A Sum of Wyrds on Motivations, Inspirations, and Justifications (and probably a bunch of other ‘tions’)

 So this time (sometime in early 2016) I said to myself: ‘OK, you are going to approach this project in a serious, mature and planned approach. You will consider plot, you will reduce the number of words in a sentence, you will make sure the paragraph makes sense, you will watch out for those spelling mistookes that are beyond the capacities of Word Spullchuck. You will learn just what is meant by syntax and do something about it and above all you will read the wise words of the WP bloggers who have books published and sold them.’

To which I replied ‘By crimminy you are write! I will attend accordingly, honour the art, respect the words of other bloggers, and learn. I will place aside money for Editors and professional Covers. I will figure out how best to use Social Media and build up a potential reader base. And have more than one re-write and by sometime in 2017 the First Volume of The Patchwork Warriors will be launched as a sober and sensible venture!’


I meant it folks, I truly did. As Brandon Sanderson and Joe Abercrombie are my witnesses! The was going to be the start of a series of Serious (with an underlying sardonic humour) Fantasy Novels (Albeit with a lite touch). The target was to reach a THREE figure sales number on Volume One. This was to be a reversal of the previous venture which was Three Volumes with a total combined sales of One.      



Thus, so it; the work began. Some of you who have been reading this blog for a while will be familiar with announcements, sort of progress reports and extracts all from The Patchwork Warriors. Ah there was in truth, much effort and there were several starts ditched, lots of promising chapters & extracts consigned to Copy & Paste- In A Holding File for Possible Future Use (Useful tip there folks when editing always keep the bits- you never know)

But then, gentle reader, across the great ocean of The Writers’ Muse   came the siren songs of The Anarchical (“chaotic, without order or rule,” from Greek anarkhos “without head or chief”). For they did ride along on Brexit Winds and thus did tempt and so draw me to start upon A True History of The Isles (CurrentlyforsalesonAmazonKindle-termsandconditionsapply). 51vnj7ZqupL__SY346_

Actually this project by my standards was a roaring success, not only was it well received in blog posts so that folk knew about it, but I managed to get it into on book format and upload as a Kindle- now there it looked odd as the chapters did break up but ran into each other. But, BUT to date FOUR! Yes FOUR copies have been sold, and only that but a 5***** review from one Nancy3333!…..Yea team WBH!!!!(well sort of, because it was still sloppy with typos and a few long obtuse sentences).solilqy

Despite this I then forged ahead and by Jan 2017 (or was it Feb?) I had completed the first draft of TPW, and not pausing for breath or even breadth ploughed on with the re-write. In this case not only referring to notes made to ensure continuity but also writing up a diary of the passage of time passing within the narrative (and having to cheat a lot to make all events match up, but you can do that in a Fantasy novel). Yes this would be the big break through By Jove!

Yeah, about that…

The budget for Editing and Cover…without going into ‘family business’ in detail; it’s gone, and quite frankly I would do it all again and again and again without a second thought, just ‘Because’. Hey, Life eh?2nd Dec 15 Blog

But was that a stumbling block? Heavens T’Betsy no! The most important feature of the whole business was to put the story together and to get this out in some sort of form. Its fate would be left to the whims of fortune and circumstance, as usual, and of course now belong to the ages (in so far as the memories of the computers are to be trusted). Thus onwards and ever forwards to completion!!

One facet of this sort of mindset does lead me to a type of free-form which for better or for worse does save me having to worry too much about structure. Some folk will quite rightly make an argument against this approach, and I would not attempt to take issue with them, only to say this is the fate I have chosen for my work. Nor would I urge anyone to make a distinct choice for this option, only to say: ‘It is there’. Working with Fantasy does give me a certain leeway in this, particularly in a world where the conventional laws of physics as we know them are prone to elaborations which none of the characters if they are honest truly grasp. This may seem again like cheating to some, but when you have your time fixed on a multi-volume work there will be other opportunities to sort this out later down the line.


The question:

But why in the Name of Tolkien do you progress upon such an anarchical path with little hope of success, recognition or return?William Shakespeare

Is a perfectly valid one; if asked by a person who leads Word Press blogs as opposed to the insufferable professional who insists that all authors should idly crawl upon hands and knees on the path of being selected by the correct editors or agents and do as they are told.

The answer if my case is. Because I have created something which is mine; this world has been crafted by my hands; these characters have had live breathed into them, this plot has been fashioned by imagination. This is all my work. This is enough. I need no more.

The last three sentences are the only part which I actually commend as basic advice.

But if you are looking to make a certain level of income or career out of your writing, please dear reader find some other worthier blog

In the meantime, sometime in the possibly late summer will appear ‘The Patchwork Warriors’ as Volume I of ‘The…….. (errr I’ve not worked that bit out yet) or maybe ‘…………….’ as Volume I of ‘The Patchwork Warriors’- I’ll get back to you on that!b85885aa0fd01f0cbebaa2798639b472

Meanwhile keep writing folks….make me proud!


37 thoughts on “A Sum of Wyrds on Motivations, Inspirations, and Justifications (and probably a bunch of other ‘tions’)

    1. Yep that is true Mary.
      I must have heard that phrase first during the 1960s importing of US sit-coms (I couldn’t get enough of them!).
      And then my daughters went through the Riot Girrrrl phase in the 1980/90s and that was the name of one of the bands ‘of the hour’, so it’s never gone away(neither has ‘Holy Toledo-Ohio’).😄

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  1. I always write for myself first, because if I’m not happy with the effort, nobody else will be either. That said, you will definitely have at least one copy sold the first day it is available!!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Ah the fantasy came first. I have been writing it in various formats for 25+ years. I self-published three vols in a feel-good, rom-com, satirical mash-up between 2013/2015 as ‘The Nearly Not Quite Paladins’ series- ’twas a bust!
        The latest venture takes place in the same world a few centuries on, it was supposed to be a measure more serious…but sort of drifted a bit- and I realised I was happy with that.
        Although the first three are out there as paperbacks (sold by me)- I’ve decided not be selling any, as they were badly put together. BUT if I can get it right I will put them out in kindle form as free-books, as a sort of introduction to the world on the new book.
        (They were OK; just full of mistakes in typos, continuity, and the plot used to evaporate to make way for all sorts of comedy- I stole most styles).
        The history came along last year after Brexit. My intention was to subvert the romanticised nationalism the English, Scots, Irish and Welsh all indulge in, throw in a few barbs to annoy stiff necked folk, take a few hard swipes at bigotry, generally mess with preconceived notions and have a lot of fun!!
        The problem now is to keep on track an finish the re-write of this novel, ‘cas I’m itching to get back to the histories!

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      2. I haven’t read any fantasy since my 20s, so it will be something new for me. I am not an expert editor, but would be glad to help with fixing typos, etc., if you ever need me to. What’s next in the history line-up, or is it top-secret?

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      3. Thanks Jill….will bear that in mind.
        Vol 2 will go from 1200- 1500. Starting with Henry III (a pious man who slaughtered non-believers) and ending Richard III (a victim of a bad press???), including all sorts of stuff about nobles having to obey the law, what the Irish, Scots and Welsh got up to and of course The French (we need each other!) 😄

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  2. Hi there Roger,
    I hope you appreciate how much the rest of us gain by you being so willing to share your trials of self-publishing. I have read quite a bit of “The Isles” and a chunk of “Patchwork” and from what I have read I know what great works they are.
    That said, they can only become more brilliant with the help of an editor.
    Think of it like this, an architect and builder can conspire to design and construct the most beautiful home, but an interior designer must come it to enhance the magnificence of the thing.
    Do whatever you deem necessary to make your babies shine!

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    1. Thanks Gwin. For your support and encouragemnt Those are wise words indeed, the analogy about the architect and the interior designer.
      I’ve just finished the second re-write of Patchwork and am quite pleased. There has to be a third, which will be looking to seek out typos, syntax and stuff as well as tweak a bit. I will then think about professional input, but budgets…always budgets
      We shall see, we shall see

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      1. You’re very welcome Roger, and I sooooo understand about budgeting for all these things. I will just pray that your resources will somehow stretch to accommodate all that you wish to do.
        By the way, very coincidentally, I was watching a Lecturer on YouTube and he mentioned the word “wyrd. ”
        He went on to say that it originates from the Druids and that it had some soft of esoteric connotation. Roger, I had to do a double take because I saw this AFTER reading your entry—while researching something TOTALLY unrelated, I was NOT googling or even really thinking about “wyrd”-or so I thought 🙂
        I’d say that was a very special and rare kind of coincidence 🙂

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      2. Hi Gwin The horror was in some way mollified by the overwhelming number of selfless acts, offers of back-up help and love coming from ordinary people.
        One homeless guy was begging outside when the bomb exploded ran into the danger to try and help, tearing up fabrics to make bandages, and now folk are donating money to help him get off of the streets.
        Vendors who were selling counterfeit merchandise tore up their t-shirt products to try and bandage wounds.
        Taxi drivers came in from maybe 70 miles away to help ferry folk out, or drive people from hospital to hospital to seek out missing loved ones.
        These and many other good acts are the right response.

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      3. Sorry for the delay Roger.
        I really admire the fact that you are able to look at the good that resulted from such a tragic and senseless event.
        Frankly, these are the angles that we need to focus on as we witness so much darkness in the world–they say, “Energy flows where attention goes.” So I very much appreciate your giving us a broader view.
        You are so right about the fact that good and kind acts are the right response.
        In other news, over here, we’re all biting our nails as we sit on the edge of our seats watching Prez. Trump galavant across the pond. He’s been holding our press at bay by not allowing them adequate access to his antics; they are relying on foreign press for information.
        What in the world are we coming to?
        I am praying as we speak.
        Take care my friend. God bless 🙏🏾💖

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      4. Hi Gwin.
        I don’t think he’s impressing any European heads of state.
        I’ve said this before, but it’s the whole amateurish approach which astounds me. Smooth operators would never allow this to happen to their administrations. At this rate I truly cannot see it lasting; there’s the blood from clumsiness in the water and the sharks are sniffing (see ‘House of Cards’).
        You take care of you and yours Gwin.
        Hope your weekend goes well. God bless you too. 🙏🙂


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