Slaughter of the Innocents


Forgive me if this may not be an image relevant to your own faith or beliefs just see it as a response of a Christian who cannot find the right words to explain his feelings

Las Vegas



Syria (highest death toll last week).

My brothers and sisters in this world of ours, these are some of our family members who have suffered and died.

Mourn, do not hate. Hate and the Evil is winning.


8 thoughts on “Slaughter of the Innocents

  1. Mourn, do not hate. Such excellent advice, or counsel. I do wonder though, what it would be like to be caught and victimized in one of those events, as in up front and personal. Would I still be able to heed your wise counsel? What to do with that aspect of our nature that insists on retaliation, however irrational? To blame? I have never been actually tested in such bloody situations so for me it’remains a “mental” exercise. Of course I realize that if, through personal discipline, I remain in my compassionate “mode” then I can overome the feelings, and their attendant negative emotions. Thinking upon those events has made today a particularly “tense” day of self-observation. Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. The danger now Sha’Tara is that some people will vent their own angers and frustration on nebulous reasons why Paddock did this and many hurtful remarks will be made.
      This was one person possessed of weapons of mass destruction venting out his..who knows what… on a packed crowd which stood no chance. Every bullet was bound to hit at least one victim.
      This is not a time, therefore to be pointing fingers and sounding smug it will only backfire. This is a time to mourn this and the other tragedies which are happening around the world.
      The shock has drained me of my usual antagonistic and judgemental streaks…I should have cleansed myself of these without this and the other horrors.

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      1. Quote: “This is a time to mourn this and the other tragedies which are happening around the world.” Perfectly stated. This calls for heartfelt and “fearless” mourning; joining ourselves spiritually, mentally, with the suffering, the hurting, the dying and the dead. This is our world… such as it is, and condemning parts of it because we think we know better, or would do better, is hubris, pure and simple. Mea culpa, not blame.

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