A Trip Into a Writer’s Head

Firstly apologies to all whose blogs I used to read regularly- you see it’s happened to me, falling in love with My Re-Write…..Explanation to follow-

I really should have attended more to my blog posts, I promised myself I would; surely there are minutes and hours enough for a retired fellow to fit in a post or two in 3.25 days a week, but Ah Me….there was a re-write and as is the case where inevitably the writer becomes very attached to the work AND the urge to finish became overwhelming.

Well the FIRST re-write is done, and naturally there has to be the subsequent one where the tweaks have to be inserted, more of those sneaky typos are winkled out, long sentences ironed out into something which is comprehensible and of course not forgetting continuity.

Now, I don’t know how it is with you, but these days I find my writing mindset separates into three, dare I say identities. This is not quite as alarming as it sounds. This has evolved as a process to make the work more rational and readable; the stream of consciousness approach has to be set aside when writing Fantasy with multiple characters, lest they all get mixed up with each other and are not sure who they are.

Thus there is I, the Writer, the one who comes up with the plots and suchwhich and sort of orbits The World. I think Reality is overrated and an inclined to a singular approach which assumes folk will be more than happy to spend time they would usually devote to crosswords or puzzle games working out just what I am writing about.  The creations are passed onto ME a fellow in touch with both this reality and those of the writing worlds, experience has taught ME that creations need to be unjumbled, set out on the allegorical table and sorted out into a rational set of consequences which will make sense to a reader and provide them with hopefully a satisfying read, and not expect them to work out was I was on about. Then finally standing there with noble fatality and some stern strength of character is THE ARBITER. I am certainly not sure how The ARBITER managed to work into the process, I suspect it was when there was an excess of reading of Advice on how to be published or at least write with a sense of maturity. This makes perfectly good sense to ME; it’s all well and good mumbling about Dada-esque and assuming one will be looked about by future generations as the Frank Zappa or Moondog of the Fantasy genre, but I will be disappointed because it is obvious to ME no one will ever read such stuff, unless I become famous first, which it seems to ME is not going to happen unless I take things seriously. But when I am told that I go all sulky, and it’s left up to ME to sort it out.

It occurs to ME how best to explain the problem is for you Dear Reader to read an imagined phone conversation between ME and THE ARBITER. Consider if you will the style of the Legend that is Bob Newhart- The Narration being carried out by THE ARBITER (who naturally has the final say):


ARBITER (to himself): Oh boy. This Patchwork project. The blurbs. They always leave the blurbs up to yours truly.

Phone Rings

ARBITER:  Oh hi there! Thanks for returning the call…Uh-huh….Uh-huh..Uh-huh. Oh that’s OK. Y’know what they say -Half a draft is better than none!….Uh-huh….So what’s he done now? (laughs)… Not speaking to anyone again…Yea, yea. Well they do that y’know. You try and make it a viable and readable book and they just don’t appreciate it…oh I know…My grandfather had the same problem with Gore Vidal! Not that that guy ever wanted to write rom-com. Uh-uh…No that was the good stance for you to take, y’know, I mean who’s going to take Vol 1 of a Fantasy trilogy seriously if the three principal characters ended that volume each with a boyfriend!..Yeh… agreed!.. Who wants to read a re-write Seven Brides For Seven Brothers? (laughs)…And then….Uh-uh.Huh-Uh….Quivering over your alteration to the romance aspect is he?….He asked ‘What’s the character with the wooden leg going to do now?’….and you said…uh-UH!! ‘Well, y’see that might have been a bit harsh of you, because that character doesn’t read as the sort of guy who’d get his kicks that way….BUT, we got three volumes at least, someone else will turn up or he can die heroically with a few wise or ironic words on his lips…..So what else?….Mmm….yeh…..Well he will have to wait. Y’know you’ve got the major re-write to do….No kiddin’ (laugh)…no, no not at you, with you. Yeh, get to this stage and you fall in love with the book. It happens. You want those crowd of crazy kids out there to be read about. He’ll have to wait. Tell you what..I’ll get him a writing pad and tell him to use it and stop looking at Amazon….No problem. That’s what I’m here for….

Puts the Phone down:

ARBITER (to himself)….And there was that gig with Brandon Sanderson, but no, I had to go for the unknown (sighs). Now, blurb or check the launch budget again…..


12 thoughts on “A Trip Into a Writer’s Head

  1. Oooooch … you have made me head spin!!! (or perhaps that is the glass of cream sherry in which I have decided to indulge in an attempt to wipe the saddies away before going to bed). Continue on with your 25th re-write then, get it published so that I may read it, and then move on to the next in the history series! I shall be here waiting … waiting … and meanwhile hoping to continue chatting with you on a daily basis! You are my ‘go-to’ person for intellect and laughter … what a GREAT combination! 🙂

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    1. Hi Jill,
      Sorry ’bout the revolving head. I really should have put a health warning on that post! (Yep! That’s what it’s like inside of my febrile mind….)
      I hope to have completed this re-write verrry shortly and then will experiment with this Beta-Reader thing and let folk chew over the draft. If that is taken up and I await their responses, I can then have free-time to do Vol 2 of the History (5 sales of Vol 1- yea team!!).
      In the meantime we can indeed enjoy our chats, I do look forward to them, and all the intel you are bringing to me about the US scene, learning quite a lot. (yea Team Jill!!)
      Thanks for all your kind words and support Jill. 👋👍

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      1. 😀 😀 😀 No worries on the head spinning! I actually think it was a reaction to pollen anyway 🙂 But I certainly relate to your ‘febrile’ mind, as mine often works much the same. It interferes with efficiency, because I tend to hop from topic to topic and end up with 30 tabs open and … no discernible work accomplished. But, usually it corrals itself after a time … if it doesn’t, I go for a walk and listen to tunes! I also look forward to our chats … I always learn something from you, either something useful or something fun … usually both! Looking forward to the Beta-Reader thing, but if we shall have to “chew on the draft”, then I hope their is another sort of draft (beer would be fine) with which to wash it down! 🙂

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      2. Hi Jill.
        Glad to be of service! 😄 I would have been earlier but the weather here is Muggy +11 which fudges my brain AND the computer & printer did something stooped which took time.
        My schedule is gone…OH Woe! Thrice Woe! Unto the Fourth & Fifth lunations thereupon (shameless book- plug) 😉

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      3. Annnnnndddd … as I was saying, I always learn something new from you … had to Google ‘lunation’ … and now I know what one is! Yes, it is muggy here also … I don’t think it has fudged my brain (yet), but it is sure as heck wreaking havoc on my ability to breathe. Luckily I have a stockpile of inhalers! I suppose, however, an oxygen-starved brain is not the most efficient … ah well … it seems to be on auto-pilot anyhow! Computers and printers ARE Stoopid … especially printers! I curse mine at least once a week! I almost took a hammer to it one day, but … remembered what it cost. 😀


      4. There’s a google definition?…..Argh! There’s a Wikipedia definition too! Double argh! 😱 I thought I’d made up the furshlugginer (MAD mag-not me) word!…Frib! Frib! Frib!…
        I’m gonna kick my printer (it’s got it coming) 😤
        I now I’ve found out that Frib which I thought I’d made up is actually an acronym for a Facility for Rare Isotope Beams…
        It’s not fayre (sic), it’s a kon-spi-racie I tell ya, I gotta get an aluminium hat so other folks (and governments) can’t be stealing my ideas no more!
        (My name is Richard Spencer and I approve this message….waddya mean the guy is catholic British socialist!!….dammit somebody get me jet-powered tri-cycle, I’m outta here!)……
        Ah my mind does wander at times 🙃

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      5. OOOOHHHHH …. I laughed so hard I think something rattled loose in my head! I still think you would have made a great stand-up comedian! Your mind is a one-of-a-kind, especially when it wanders! But yes, sadly Google and Wikipedia have beaten you to the draw! Now, I suppose you did hear about Trump’s new word that everyone is talking about? Covfefe? Personally, I like your words much better … I can actually pronounce them and they are FUN. But he is certainly getting a ton of attention for making up one unpronounceable word! Anyway, thanks … that is twice tonight that you’ve made me laugh … this time I laughed loudly enough that the kitties turned and stared as if I had, perhaps, lost my few remaining marbles! 😀

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      6. Glad to supply the chuckles again Jill…. another day in the life of a writer…hey-ho.
        Covfefe…….As I suspected, he’s sending code
        ‘Co’ in Russian can be translated as ‘With’
        Now to throw any translators and code breakers off, it is necessary to put in an ‘out of synch’ word. Since Russia is leaning on the Baltic states using a Baltic word is a logical choice.
        It is interesting that VFE in Estonian can be considered to represent the mathematical symbol ‘1/2’
        So thus far we have ‘With 1/2’
        The last two letters are the most fascinating as ‘Fe’ in certain Russian pronunciations can be read as ‘Fairy’
        So putting Co-vfe-fe together we have “With 1/2 Fairy”
        Thus it is apparent he is notifying Putin that moving into position an operative known as “1/2 Fairy”
        All folk now need to do is to consider which of the minor (that’s where ‘1/2’ comes in) Whitehouse staff is mostly likely to be the one you would think of as light-footed and seemingly innocent as you have The President’s Kremlin minder! 😉

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  2. I do believe you have cracked the code! And, it fits in with what Sean Spicer said when asked about it … something to the effect that only Trump and a few others knew what it meant! Hey … d’ya think Sean himself could be the one??? He’s pretty innocent, I think … hmmmm 🔍

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