A Leap In The Dark (Sort Of) ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’

Honestly folks, I truly would not absolutely, certainly, definitely try this anywhere other than on WP. Yes, I know I am saying that before you know what the subject matter is, but it simply as to be said the WP writing community is an open, and freewheeling sort of place where a writer feels things can be tried out without fear of ridicule or ill-informed censure.

(You know the sort of thing, like someone going onto a ‘discussion forum’ to modestly and politely state their religious, political beliefs, or social beliefs and getting responses with as much indignation and abuse as if the person had suggested a national holiday to be set aside for the drowning of small cute pets)

Anyway; as you may know (or may not know- after all a reader of blogs can’t be everywhere at once) one of the features of my posts over the months has focused on my fantasy book project Current Working Title: ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’. There were a couple of approaches, a while ago I posted up extracts, and more recently have found intermittently a consecutive series of posts of the entire work up to about one-half way through. There have been favourable comments, very constructive advice and an encouraging number of ‘likes’.

Now, here is the thing.

How is it shaping up folks?

On this post I am attaching links to all of the ‘Parts’ which include the chapters of about half-way through. If you have not read any or missed some, they are all here. So you have an opportunity, if you so wish to gauge this ‘work in progress’. This I stress, is not an urgent plea for folk to drop what they are doing and pile in with comments. The post could continue to collect comments for months because folk might take months to read the whole.

Basically, these are the questions I am looking for answers.

Firstly: Is the story holding together?

Secondly: Do you care what happens next? (This question has to be asked. You must have been reading something where you reached the stage of saying ‘I don’t care. I just don’t care what happens next!). Don’t be afraid to answer that one, you’re not drowning cute pets, you might be saving a potential commercial readership from suffering that fate.

Thirdly: What needs improving? There must be ‘things’.

And there we go. The cool thing is you don’t even have to take part, you don’t have to say a word if you don’t want to, because that in itself is as informative as anything.

So, no immediate response necessary (like there’s about 70,000 words floating about there.)

So, no response necessary.

It’s all valuable folks.

And that’s a genuine statement.

Of Patchwork Warriors Part 1

Of Patchwork Warriors Part 2

Of Patchwork Warriors Part 3

Of Patchwork Warriors Part 4

Of Patchwork Warriors Part 5

Of Patchwork Warriors Part 6

Of Patchwork Warriors Part 7

Patchwork Warriors Part 8


15 thoughts on “A Leap In The Dark (Sort Of) ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’

  1. Answers to your questions: #1 Yes, the story is holding together. I may have missed a few details, but the general shape is clear. #2 Do I care what happens next? Yes. You’ve created characters I care about, so I want to know how things turn out for them, and whether anyone survived that blast at the end of Part 9. #3 Once you’re done with shaping the plot, a thorough going-over to find missing words and such. Looking forward to Part 10!

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read ‘Patchwork’. I appreciate that very much. Rest assured your words of encouragement will spur me on!
      I’ve started another re-write/editing which concentrates on ‘words’ and continuity but ’10’ & ’11’ will follow shortly.
      Thanks again for your time.

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  2. Those Patchwork Warriors are quite the motley crew, but they grow on you. I haven’t had time to read the whole thing yet, and thanks for posting the links as the computer I had the chapters in decided to misbehave, went to the shop, and once there, “we” decided the hell with Windows and Linux is being installed. So there’ll be a bit of a learning curve which I’ll get to once things settle down to a dull roar around here. I was assured all my data would be wiped out and opted not to pay the rather steep fee charged for attempts a recuperating the data. Not that important, most of it is either on the blogs… or scattered here and there on data sticks anyway. So I’ll reload and when the story is all together, I’ll do a shoot-through read, from stem to stern. Then I’ll comment on the reliability of the characters’ character, the story and its philosophy. What do you say?

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    1. I would really appreciate that Sha’ Tara. Thank you so much for the offer. (Feel free to tear it apart if necessary no one writes the perfect story).
      Yes, they are a ragged bunch but I’ve grown fond on them; quite my alternative family and neighbours.
      All the best with Linux (ooh a steep fee…I am surprised! How unusual!)


  3. Dear Roger … I think I last left off with episode #3, and as you know, I have had a bit of mind-bounce, and rather fell behind on everything I was trying to stay on top of. Do i care what happens next? YES, I absolutely do! I was enjoying the story immensely before my mind began bouncing! I am definitely going to read #4 tomorrow … or maybe yet tonight after I finish my work. I love your writing, love this story. As to whether it is holding together … I shall let you know once I have read a couple more. Keep writing, dear Roger … pound that keyboard … I will catch up … 🙂

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    1. Hi Julie.
      Thank you for taking the time out to read the tale.
      #4 is a mix of the necessary ‘tech’ which needs an explanation (from time to time), Trelli asserting herself and Beritt being adept
      at empathy. Karlyn of course appears (she’s really tricky, my own creation, but I have to try and steer her away from being like Harley Quinn of Batman’s world- I fear I might not succeed and have to put up with the comparisons).
      Annnd thanks for the words of encouragement.
      I took some time out with ‘research’ and writing on my histories of these Isles, but the characters of Patchwork demanded my attention!
      I do enjoy writing (success….who cares? It’s the creating thing which matters and reaching a few people is fine by me- sold 6 copies of the first Volume of The History- so far the pinnacle for me 👍!😸)

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      1. Karlyn is my favourite thus far … I’m not sure why, but I can relate to her.
        I think that if one writes with the goal of becoming famous, or selling a million copies, or making beaucoup of money, then one is destined to fail. One must write for oneself first … it must be, I think, a passion. If one has the passion, then the story flows from the fingertips and is much more likely to be good, fun, interesting, than if one is thinking ‘fame and fortune’. I think this may be why some writers first book or two are great, but then later ones fizzle out … success goes to their head and money or fame become their only goal. Anyway, who am I to talk, for all I write is a humble socio-political blog. 🙂

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      2. Karlyn is my loose-cannon. She’s the wackiness inside of us all; the challenge was building in something approaching a serious and vulnerable side to her; I’m not sure if that worked. It’s trying to avoid cliché central.
        I gave up on making any cash on writing and thus made it easier to write as I wanted to. By the end of the year Vol. I should be out on Kindle. It will be the best I’ve done (which is a sort of ironic/sardonic statement)- but heck I’ve had fun!!
        But Jill, the ‘humble socio-political bolgs are the foundation stones of liberty; these are the voice of the ordinary folk who make up the cornerstones of Society. Your words encourage and support others. Yours are the voices of Angry Reason. Vital in these days. Keep up the good work.
        America needs you and yours!!

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      3. Having fun is what makes it worth doing, dear friend! Let me know the day it comes out on Kindle, for I intend to be the first to purchase a copy! I was browsing in the book shop the other day, in the history section, and I somehow thought of you and thought your book should be right there with the rest.

        Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, my friend. They mean a lot and help keep me energized. I must admit, I am ready for a bit of a break this weekend, though. 🙂

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