Those who have read this blog over the months will know I have an intolerance of Intolerance and I hate Hate with twin passions that simply mirror those of the perpetrators; my weakness, my demons, my battle.

Today when I read the news of the dreadful and evil event at the mosque in Finsbury my first emotion was rage and came instinct to pick a social media fight with anyone who did not condemn this vile act, then I visited the Finsbury Park mosque site and good sense took over, inspired by the many of carry out small deeds  of charity and love for and to anyone irrespective of race, belief system, politics, creed, gender social grouping and so forth.

I sent a message of support to the mosque.

I urge you to do the same. The Hate-Mongers will not win.



14 thoughts on “FINSBURY PARK MOSQUE

      1. That must have been a sight to see. No wonder it made your day. Yes, together we can overcome hate. One day I will write about growing up without acceptance. I have come a long way. Many thanks, Steve.

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  1. One of my favourite Martin Luther King quotes applies: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Things like this terrible tragedy matter, and good people like you are making your voices heard. Good job, Roger!

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      1. I am glad that you didn’t opt for the baseball bat option, for I had other plans for the weekend, and did not relish hopping a plane to come bail you out of jail! That said, yes, I sometimes envision taking a baseball bat to certain people’s heads. I guess we must settle for the satisfaction the mental image brings us, though. 🙂

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  2. Ha ha ha … now see, I would have imagined it going into his mouth and down his throat, thus prompting my to choke until he turned blue! I seem to have a bit of a cruel streak … 😮


  3. Hi my dear friend!
    Your ability to see the truth of the matter is amazing to me. I’ve had to take a break because all of this is becoming too much. From the recent terrorism in England and Europe to the verdict in the Philando Castile case here in America. I’ve wanted to bury my head in anger and sadness.
    But when I read this…from you…I am encouraged.
    You are such a class act Roger.

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    1. HI Lady Gwin!
      So glad to hear (read) from you!!
      I can understand all of your reactions Gwin; these are quite normal reactions to the vile acts be they physical or verbal which are taking place. I am frequently carrying an imaginary baseball bat should I meet the preps; which I guess is the ‘male’ response and have to try and keep this in check.
      So I listen to what the priest is saying Mass or take on board the scripture readings. So I read about all the kind things the majority of people are doing. Though often I will not read news for days on end, because I get very ‘Game of Thrones’ angry.
      Happily there is always the WP community which is the best place to go in such times, and meet with the sane and caring folk.
      And thus remember to carry on with the writing, so ‘Patchwork’ was finished but not as I expected- and my characters looked at me and said…’well what did you expect? Have you been reading the narrative?’ And while that is being read for typos etc (see blog) I’m back with Vol II of my history….all good fun!
      Do take care of yourself; you and yours.
      So glad to read from you.
      Best wishes

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      1. Thank you Roger for sharing more about how you manage your emotions and thoughts regarding all of this turmoil.
        I was just listening to someone who said that we must take the perspective that only good can come from this. I am open to that thought but it is tough sometimes.
        Ah…I really do need to catch up on Patchwork because I truly enjoyed it but fell off due to all this and everything.
        Funny story…my British Lit teacher, a self labeled Anglophile, would get so angry at this girl in my class who would always add the phrase “All this and everything” to just about anything she said…even when answering a serious question. Every time she said it he would FLIP OUT!!! LOL!!! Sorry for getting sidetracked!
        Anyway, I am trying my best to be on WP more regularly!
        It’s always nice chatting with you, my friend 🙂

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      2. There’s always one is a class isn’t there? 🙃
        ‘These are times that test people’s souls’ indeed Gwin. But we’ll all keep on keeping on together.
        All the very best wishes to you Lady Gwin (of Mathilda) 😉 😊

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