The Absence of a Wandering Writer

I do like Word Press! There is so much going on socially, culturally, creatively, politically, and other-ones- I-can’t-bring-to-mindly. There are days when I spend hours+ reading through other bloggers posts and some would say to me

‘You are following 130 blogs. This is unwise. You cannot read everyone,’puritan-christmas-color

And I would reply

‘Yes, but looking at all the interesting contributions.’ (Unless I am listening to 1960s music, in which I would say ‘Yeh man. But dig all the out cool vibes going down. I mean like Out of Sight man! I mean like ..Heavy man!!… I mean I just got to be There Man!…..I mean…….Man!!!’…Those were the circumstances when you could say that to a lady and they would not be offended by having their gender changed; they would simply reply ‘Oh. Far out! I dig what you’re saying Man!’..and so forth)en_greekphilosophers

Ah. Sorry about that I seem to have wandered off topic.

Anyway having stated the obvious that there is so much of value and interest to read, somewhere in the back of my mind a little voice wouldst say.

‘But what about those Three Posts, one of which you specifically said to someone you would do (and it’s a doozy to work into words too!). What about that political site you said you would contact? What about the seriously serious editing you were going to do on the book? How about that notion of producing your own cover which for once is actually relevant to the book? What about the History of the Isles Project, it’s three chapters behind schedule?’trilby

While a more strident, naggy voice spoils by mid-morning coffee ritual, its allegorical arms folded, fingers tapping on the opposing arm, eyebrows narrowed, mouth a thin line.

‘AND,’ it booms (don’t you hate it when that happens inside your head? I don’t know about you, but that echo really disorientates me) ‘When are you going to get around to making your Blog Site look like a worthy site and not some room which has just received its first undercoat of paint? You have a WordPress Guidebook. Why are you not reading it? Why are you not following its advice? You have had this blog for two years now. People are following you- personally I am at a loss to know why- so you had better make the whole thing look presentable!’  (I don’t know where this character came from I’m sure they’re not really part of me; like I’ve been possessed by a spirit of Serious Diligence and Work Ethic).rant

I try and tell the two of them that it is productive to reply to other folk and chat back and forth, and then they gang up on me and tell me that is all well and good, but I, personally, do not have the energy or mental capacity much less creative powers to do the two simultaneously. The inference that I am somehow deficient is somewhat hurting, however they are a persistent pair.

So to shut them up I have to resolve to writing and not reading for a while. This is odd, feels like driving down the wrong way in a one-way street

And while this existentialist threat is being sorted out along comes…….

The Choremaster who reminds me there’s pile of ‘stuff’ to go on e-bay, the trees really need cutting back, and don’t forget the attic needs clearing out, then there’s the ‘clerical’ work…ONLINE PHOTO ENHANCE VILLAN

So what’s this Putting Your Feet up thing when you retire?

Anyway, I suppose all this will have to be attended to. Although to be accurate, some because I want to and some because I have to.

Which will be why if you are used to seeing me replying to your posts and am not over the next few days, sorry about this, sort of cleaning out the back yard, or garden, or attic, or spare room, literally and allegorically.

Now if I could only think of a succinct way to conclude this post………….imagesC0U7V2ED


9 thoughts on “The Absence of a Wandering Writer

    1. Thank you Audrey.
      It’s an odd sort of conflict; between wanting to read and wanting to right.
      My wife reckons someone in authority has, for nefarious purposes, arranged to reduce the number of hours in the day!😃
      These days I find it hard to argue with that!

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  1. Dearest Roger … I have the exact same dilemma, so I fully understand! I retired, envisioning morning coffee on the patio, leisurely days spent reading, visiting with friends, perhaps even writing a book. I have worked harder and been busier since I retired than at any time during my long career (and I used to often work 12-16 hour days even then!). But the difference is that now I love (most of) what I do, so it’s a good thing.

    I shall miss your comments on my posts, but I really DO understand … it’s the same reason I never seem to get around to reading everybody else’s posts as I really want to do. But, since I need my daily dose of Roger humour in order to survive my rabbit hole, I shall just have to pop over here once a day and comment on YOUR posts! 🙂

    Enjoy your tree-trimming and all the other tasks, my friend! And if you get bored and lonely, you know where to find me 😀

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Jill.
      I’ll be back in a few days (or is that daze?😵)
      Y’know odd thing here…I never get bored. Every other emotion…yep usually get through them all in a few days and then start again. The only time I use the word is when I’m being dismissive to someone on the radio, tv etc as in ‘Yeh. Bored now,’-switch off.
      Anyway I’ll be back….I mean there is so much to discuss….
      Grand Jury eh???? 😼

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      1. I am the same … the word ‘bored’ is not even in my vocabulary. I am constantly amazed by my nieces and nephews who post things on Facebook like, “Oh, I am so bored.” How can anybody be bored when there is so much to do??? My problem is the opposite … there are not enough hours in a day to get all I need/want to do done, thus I sacrifice sleep! Even when I was young, I was never bored, for there were always books!

        Yep … Grand Jury. We shall see … not holding my breath, but …

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  2. Roger, how did you know all my worries and problems? Tonight I am reading (as you can see) and looking at the notes of the writing that I want to do. Finding a balance is never easy. Keep writing (and reading). 🙂

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    1. Hi Jennie
      The universal worries I think.
      I guess there comes a time for some writers when they reach the border, pass over and become full-time professional writers where a whole new set of issues await.
      For many of us, we work within a level where we are trying to fit our writing into other parts of our lives, and it is indeed a question of balance.
      As you say we keep on writing and reading 😃 (although in my case since I have trouble sitting down to read, it’s listening to an audio book!)
      All the very best with your endeavours

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