A Story Is Driven By Characters, Not Plot

Now here are some more important words. Read and consider

A Writer's Path

by Millie Ho

Kill the plot-driven story with fire.

A plot-driven story sucks. It is not a story but a sequence of events. It is a terrible thing that will make you claw your hair out trying to make all the details fit while retaining reader interest.

I had a tough two weeks plotting my Long-Suffering Manuscript (LSM) because I was exercising too much control over the story instead of transferring that control over to my characters.

And it’s all because of something I call The Found Situation.

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2 thoughts on “A Story Is Driven By Characters, Not Plot

  1. Totally agree. After all, aren’t we telling the character(s)’ story? Let them live it, and tell it as they see themselves in the drama. So many successful series were/are driven by characters the reader (or watcher) can rely on. Sherlock Holmes, for example. Katniss Everdeen. Lisbeth Salander, Hari Seldon and his foil, R. Daneel Olivaw. If a story is not driven by its characters then one may as well just read newspapers.

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