More Reasons Why I Like WP

One of the encouraging and uplifting aspects of being on WP is that fellow bloggers wonder where you are if you don’t turn up. What a nice village we live in.happy-face-clipart-12

Bearing this in mind I just thought I let you folk know I’m heading off into deepest tranquil rural North Wales for a while, but will be back towards the end of this month.


If by chance the WiFi signal works I might be around; if not you’ll know where I am  and will be catching up (as the old civil service phrase went)  ‘In Due Course’ end of July (ish).

Of course, will be hammering away at the keyboard and pen and paper Victorian writing……. definitive histories of these isles 51vnj7ZqupL__SY346_( shameless plug) , ground breaking fantasy novels

(gerrout dude I’m the central character!………………………………………….. Says you!

Handel_GF…actually I don’t recall either of the above turning up in ‘Of Patchwork Warriors’ (another shameless plug)

Whereas wuz I?……Oh yeh.. all of the above cartoon-guy-laughing-pointing-bent-over-31869170and incisive blogs don’t write themselves y’know.

Anyhows, take care everyone one. Keep on keeping on.

Best wishes




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