A Message from the Borderlands


Unless embarking on a collaboration, the writer is carrying the sole exciting, and frightening responsibility of their work. They have the final decision on how their work will be shown to the world, be that world in the form of the public, an editor, or a beta-reader.

You’ve sat there, hit the ground running with the excitement of an idea to be put into a readable format and maybe sprinted along for a while, before the realisation strikes you that this is a long haul. Your short work must be economic but with enough colour and depth to capture the reader. Your novel must keep up a steady pace and hold the readers’ interest. Your non-fiction work, balance facts with keeping the reader’s attention. All tough calls. And personally, how poets do what they do is something I can only admire!

So you work hard, you strive on. Interests and determination sometimes are prone to a measure of waxing and waning. Reappraisal, self-editing, evaluation all taking place. The plot and the characters sometimes veer off from where you intended them to go. None of this should be discouraging; the creative process is a constant, living thing; this intangible force will drive, nag and steer you when other parts of you begin to tire.

No two journeys are the same; individual writers naturally differ, add to that the factor that each may have a different motivation for writing a new work and in come a large number of variables to the endeavour; that’s before we even start to consider changes in mood, and new outside experiences. Ongoing always ongoing.

At this stage I bring in tales of my own recent adventure. If you are new to the blog, basic back story, previous efforts- ‘big bust’, no one to blame but myself- everything which could be conducted incorrectly was carried out incorrectly, to-the-letter! Anyhows, time for a more sensible, structured, sober approach; basically- think of the reader this time.

Thus did I embark on another visit to the world of my previous fantasy novels, with less comedy and ‘Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy’ asides. I tried to be truly serious this time, but the comedy, the little digs at some of the conventions of the Fantasy genre and my sheer dislike of some types of villains were wont to slip in, I concluded this was how I wrote- therefore work with it to make the whole business readable and entertaining.

And one day the book was concluded and so began to re-write (x 2); during these episodes the sudden surge of excitement and the new consequential layers of character, rationale, invention and dynamics took over. Typos, syntax, continuity aside this was pulling me along; imagine being outside of your work, watching it develop of its own volition in the environment you created. This was the feeling I was undergoing in the first and second re-write. All other writing and much associated blogging on hold; this must be completed; the characters and their world and yearning to be known!

‘Of Patchwork Warrior’ (Volume One of The Precipice Dominions), completed and awaiting examination by the public, and this time not just the sense of completion but that bubbling of excitement. Don’t worry, I tell myself, if this is another falling flat result; the important aspect was the thrill of the process. I, me, am not done with writing!

Enough about me and mine then. I bring you a message from the borderlands where the finished work meets the presentation to the world in general. All your efforts will be worth the time, energy and thought because you will have, by your own strength of purpose and intention completed your creation; and when all is said done, dusted, analysed, reviewed and revisited, this cannot be taken away from you.

Strive on writer.

Well bless my boots, I’m almost taking my writing seriously!!

The Patchwork Warriors # 1


Strive on writer.


24 thoughts on “A Message from the Borderlands

    1. Thank you Audrey.
      Not published yet. I experimented with putting out extracts that last, which worked well. So this time I am going experiment with posting up the whole book in a sequence of episodes and see what the feedback is. Post explaining this to follow.

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  1. You have built the anticipation, my friend!!! I am eagerly awaiting! And we must think how to get the word out so that people line up in that virtual world of Amazon to buy your book, for your humour, wit and knowledge make an awesome creation that should not … must not … be overlooked by the public who really need some relief from the trials of the everyday world. I think … perhaps if you posted a snippet here to your blog and we all re-blogged it … we could reach several thousand potential readers easily! H and I will be buying two copies!!! (I threatened to hold a rolling pin to his head if he doesn’t!!! 🙂 )

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    1. Aww shucks Jill! Thanks
      Yep, I’ll be rolling things out over this week; there are snippets (long snippets–megasnips? )from a pervious experiment that went on the blog 8-12 months ago. They were under the title ‘Patchwork Warriors’. But yours is a good idea to re-visit…busy week ahead 😃
      (Rolling pin?…Ah you must be an adherent of the Soft Sell style of marketing)

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      1. Just this evening I was looking up a book on Amazon that another fellow-blogger wrote, when I noticed something new at the bottom of the page, and I immediately thought of you and your book! I don’t know much yet, as I didn’t have time to delve more deeply, but it is called “Amazon Giveaway”, and here is what they said about it: “Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway” It may come to naught, but I shall look more closely at it, for it might be a good marketing tool.

        As to the rolling pin, it is an idle threat, but one that I use on the kitties, my granddaughter, and yes, even H! 🙂

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      2. Thanks very much for that tip Jill, I’ll keep a look out for it.
        I truly don’t know how good this book, but ‘durn’ me if I’m not so happy with it (and My Histories too…starting work on Vol.2)

        Rolling pins..ahh these old traditional remedies still work. Just like ‘the clip ’round the ear ‘ole’ 😁

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  2. Never having written a book, I cannot speak from experience. But I do know that when I feel exceptionally happy with one of my posts, they are usually more popular than others, so I think you are your own best critic. Glad you’ve started on the next volume of your Histories! You’ve been a busy beaver … and it’s all I can do to get two posts written in a day … 😦

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    1. It’s either that or run about the town with a baseball bat, rushing up to profiled targets and yelling ‘Get it right bungo-brain!’ 😤
      Or going on social media sites and replying to people due my wrath with expletives or questions about their miniscule intelligence.😤😤😤
      Writing books has a more dignified air 🙂 🙃

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      1. Indeed it does! And thank you!!! I have just learned a new phrase to call people: Bungo-brain!!! I have worn out my old ones: ‘Bubba’ and ‘Bucko’ … I cannot wait to try out Bungo-brain! I’m fairly certain I will get the opportunity soon enough! 😀

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      2. Stolen from a Children’s series of books called ‘The Wombles’; furry social responsible creatures who picked up all the rubbish on Wimbledon Common (London) and re-cycled it. One of the lesser members of the tribe was named ‘Bungo’ and when a TV series was made out of it, he was given a really ‘slow’ but genial character. However the term stuck with me and morphed into ‘Bungo-Brain’ and as well as sending ‘deserving’ cases off to ‘The Bungo-Bin’ (that building keeps have extensions built every year!)😤

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  3. I had to laugh at the part where you talked about planning to be very serious in your writing but, alas, “the little digs at some of the conventions of the Fantasy genre and my sheer dislike of some types of villains were wont to slip in, I concluded this was how I wrote- therefore work with it to make the whole business readable and entertaining.”
    Roger, your “little digs” are your signature! LOL, too me, they are a MUST.
    Keep going 🙂

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    1. Hi Gwin.
      Thank you so much for your messages of support; it’s these which help me along when I start to run out of steam or wonder if I am going about things properly (this time).
      Thus, there will be more ‘little digs’.
      Vol II (or 2) of the History of These Isles has commenced- Henry III – what a jerk, luckily he married an Eleanor (there weren’t any Mathildas about at the time 😁)

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      1. They were a crafty bunch weren’t they? No more girls named Mathilda!-So let it be written, so let it be done! LOL!!!
        Eleanor….Ah…… 🙂


      2. I’ve been checking Gwin, but I can’t find any. I think the ones in the 12th Century were such a class act that men were scared to marry any and so the name became unpopular, but we shall see.😃 😄.
        Meanwhile Eleanor’s rule (literally!)

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      3. Well after ‘Bad’ King John (boo-hiss, Robin Hood etc) there’s not be any others by that name and after the Tudors & Shakespeare did a number of Richard III, that name’s not been used. Of course these days the poor kid gets a whole clutch of names to choose from, but I guess we’ll have Charles III, William V and then George VIII, unless ‘little George’ decides otherwise. (Sockpenith has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?)…perhaps I best go to bed,,,,night-night from the UK Gwin 🙃

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