A Guide To The Results of an Election

General Election 2017 (UK that is)



Dear neighbours in the WP community. The 2017 UK General Election results and implications made simple:

Reason Why We Had A General Election and Why They Were Bad Reasons

Prime Minister Theresa May:

Wanted to show she was The Lady. (Well….that kinda worked out for her…..because at the moment no one else in their right mind wants the lousy job, at present, but the Conservatives are deadly good at fiendish plots against their own leaders)

Wanted to throw out of her cabinet a bunch of folk she’d been stuck with after David Cameron quit. (That might have worked- but the wrong way…some of them didn’t get re-elected and Labour got their seats. She should have realised there are always ‘Shock Results’ and someone big loses their ‘seat’)

Wanted to make things worse for Labour than they already were. (Bad idea! The only ones who are able to make things worse for Labour than they already are, are Labour themselves)

Wanted to grab back all those UKIP voters who now that there was no Brexit voting stuff weren’t too sure what to do with their time (Should have realised that people had begun to ‘think things’ through after Brexit and seen UKIP as a one-trick pony, and would amble away in all political directions this time around)

And finally.

Hoped she might lose Boris Johnson somewhere in the fracas (Good plan. Pity it didn’t work)

On to the next topic:

Reasons Why People Voted The Way They Did.

The Young Vote: For the last few years having been fed a steady stream of ‘You will have to work until you’re 75. We will also pass a law making it illegal for you to die any earlier’ and ‘If you want an education beyond counting up to 20 and learning your ABC you’ll have to borrow £20,000 per year and sell you first born to help pay it back’, there would have been a possible tendency to vote for a party with a more promising outlook to life.

The Elderly Vote: ‘If you start to get ill we’ll either let you starve and let nature take it course, then if you persist in being stubborn we’ll lock you away and recycle you for environmental purposes’ might have been the message they received from the Conservative Manifesto

The Middle Vote: ‘Keep working those two jobs for 50 hours a week and we’ll reduce your income tax by£1.75p a month’ was probably  not the most attractive theme.

Brexit: Everyone is confused anyway. So it didn’t matter to folk this time around. (Unless you were a die-hard UKIP member)

Other Issues:

The train service is still costly and lousy

Unless they get the funding right any government will take a hit on the NHS.

You knew there was something going wrong with the Conservative campaign when Labour and in particular Jeremy Corbyn felt secure enough to challenge the Conservatives on their safe ground of Law & Order and police numbers.



England: The map was turned upside down and conservatives did well(ish) in the north and Labour did well in the south. This will make everyone dizzy.

Wales: Plaid Cymru- The Welsh National Party snatched another seat. The conservatives made the great cultural error of spending more time and effort in North Wales, which naturally nfuriated voters in South Wales who promptly ditched them; North Wales wasn’t that impressed anyhow.

Scotland: No one in the SNP really read their history way back when which shows that not all scots when push comes to shove want to be independent, but since many a true Scot would not want to be led by somebody so obviously southern English as Jeremy Corbyn lots voted Tory, others feeling nostalgic for simpler times voted Labour or Liberal Democrats. Result SNP lost lotsa seats.

Northern Ireland (or Ulster): No one who lives outside of Ulster should ever try to understand why politics is the way it is in Northern Ireland; it will make your head spin. Suffice it to say folk voted along ‘community lines’. This meant the Democratic Unionist Party won the Protestant Unionist vote while Sinn Fein won the Catholic Republican vote so both sides could claim a great victory, even though Sinn Fein don’t actually take up their seats in The House of Commons and the Democratic Unionists Party don’t trust any other party in the, said The House of Commons.


What Is Happening:

The SNP (Scotland) – Have to pretend everything is fine, but don’t mention Independence ever again.

The Liberal Democrats- Were supposed to get completely wiped out but actually won 4 seats, thus returning to common the stance of the last 80 years ‘Oh! That’s a nice surprise! It should  have been worse’

Labour- Although Labour lost, ie had less seats than the Conservatives, they actually won, because they ended up with more seats than expected. Which in turn means that although they don’t get to form an government, means they can be seen to maybe be able to form an government next time around. Unless of course they shoot themselves in the feet by starting a traditional venomous internal argument over something which has no bearing on the day-to-day lives of the ordinary folk of this country.

Plaid Cymru and The Green Party- Have not gone away and although only have a total of five seats in such a circumstance are very important. The Green Party plays a very important role by having one seat, in that this presence will cause apoplexy in the USA Whitehouse if any one there should notice.


Who Is In Charge Now?

Well at present, and if nothing else happens by the time I finish this post. Prime Minister Theresa May (vocals and tambourine) and the Conservatives Government will still be able to limp along with the aid of the Democratic Unionist Party. How long this will last is anyone’s guess but should keep political pundits, academics, journalists and commentators in steady work for at least the rest of 2017.

When considering this arrangement, it should be born in mind;

That Catholic voters in England and Wales who voted for the Conservatives have now given the Hard-line Protestant Democratic Unionists Party a voice in their affairs.


The Hard-line Protestants of the DUP must now be grateful to the said Catholic voters in England and Wales for given them a voice in UK affairs.

This proves conclusively that God has a sense of humour.


This complex result will be difficult to explain to the amateurs currently cluttering up the Whitehouse in Washington USA and is best broken down as follows;

Theresa May is still Prime Minster, ie Big Boss Lady

No socialists are involved in the running of Central Government. Yet

Everything is fine. Except the things which aren’t and they don’t concern you, so keep your noses out of it.

No one cares what you think anyway.

That state visit is so not going to happen for a while.

Stay out of London.


Other than that The UK will provide a steady source of entertainment for those wo find politics funny.


37 thoughts on “A Guide To The Results of an Election

  1. I have frequently tried to understand the politics of the UK … mostly by reading journals like Foreign Policy … and I always came away even more confused than I was before. So I tried things like Wikipedia, articles titled “5 things you need to know …” etc., etc. I was still confused. Now, I don’t claim to be thoroughly enlightened, but your analysis, besides making me chuckle once or twice, was actually readable and relatively understandable! Thanks, Roger. Don’t worry about the dolts in the White House … they are too busy kissing each other’s posteriors to even notice that you had an election! And one more thing … I didn’t know it was possible to legislate the length of time somebody must live! Shhhh … don’t tell the US gov’t that, else I shall have to live to 100!!! 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Jill.
      The trouble with democracies is that everyone things everyone else’s is like theirs and we all get mixed up.
      (And we in Britain are very sneaky ‘cuz we don’t have a written constitution- so we can make things up…sometimes)
      I love the way the French just sort of invent new political parties from time to time that get to run governments and it all seems to work so smoothly.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes … sigh … I also try to understand Germany’s, Austria’s and Frances … and the Netherlands, but Choosing has helped me with that and Austria! And heck, some days I don’t even understand our own, even though I have a MA in Political Science! But then … in this country, it seems they don’t play by the rules of the Constitution so much any more as by the rules of you-know-who. Anyway, I did love this piece and it helped my comprehension. Though by tomorrow I will be asking you where the UK is … 😀 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No doubt!!! Methinks we are headed toward becoming the DSA …. Disjointed States of America!

        I just finished writing tomorrow’s posts, spent an hour or so chatting with a young friend who lives in Ghana, advising him about his career paths, and was heading to bed, when I thought I would just make a quick check in on Word Press first. I was so happy to see comments from one of my favourite blog-buddies that I just had to read and respond! You always make me smile!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I take comfort in the fact that our Mrs May is a professional politician who simply made a very, very, very bad error.
        The ordinary, honest people of America have my continued sympathies for the events which led to the moral and ethical absence of a holder of the office of President of the USA.

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  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Yesterday, there was an election in the UK, for those of you who may have been so tied up with the testimony of James Comey and waiting for Trump’s tweet-that-never-came. I have always been confused by UK politics … it doesn’t work quite like ours, though in some ways it does. Blogger and friend Roger, writing as heroicallybadwriter (even though he is actually a very GOOD writer) has written an analysis of the election, it’s outcome, and the likely ramifications of said outcome, that I am actually able to understand! For any of you who are confused by the politics of the UK, this is a must-read! Please take a minute to read … there are some laughs in here, too, so even if you don’t care about the politics, you will definitely get a chuckle from it! Thanks, Roger, for your lucid explanation and implied permission to share!

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  3. Excellent write up, but I think there’s one more thing we can take away from this. Young people are more left than they’ve been for quite some time. Nobody was paying as much attention as they should have, so the Nationalist tide kind of hit us out of left field. Now, in response, young leftists are actually getting politically active. Can they keep this going long enough and strong enough to effect real change and stop the nationalists? I dunno, but this is a promising start.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much.
      It is encouraging I have two grandchildren of voting age. They are enthusiastic and are Left in a way that takes me back to the 1960s, but maybe with out some of the naivety that was around in those more innocent times (well for the mainland UK anyway).
      This may well be the start of a hopeful push-back. Though we must close our ranks and approach matters in a calm way to make sure the message gets across and not just the noise.

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  4. Roger, thanks greatly for the illumination. Ms. May fell into the proverbial pitfall of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Now, it is broke. It looks like she made a bargain with the devil to form her government. It is akin to our Republicans excepting support of the Tea Party here. Keith


  5. About the only thing Roger missed out I shall have to whisper or I may become a target. There is another political party that isn’t mentioned which doesn’t always stand and usually works i the background. It works in both the main parties often at the same time. It’s called the Et Tu Brutus Party and for now may not be working for Labour but will for sure be working for the Tories looking for any slip which allows them to hold a leadership battle. Theresa last votes and must go, but perhaps not just yet. However the knives are being sharpened.
    Now Shhhh, you didn’t hear this from me. I don’t exist.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

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  6. Nicely put. 🙂 It has been mentioned on both Dutch and German news sites that at least there is now one happy person in the UK: David Cameron, who was able to pass the trophy of “politician who most recklessly gambled with his/her nation’s fate (and lost)” on to Theresa May (along with the badge saying “most stupid idea ever”). 😉

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