’)
        Over to you.


      3. Dear Roger… I’d be happy and honoured, to receive a copy of “Patchwork Warriors” in MS Word format or even PDF, your choice. If/when I receive it, I’ll then “install” it in my reader, which happens to be Calibre, a bit confusing but very powerful library/conversion/reader program. What Calibre will do is convert your file to EPUB format for easy reading. Once I’ve read the entire ms which I will do from beginning to end even if I’ve already read some chapters, I’ll do a bit of “promotion” where I can. My email address is
        Take care Roger,

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  2. The “these symbols” in the previous comment refer to the mathematical symbols “less than” and “greater than” or V’s written sidewise, left and right. And yes, the mathematical symbols “less than” and “greater than” disappear, including whatever is contained within, in these comments. There now we all know something we probably didn’t need to know. Isn’t IT wonderful?

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