You will not prosper Evil

Light of Writing 2

Manchester: 22 dead. Maybe 60 injured. This was a concert which would have attracted children. The perpetrator had been consumed by Evil. Only Evil would make this calculation.

Evil which feeds on Hate. Hate which is the spawn of ignorance and intolerance.

All this toxicity thrives in the hot emotions of fury. Anyone who rages against the community this fool came from joins hands with their Brothers and Sisters in Hate; they are being consumed in the sewer. There is no room for this.

Think then on the dead innocents, but think also of those who turned up to offer lifts, help, food and drink, comfort; came from their beds, switched off their taxi metres did what they could to help folk in peril.

Then sit somewhere quiet, think, ponder or pray for the dead, injured their families and friends, for the communities who are now living in dread from the Brothers and Sisters in Hate who will be prowling looking to vomit their bile.

Resolve never to look at a person and because of their community, orientation, religion, politics or whatever and point the finger of judgement and emotion. Smile, hold open a door, if you don’t agree, shrug and say ‘I don’t see it that way,’ help.

We owe it to the thousands of dead, injured and damaged of these past tragic decades.

Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Neighbours. Hold strong. Compassion. Respect and Tolerance


26 thoughts on “You will not prosper Evil

    1. Thank you David.
      Let us dwell of the night’s heroes; Emergency Services, Taxi Drivers, Blood Donors, Food Donors, Givers of Shelter (And bless ’em the vendors of fake merchandise who were tearing up their goods to make temporary bandages)

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  1. Your words brought tears to my eyes, dear Roger. My heart is with you all, as yours have been with us before. I keep hoping for compassion, kindness, human decency, and love to win this battle … 😥 Hugs, dear friend.

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    1. It has been a week when the news reminded us of the tragedies of life.
      Manchester, Bus full of Children in Syria, another boat full of refugees trying to flee to Europe, Coptic Christians in Egypt, Two brave souls in Oregon, Eight folk in Mississippi.
      Let us pray for them all, or if not religious bow our heads in silent respect.😔
      Vow never to judge by colour, religion, nationality, or politics. And only be intolerant of Intolerance.
      God Bless You and Yours Jill.👋

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      1. This is what we must do Jill.
        Although it is a very tight Gen Election in this local constituency (where am MP is based), and I trust the current Government no more than I could leap tall buildings in a single bound!
        HOWEVER, I am this much ‘..’ away from not voting for Labour just to punish the Cousin in Hate with your Alt Right & UKIP…examples:
        1. Some fanatics are trying to get a BBC reporter sacked because they don’t like the way she reports the news. (Free Speech..oh yes but only OUR sort of Free Speech)
        2. A presenter on the Radio programme was harangued on Tweets for asking Jeremy Corbyn difficult questions (err? Supposed to do that are they not) and made it 10 x worse by spewing out anti-Semitic filth in their insults.
        I am so incensed I feel it is more important to punish my natural political home for not keeping these fools under control than to get rid of a government.
        Crazy huh ?😤😤😤.
        Thank heavens for Word Press Community.

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      2. No, my friend, not crazy at all. I can certainly relate to your angst … the free speech and free press challenges are enough to make one incensed … my pet peeve, y’know. However, I would caution you that voting to punish Labour may result in an end that you will like even less. Remember the lessons to be learned from our 2016 election! Much of that came from people voting against Hillary rather than actually being for Trump. Now … take a deep breath, eat something you really enjoy, sleep a few hours, go for a walk, look at some cute puppy pictures on the internet, take another deep breath … and then think it through again! And if all else fails, just yell FORNACAZONI!!!!! And yes, thank heavens for the Word Press Community … some of my best friends are my blogger-buddies … you guys can always make me smile when I am down. Hugs, Roger!

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      3. Hi again.
        Crisis over Jill. We were watching a shouting and interrupting programme or as it was billed on TV ‘debate’ betwixt the main political parties. I said I was conflicted but my darling wife rationally explained to me why I should vote Labour, and it all made perfect sense.
        So I’m back on track (still got those fools in my sites though- ruining socialism-)
        Actually truth be known if there’s one person a UK socialist hates more than a right-right-winger it’s a person who betrays Socialism.
        If you were to come over to the UK and get four socialists in a room to explain socialism, you would have to break up one fist fight, council one who has broken down in despair and rush after the one who stormed out telling them they left their mobile phone behind….and end up with at least six separate definitions of Socialism! 🙃

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      4. I figured if anybody could get you back on track it would be your gem of a wife! I like her! People here seem to have a difficulty with the definition of ‘socialism’ also. It’s not rocket science, but then we must remember what evolution has done to the human brain over the last 20 years or so. Actually, I think the decimation began almost immediately following the end of WWII, and has escalated in recent years. Many have something akin to cotton candy in their heads … sometimes you can see bits of the fluff coming out of their ears. And yes, those things they refer to as ‘debates’ can send one into a tailspin … ’tis why I never watch them, but wait until the next morning and read the transcript. Even that is bad enough, but at least you don’t have to watch all the posturing and hear the incessant blather coming from their mouths. Glad you’re back on track! 🙂

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      5. Yep! She’s The Girl!
        Back on track and as socialist as ever
        Some of these guys on your side of The Water who go on about claiming there is socialism in Washington- bless ’em, they have not a clue what real socialism is- boy would it scare they’re horses! President Obama would have fitted in neatly in the left of the current government- or the right of the Labour Party (and got lotsa hate mail from alleged left-wingers as a traitor… go figure)
        Here’s a sad reflection though Jill; checking through history…..nothing new.
        I was recently reading a book on the 20th Century; the years between WWI & WWII when ‘gallant’ peoples were given their own nations. Guess what they did- persecute their own minorities!
        Prior to WWI as ‘brave’ peoples fought for ‘freedom’ against the Wicked Ottomans….yep same thing persecute the minorities!.
        And look how well it worked out for them!
        Thus there is a very good case for treating White Supremacists as threats to the stability of the nation as eventually they could cause unrest beyond ‘the civil’-
        Read the historical record -it’s all there (I’d better not mention The American Civil War; that’s only lead to wackos crawling out and blaming Longstreet for the fall of the Confederacy- y’ know how it goes)


      6. Yes, I tend to think of racism, or persecution of minorities, as an issue unique to the U.S. but you are right … it has been around forever and all over the globe. Which is a pretty good indicator that it will always be with us, no matter how technologically advanced the world becomes, no matter how educated its peoples … and yet, it is only certain people who view minorities of any sort, as inferior. What is the difference? What makes some people feel superior to other races, religions, or even genders? The unanswerable question? Must be, for if anybody had ever figured that one out, we should have solved it by now. Sigh. 😩

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