Mourn. Weep. By All Means Rage. But Do Not Hate.

Barcelona and Cambrlis. The brothers-in-hate of the Charlottesville murder struck.

Irrespective of race, gender, religion, age or social grouping. Striking down folk just out to enjoy and bustle, struck down. For what? A ceremony  from the altar of Hate, preached out of the same book which has been used for centuries by the deluded and the inadequate of every nation, every group, every culture. The toxicity we must all guard against, because it lurks, in the shadows, ready to embrace you, and me. The filthy brew will feed on our anger at the slaughter of innocents, it will whisper lies.

Oh they will try and justify themselves. They will take religious works and seek out of context selective passages. They will take a nations law and documentation and twist the meanings. They will ignore the truth of History and go scampering off to seek out some wretched collection of spoutings from some fool and in their desperation insist this is out it is. But what they cannot run from, is the fact they are taking lives, or condone the taking of lives. They are murderers  by deed or by consent.

I can take you down the nightmare passages and show you the twisted logic and the reasonings for the perversions which lead to these events. For these are not the acts of random lunatics. These have roots, deep into the soil of Humanity. But they are not justifications. Anyone who takes up violence against another solely because of race, creed, religion, social grouping or gender is wrong and a betrayer.

As always we sit on an edge where violence is ever present, where the urge to vent our anger upon an apparent representative of our target is all too tempting. Where in our secret, murky little corners we tip a wink to those who use the self-same methods against those we hate, and thus do we give way to the whisperings.

Mourn then for the victims in Spain, in Syria, in South Sudan, in Venezuela, in Yemen, in Israel & Palestine, in Mynamar, in The Philippines, The Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine to name but a few. Reach out to the vulnerable folk in our own communities who are victimised by craven cowardly groups. Rage against the victims of twisted beliefs in their own communities

Never give up to the fact that the vast majority of the population of this world are your brothers and sisters and that each and every child growing and learning is your responsibility.

Judge your fellow man or woman by their capacity for Compassion, Respect and Tolerance.

And if the anger is still uncontainable, then break up your household rubbish to fit into a bin, or smash up rocks to make a rockery, or chop up wood into something ornamental.  But not hate.

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19 thoughts on “Mourn. Weep. By All Means Rage. But Do Not Hate.

  1. Somewhere along our path as a species, we were faced with 2 serious choices. The first, and obvious one, was to submit to nature’s laws and remain essentially “uncivilized” as hunter and gatherer societies; small, relatively peaceful groupings with plenty of space to move away from each other if conflict arose due to lack of resources for basic sustenance. This would have meant a controlled population that would never have reached the 1 billion number mark. Such a condition today could, assuming climate change is natural and not man-made, deal with the changes because of its mobility and adaptability. The second choice, which was taken, was to turn away, and against, nature and create an artificial, man-made civilization to establish the species as the ruler of “creation.” Bad choice. Now we face insurmountable problems caused by overpopulation made possible by insular city living in turn made possible by an unnatural use of science and technology. Any fool can (or should be able to) see that man-made climate change is not only the result of technological development but overpopulation and dwindling natural resources that must of necessity, increasingly be fought for, and over. There will be more violence, always closer to home until this “bad choice” civilization collapses to make way for something incredible but as yet un-thought of, and unpremeditated. What is to come, after we are purged in the crucible of our hubris, is so utterly alien, it is unthinkable unless we go into that mythical future to see it, and come back to think, and maybe even talk, about it. What we are currently experiencing has been fermenting for thousands of years, and even Jesus referred to these times as “the beginning of birth pangs.” So… yes, compassion, self-denial and self sacrifice, through humility and self-empowerment, these are the only effective counters to rising waves of violence we cannot escape because it’s pay-back for all the harm, hurt and murder we have colluded with against the planet and those who were helpless against our prideful and murderous technology. There will never be a better time to remind all and sundry that we do indeed reap what we sow.

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    1. Good words and reasoning Sha’Tara.
      I would add that a brief glance at the fossil record will show how transitory types of Life can be.
      We are not rulers of this world. We are part of it. Being an ‘Extinction Event’ is hardly a good legacy, because we had the choice not to be.


    2. While I agree with most of your reasoning I believe there is an error at the beginning. We did not choose but we acted out of our basic nature just as we do today. We have a dual nature consisting of a moral part and an ambitious desire to survive come what may. The desire to survive is our evolutionary inheritance from our animal past , the other moral side comes from our conscience due to self-judgement.

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      1. Ah, well you see, I “know” we are completely different from other denizens on planet earth. We do not have what is commonly referred to as “an animal past” but it’s a convenient way to brush off the problem of humanity on earth. If we claim to have “evolved” a conscience from an animal state, we can always place that “evolution” at a convenient point after nature did its thing and pushed us the wrong way, the way we now are. That way we are not responsible for what we do; we are victims of what: nature? fate? But if that were the case, why would we whine and moan and complain about our condition? As things stand today, it would all be as natural as having five fingers on one hand. But, obviously we did not, could never have, evolved a conscience since such a thing is not a natural process. End of Darwinism right there. We are different, unlike, disconnected – take your pick – and we have to deal with our own messed up state of being. We did it, we must fix it, or we will be an “extinction event” as a failed species. We are, or could be if we took responsibility for it, human beings. We are not, never have been “animals.” Everything about us, even our bodies, denies that claim. If we could admit that, without falling into the trap of “divine” creation or belief in some invisible sky wizards we could make the jump into individual self-empowerment entailing taking responsibility for everything we think, say and do. And then… the stars. There are no limits to what we can accomplish as intelligent, sentient, self-aware beings if we dare take our proper place in the scheme of things. We CAN, we just don’t care enough to, as individuals. We choose to be spoon-fed misleading and false information and proudly wear very dirty social diapers as flags and slogans.

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      2. I can see the line of thinking there Sha’ Tara and as we are still learning (and will continue to learn) I could not say ‘You are wrong’. The Universe is filled with possibilities and information far beyond our current grasp.
        However I would, based on current information, and call it an empathy feel we have evolved….but…..we should also have evolved our sense of responsibility. As I see matters we cannot blame any outside source for our propensity to war, hoard and hate. True we cannot stop the extremes of Weather or the Geological processes. But we can do something about ourselves.
        Which as a species we are not. There are many worthy, brave and selfless folk and there are even more folk who just want to get on with a quite and settled life, but there are those bent of disruption and destruction and they are having too much of a say and gaining too much of an audience.


      3. (Sorry, taking up more of your blog here…) Quote: “As I see matters we cannot blame any outside source for our propensity to war, hoard and hate. True we cannot stop the extremes of Weather or the Geological processes. But we can do something about ourselves. — Which as a species we are not. There are many worthy, brave and selfless folk and there are even more folk who just want to get on with a quite and settled life, but there are those bent of disruption and destruction and they are having too much of a say and gaining too much of an audience.”
        …and this, for me, begs the ultimate question which any sentient, intelligent, self-aware being should ask, endlessly: why is that so? Always we come up against these questions. Where does the obvious defect come from? Why chose destruction over creation? Why do we feel attracted to (and respond emotionally and positively) to violence, rape (certainly in the case of war), torture, bloodshed and killing, even to committing genocide? Some would argue that it’s not that we love these things, nor that the majority wants them… and yet, the evidence points in the opposite direction. Man, as a species and within its civilizations, always chooses chaos, warfare and self-destruction over peace through compassion. So, conclusion: man, if s/he isn’t being mentally ‘programmed’ and ‘pushed’ into this sad state, must be a defective construct. Next question: is that defective construct the fault of some creators, or Creator, or did something terrible happen to man to make the creature so prone to love of violence in practically all aspects of its life, including exploitation of the weaker, and the thrill of the kill in hunting and fishing which are anachronisms to modern life, or should certainly be. Are we “evolved” that way, and if so, what force or forces made us grow so twisted? We talk and talk and talk about this. We write books and we create massive bureaucracies to govern ourselves in supposed civilized fashion and yet all our efforts turn on us, each and every time without fail, current event certainly putting the ‘case closed’ on that statement.
        I’ll tell you what is the problem: it’s complacency and total lack of empathy for others, including the very world man lives on and needs to survive as a physical being. The problem is, man is not primarily a physical being, but a mental entity. Our physical “expression” is of a temp nature and deep down the being knows this, hence the devil-may-care attitude. When we re-claim the reality of who and what we are, these “defects” will become evident and will easily be eradicated (or healed as some would put it.) But as long as we put our ‘flesh’ self forward, our problems will continue and exacerbate. What is a human? It is a complex expression within life, emanating from “spirit” (or call it Life with a capital letter) that extracted itself from Mind into individual minds, then went off into the cosmos to investigate, create, work, play, get lost (as we are on earth today) and forget who/what we are, dying and reincarnating here, there, anywhere, then again over millennia, or even ages, remembering ourselves and as easily as that, freeing ourselves from our treadmills and regaining our power. Meanwhile we “feed” information to Mind and the Cosmos (without beginning or end) is guided accordingly. Temporal worlds and bodies die of entropy but in the Cosmos, all continues, all grows, all changes, all lives, forever and ever (should I add, Amen!?) Thus it has always been, and thus it shall always be. Anyone who really wants to know what’s out there only has to remember, “as below, so above” and observe. That’s right, doesn’t work the other way around. We observe “below” and we project that into “above” and thus we re-gain enlightenment. Can’t add to that. Bottom line, it’s up to each and every individual to make the effort to wake up and smell the entropy.


      4. You sound very confident but how do you “know” we can only go by the evidence we have of prehistory. Let me say I’m not a determinist but I believe Freud was basically right when he said we are at war with ourselves and it is what distinguishes us from other animals.Most religious thought agrees with this viewpoint in its assertion about good and evil. Some fundamentalists believe God made us that way and we desperately need His help to lead good lives. I do not believe we are entirely free to act but our characters are partly formed from our genes and our upbringing. Good men follow their consciences most of the time bad men ignore them most of the time. We see the out working of this state of affairs in world history which I present as my evidence.
        It has been established that homo sapiens came out of Africa about 100,000 years ago and at that time there were several homo species perhaps the most well know being Neanderthal man. Many human beings alive today contain Neanderthal genes since they interbred with us home sapiens.
        To take responsibility for EVERYTHING we think say or do would be to turn off our emotions which often lead us to do many things we later regret. We are not just rational beings as some teach but complex beings who are emotional, self aware and moral.


      5. How do we “know” anything at all? It comes down to what we encounter, spiritually, mentally, physically, and what credence we give to that evidence. I’d say most people don’t trust themselves to know anything at all, so they rely on “trusted” sources for evidence to bolster their beliefs. I couldn’t begin to count the times those ‘trusted sources’ lied to me and left me high and dry. Only a fool continues using a map, or walking along a path that has brought her to the wrong destination time and time again. Only those who don’t question their trusted sources have no problem persisting in doing that which does not add up; does not work. Which brings up the emotion aspect. People get quite attached to their belief systems – not because of physical evidence so much as through emotional attachments. So, what are emotions? I call them exhaust from experienced feelings. I don’t do emotions, they are poisonous to me. I have feelings, of course, which supply my mind with information about my current life in a physical state, but if these feelings are allowed free rein, that turns into emotions and once one gets addicted to sucking on such exhaust, there is no telling where it’s going to end. Part of being self-empowered is to live without reliance on emotional output; to consider that life is essentially forever, however it changes; however different states it manifests into. What makes humans, human, is the ability to choose how to interpret reality and the mental power to challenge all sources of information (the usual question I ask is, does it work? And the corollary: will it make life here better?). Life is never, ever, either/or. There are endless “interpretations” to all soures of information. The greatest and most reliable source, I have learned over a 70 year quest for meaning and truth, is what my own mind discovers as I wander in it throughout the cosmos. I repeat, we are not animals, never have been. We have adapted a kind of animal-like physical body for the convenience of experiencing earth. Why? It made sense. If we are “created” then we are self-created. Why can’t we remember who we are? Because we fell into a trap and other forces took advantage of our helpless condition, re-programming us to do their bidding, and to believe whatever they chose to feed us via (and here’s the corker for most, the unacceptable!) the soul, which is nothing more, nor less, than a controlling implant. Yes, I do know stuff. I know what I have observed that has never worked, and never will; I know what can work, and eventually will. I have also seen one of earth’s possible and most likely future, and it’s pretty good! I don’t expect anyone to believe this, but it’s what I know to be true -for me.
        (Sorry for the lenghty reply – hard to “compress” such ideas and still come out making sense. The problem with tackling these existential questions is they raise more questions than they answer. So the onus goes to the individual to do her own self-search and research. When seeking “real” answers, the mine we enter is much deeper than those of Moria and carries the same dangers along with the thrills of discovery. It is a bottomless pit, and I’m just another Gandalf…)


      6. The trusted sources you speak of are the consensus of the various experts in their fields. These should not bolster beliefs we already have but help us to form beliefs about the world around us . If we cling to what we feel to be true then we best close down all educational institutions and not read any thing at all incase it alters what we feel to be true. All that we read and absorb in discussion builds up our character and makes us all children of our time and place. If I or anyone else had been born in the middle ages we would have been very different people.
        I understand you do not like the world as you find it and I feel the same but most of us come to terms with it and whether we like it or not we are in it until death releases us. Unfortunately no one can turn off emotions they are part of the stuff we are made of and part of our reason for kuaction of all sorts. Lord of the Rings which you quote is about the battle between good and evil and it is not surprising to find that Tolkien was a committed Catholic. However the forces of nature are amoral they treat the good , the bad, and the indifferent equally as far as we know morality is a human attribute. Your quest has been longer than mine I’m a mere 75 hopefully with a little longer to enjoy existence.
        While it is true there are many interpretations we are fortunate enough to be living in the enlightenment and science has greatly illuminated our knowledge of the world both atomic and cosmic. The question you need to ask is not that we can’t remember who we are but can we accept who we have discovered we are. I am always wary of the word real answers implying that there is a real answer and it’s not the one we are piecing together. Thank you for your time and trouble and for exposing just how you feel about life.


  2. Indeed Roger. We call ourselves “reasoning” beings, implying that we are a reasonable species. Further to this, one must point to the fact that perhaps more than 2/3 of the population of such “reasoning” individuals firmly believe that they are children of a God, or gods, and accountable to these greater minds. Thus, not being alone to make the life-giving, or taking, decisions made daily, man is twice cursed for making the so obviously wrong choices in so many things. We were GIVEN the wisdom to be better, but we CHOSE not to exercise it as it was meant to be exercised. We were PROMISED to be helped when we attempted to better ourselves, and I remain convinced we would have been as a people, but even a God cannot help “an adulterous and pervert” generation that thinks of itself as superior to nature, its own God and ultimately, common sense. But for me the extinction of civilization, though inevitable now, is not an end, but a purifying. We will yet “see the light of life” beyond our current addiction to killing and death. Even this great civilization, as you say, is transitory and must be replaced with something else which I’ve seen as a sort of fulfillment of all the ancient promises. While many will, in the coming times, stand on the edge of despair, some will be looking beyond the chasm at a different kind of beautiful world, one re-designed and appropriate for an advanced type of human life. We will yet LIVE. We will yet know freedom and we will yet laugh with a new-found joy. That’s what matters to me.


  3. Very well said, my friend. While hate and bigotry in all forms has been with us forever, it seems to be reaching higher pinnacles than any time in the past 60 years or so. I find it interesting when I hear people refer to humans as a higher, more developed species, for it is my believe that most other forms of life have far better sense than humans.

    Hope all is well with you … haven’t seen you lately?

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    1. Hi Jill…Ah them Summer Bugz! 🤒. Back on track now 🙂.
      Sadly we have this mean streak in our system. It’s a question of realising it’s mean and learning to rise above it.
      Life in all its forms is unsentimental and hard that’s because the urge to survive and proliferate is predominant. Where we are now in our history we don’t need to give way to those as driving forces. We have the options to ‘coast along’ with our fellow beings and making better for all.
      But the trouble is, this tendency for the brain to slip from the head down to the anal area….Frib! (and spiffle!)

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      1. Ahhhh … I see you have recovered quite well from your summer bugz!!! Spiffle indeed … another new one to add to my growing list! 😀 😀 😀

        What you say is correct … all species are engaged in a battle of survival, but most maim or kill only when another is actually posing a threat, such as trying to eat their young, or steal a food source. Humans, however, with their “remarkable” brains and opposable thumbs have taken their “survival skills” to a new level, one where they look around for objects to hate … perhaps those who have more than them, or whose skin, saints preserve us, is a beautiful shade of ebony, or who wear hijabs, overalls, or ugly ties. Then that person becomes the object of their hate … not because they were vying for a food source, not because that person did anything threatening … just because that person … exists. The unmitigated gall of existing in somebody else’s universe. And then people like me get riled and start acting churlish and spewing my own hateful words. Sigh. It is a vicious circle indeed. But … as I do not wish my brain, such as it is, to slip down into my nether regions, I shall instead be content to go about the rest of my day practicing my new word … spiffle. Frib and spiffle! Sounds sort of like something one might eat for breakfast 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better!

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      2. Quite Jill. Our eternal curse, at the end of the day, who amongst us does not have the urge to throw rocks hit, with large club or stab with sharp stick….Ah silly folk we are.
        Yep, they are all in Patchwork; it was half the fun inventing a whole vocabulary of swear words 😉

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      3. Since you are the Merriam-Webster of the fantasy world, Sir Roger, I need a good word for ‘idiot’ … one that will puzzle the recipient and leave him or her speechless, unable to rebuttal! 😀

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      4. (W.C Fields voice) Ah Yes…Idiot baiting. Trouble is half the time they don’t realise they’ve been insulted…..Yes indeed.
        Back to me:
        Checking on the Patchwork World:
        We have the catch-all: ‘Wobbler’ meaning ‘useless’ and alluding to what teenage boys get up in their bedrooms.
        Then there’s the more esoteric ‘First’. Which has a religious conation; in that the First level of Hell is where the very stupid go; usage ‘Firster’; ‘Going to the First’ and variations. Also ‘Second’ is where the annoyingly fussy go, and thus has it’s own permutations.
        Then we have the vulgar ‘Donger’ relating the …ahem..the male organ.
        Karlyn has her own unique lexicon:
        ‘Kerfluffeg’- word for confusion or confused
        ‘Knobbling’- A word with many meanings including tricked, confused, trapped, outwitted and occasionally just plain rude.
        And finally
        ‘Scraith’ which is the f-word
        ‘Midden’ is the s-word……both of which can be fitted into an insult.
        There are others but they are a bit obvious.
        ‘First’ and ‘Second’ with their permutations are the most oblique and enigmatic……
        Hope that helps 😃

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      5. Well, now … you have provided a number of potential good words, as I knew you would. I DO like ‘wobbler’, though the connotation that would NOT have crossed my innocent mind had you not planted it there … 🙂

        But I absolutely LOVE ‘Kerfluffeg’, though I am fairly certain I am not pronouncing it quite as you intended!

        And who could not love ‘scraith’!!! I have been using ‘frib’ as per your suggestion, though sometimes it seems to come out as a hybrid ‘frick’ 😀 But ‘scraith’ just seems to be a great word overall!

        So yes, indeed, you have helped! Between you and David, you guys will have me speaking Welsh, though with a terrible Bronx-style accent! 😀


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