Just Because….

Hometown dirt road sounds just as they should be….

Shake out your blues neighbours, raise your hands and give thanks for music!!

(Now I feel a lot better)



10 thoughts on “Just Because….

    1. The band is built around three Dickinson brothers, whose father: musician, record producer, performer used to say ‘World Boggie Is Coming’.
      And my dad, listening to my Velvet Underground ‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ once said ‘This is good’,’…I said this was the Velvet Underground (like that mattered)…he said, it didn’t matter ‘Good Music is Good Music’.
      Put those two instances together, and yep! I do love that ‘rough, tough, tore up stuff,’ (not my phrase: 1950/60s dj John R)
      Binging on Spotify at present…..sweet!

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      1. I lkes a bit of classical……bagpipes, well the scots ones are ok in the context of a lament (No one does a lament like The Scots…Loose a battle, no problem, write a lament and everyone forgets who won the battle eg : “Flowers of the Forest”, YouTube it and prepare for shivers up and down the spine 😃)
        (The Welsh are the best at Hymns!😉 )

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      2. Ah yes … my daughter is actually a drummer in a pipes & drums band, the Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes & Drums band. They do many laments, playing at funerals of police officers and firefighters, as well as marching in parades and taking part in competitions. I’ve learned to tune out the practices sessions, but told her if she decides to take up the bagpipes, she needs to find another home! That said, I did YouTube Flowers of the Forest … a couple of different versions, and admit that it was beautiful.

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      3. Hey! Applause 👏 👏 👏 👏 for your daughter!
        Seriously, the laments are incredible and very noble.
        There’s an old joke about bagpipes thus:
        The Spanish had the bagpipes and gave them to the Irish for a joke; the Irish gave them to the Northumbrians (NE England-ish) for a joke and the Northumbrians gave them to the Scots for a joke and the Scots haven’t got the joke yet.
        Being Welsh I keep out of such stuff ( We have The HARP; this is difficult to carry into battle and can’t heard be heard very well in such a ruckus, which probably explains a lot) 😄

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      4. I love that joke!!! I read your comment to my daughter and she loved the joke too … said she’s going to tell it at band practice Thursday night! And … um … yes, I do believe the harp would be a bit difficult to carry into battle … or to carry anywhere, for that matter! I do like harp music though … 🙂 And I do like your sense of humour … you made me laugh tonight … I was in a grumpy mood, and now I’ve forgotten about it. 🙂

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