Now Is The Time For All Good People To….

To vote is a precious gift. When this is taken for granted or abused one needs to have back up resources and ploys to wash out the dross that accompanies this process…

Well here we go folks. It’s General Election time. shock-gif

Actually it will require a Vote by The House of Commons t08-is-this-whist-may-i-ask tomorrow to confirm that, but let’s assume they will not be such spoil-sports as to call off the event. So here is some advice.

Only go on FB if you have tried and trusted community sites where folks share interests and support each other. Otherwise it’s all Huff N’Puff and venom, where sane people will be assailed by all sides and any attempt at compromise or dialogue will be trampled on.Gunner Sargeant Hartman

Suggested Stratagems:

Make your own decision, based on Compassion, Respect and Tolerance. Don’t listen to anyone else, don’t talk about it. Change the subject to the weather, or the state of local bus service/car parking.

Concentrate on your writing.

Seek out a quote on the political process made by a Greek Philosopher. Memorise it, adapt it to your way of thinking and when someone knocks at your door canvassing say “Well, considering, in the light of the wise of words of……. Who said………I feel that…………” and go on for ages.

Concentrate on your writing.

If anyone from any political party comes on the TV talking politics turn the sound down and do Elmer Fudd/Daffy Duck/TelliTubbies/ impressions.Daffy duck

Concentrate on your writing.

If you feel social media mischief getting the better of you, go onto a site find the most stupid, ignorant, bigoted comment and reply with quote from Finnegan’s Wake/Crime and Punishment/Alice in Wonderland.

Concentrate on your writing.

Collect all the political literature that comes through your door, fold them, cut out amusing shapes and if not too adult stick them to a window; if too adult….really?Drunk advert

Concentrate on your writing.

If approached by someone puffed up with their own self-importance tell them in a serious tone that you acknowledge only our true sovereign Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II, and that we are all but her subjects.

Concentrate on your writing.

If you want to watch the political toing and froing treat it like any other spectator sport.

Concentrate on your writing.

When the day comes. Vote. You have honoured those who fought for a right we take for granted. And your vote will dilute and purify the toxicity that has found its way into our realm.

Well done you. Now concentrate on your writing.Victorian writing



23 thoughts on “Now Is The Time For All Good People To….

      1. Not just me then.
        I make these very long lists containing even the most mundane things and ticking them off gives me the feeling I’m getting somewhere…..Where I am not too sure.
        Take care; Sanity might be in short supply and on ration.

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  1. Roger, I have admittedly not been concentrating on my writing of late but certainly can craft a comment about this post nonetheless. 🙂 I have always held the act of voting in high esteem and have wondered what if they had an election sometime where 100% of the populace voted? Wouldn’t that be a miracle? Of course in this day and age the argument would then be about changed or duplicate votes, the lack of a “substantial” majority, etc. That being said…let’s get everyone to vote first and then worry about the fallout!

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    1. It would be a wonderful event.
      (If we ignore some of the antics of various totalitarian regimes which occasionally indulge in theatrics)
      Voter Registration & Participation are factors which should be encouraged.
      The ‘Fashionable’ cynicism that voting makes no difference benefits only those on the extremes whose followers will ‘get out’ and vote.
      A person can always participate in an election without buying into the ballyhoo and here’s the more important point indulging in a little hard work to read (forget the pundits, commentators and media outlets) between the lines and check out just what the protagonists really mean.
      I’m with you all the way, everyone pile in and vote and we can sort it out afterwards!

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