Advice the Nazis shouldn’t need at this point

A clever, sardonic and very insightful response to a disgraceful crew


Generally, identifying yourself as a “Nazi” or “white supremacist,” or even “white nationalist,” will tag you with a social stigma that’s very hard to shake. More often than not, regular people don’t wish to hang with Nazis.

You may find yourself, after being spotted at the Charlottesville disaster and publicly shamed on Twitter, without friends and family. This is something to keep in mind before dressing yourself in the outfit of white shirts and Dockers (“Nazi Casual”) that seems to be all the rage now among the alt-right crowd. Coupled with the tell-tale haircuts – either shaved heads or the Hitler combover – these duds will out you every time and you’ll have nowhere to go on Thanksgiving but to other Nazis’ shindigs. I don’t know about you, but I never met a Nazi who was a truly good cook.

Thanks to our first-amendment rights, expressing your frustration with the…

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