UK- General Election- Irony and Suchwhich

Now here’s a fascinating notion:

Labour, not a party associated with religious incarnations has proposed four new public holidays. Each of these are a the ‘national day’ of the four principal ‘nations’ in the British Isles. Each holiday is based on the Christian Patron Saint.

1st Match: Wales St. David

17th March: Ireland St. Patrick

23rd April: England St. George

30th November: Scotland St. Andrew.

Of course it can be argued that in this day and age no one actually celebrates them as the relevant Saint’s Day and that these are simply the convenient focus of an identity and to be celebrated as such. As Mr. Corbyn rightly says “the move would celebrate the national cultures of our proud nations”.  Fair enough

However you just have to love the juxtaposition of the irony. Labour and Religion.

(It’s also quite a cool move, the traditionalists of the Conservative Party could hardly argue against traditional values)

Ah, where would they all be without the occasional nod to Religion:happy-face-clipart-12

Now if we could work in public holidays around Jewish, Islamic and Hindu festivals of celebration, we’d be getting somewhere!



6 thoughts on “UK- General Election- Irony and Suchwhich

  1. We have a few holidays like that. Independence Day, Labour Day, Memorial Day … they are supposed to have meaning, but mostly they are an excuse for drinking lots of beer and eating lots of food! 😀 And then let us not forget that Friday after Thanksgiving that is used for ‘shop ’til you drop’ by most, though I stay home and breathe a sigh of relief that I can spend the day outside the kitchen!

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    1. Back in the Day when the 1st May was declared a public holiday, because lots of countries had a National Labour Day, the right-wing press got all huffy about us imitating communists…..Now just another day slopping around, or indulging in the UK pastime of pretending it is high summer.
      I think we should have a National Grumpy Day….I feel a post coming out……

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      1. I would jump right on to the bandwagon for a National Grumpy Day! In fact, I would lead the parade! And I would carry with me a stuffed Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street! Looking forward to the post you feel coming on … 😀

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