Safety Measures

I suppose most of us worry about our health from time to time, be it physical, mental, artistic or spiritual and at times feel as my dad used to say ‘feel at the bottom of the wheel’.

The question can arise if or when something should be done about whatever it is not just for your own well-being but for those close to you in the fall-out area. How much does your state affect them?

You see my demons have got a hold at the present and this will not do. They come sneaking up on the blind side every time. The side that loathes Intolerance, Ignorance and the Plain Stupid.  Using those they can pump that up pretty good and they’ve had plenty to work with.

The prejudice and self-delusory short-sightedness of a large number of the Brexit voters.

The fashionable and thus self-judged clean-conscienced anti-Semitic of the junior wing of the Labour Party and the indulgent self-denying response by the leadership, thus allowing the opposition to have a field-day with ‘The Nasty Party’ label

The sheer bile and venom arising from the last US presidential Election, and the subsequent amateurish way this administration has started off.

The Islamophobic response to the London terror attack.

And the recent insight into the Sandy Hook conspiracy creatures.

Yes, you might say, you have good cause to be angry at them all.

Yes, but not the thundering venomous abusive response I have problems keeping in check, not the sort of remarks I have bouncing around in my head, which are not being released. For once they are released then more follow and then suddenly you are in a whole new way of life. You are looking to be offended, you don’t really spend much time thinking about the victims, you just want to hurt and humiliated the preps, the more damage you cause, the better; the urge to break one.

That is not healthy.

It is hypocrisy rampant.

My wife has to put up with this imitation of an Old Testament character striding about the place.

Because I like to write in a light and slightly flippant style the muse gets scared off    

 Now I can’t shift the blame onto the sources, nice though that would be. I should be above this instead of sinking into their mire. But currently I am in their depths, and it’s not fair that I should sully the WP with the sort of stuff currently going through my head; it might seep out onto my replies to others post and that will certainly not do! (Particularly if the subject matter of the post has only the most tenuous link to whatever I will be snarling about)

So I’m putting myself in quarantine for a while, work on the Patchwork novel and maybe start on another volume of the History. No reading of news either. This is a sort of retreat. Clean out the toxicity, and take some time to work out how I can up-grade my blog too; it’s been two years I should be able to have learnt something by now.

I wish you all the very best and secure in the knowledge that you will all keep on with your good works; interesting, entertaining, captivating and challenging.

Give me a couple of months, there’s no way I could ever truly leave WP.


49 thoughts on “Safety Measures

  1. You will be sorely missed, but a well-deserved break will do you the power of good. I commend you for recognising the problem and taking steps to deal with it. WP will await your return with baited breath, my dear Roger. Take care.

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  2. You’ll not be away for too long as there’ll be a need to bait and berate ‘The prejudice and self-delusory short-sightedness’ of brexiteers like me.
    I hope you recover whatever equilibrium you need and don’t let any news aggravate you too much.

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    1. Hi David.
      I always try to remember not to say ‘all Brexteers’…on account of having met some that nearly convinced me with a careful meld of economic and constitutional arguments as opposed to the xenophobic toxicity.
      (I reserve most of my blame for Remain not winning on the clumsy govt arguments based on scare tactics bordering on ‘If we leave Europre, you’ll have to sell you first born to China and everyone over 65 will have to live in a workhouse until melted down to make glue’…it was embarrassing!).
      That last ‘huff’ off of my chest I thank you for your kind words David.
      I will return once the poison is flushed out (break out the cartoon DVDs)
      Take care.
      (PS Tip: If you feel Brexit is working invest now in a T-Shirt range with the logo ‘See. Told You. Such A Fuss’- you’ll make a small fortune….and I’ll buy one because I’d love to be proven wrong!)

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  3. I shall miss you terribly … you are among my favourites and I think of you as a good friend. But, I truly understand … I’ve been there a few times myself. It’s time for you to do something for yourself … enjoy nature, spend time with your grandchildren, listen to music, do what makes you happy and rejuvenate! Take good care of yourself … you’re a special man. Hugs to you, my friend …

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      1. You better, or I shall have to travel to Wales to look you up, knock on your door, and say “Oh My Sainted Aunt!!!” I already miss you and your humorous/intelligent/sardonic comments!!! Hugs, Roger!

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  4. Roger, I have taken breaks in the past from the blogosphere and can relate a bit to where you are coming from. My current news break may actually be a permanent one. Skimming headlines on my phone for now with only an occasional read here or there…we’ll see where that goes. As far as your WP break I hope you return very, very soon! All the best, Bruce

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  5. Goodness, I’m late here and just now seeing this Roger. I’m sorry Darlin…..I go through this too myself. I think I’ve told you maybe that I have anger issues. I have an appointment soon to see a “shrink” Sigh…..Yes, it’s gotten bad enough for me to make an appointment. I’m not sad, I’m just having a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I get annoyed, upset, or taken advantage of, etc. So, I’ll be sending good vibes your way my sweet friend.

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    1. Hi Lennon.
      I understand completely. It’s been one of my problems, though my response is to go opposite and dig in deep and brooding dark and been through counselling in all shapes and sizes, so I get it how you are feeling.
      My dear wife is getting messed about by our doctors at the moment and its taking a lot of self control to help her through.
      So I’m with you, because experience has taught me Life can be pretty crappy and sometimes we need a helping hand to see us on our way down the long road. We do what we have to do at any given time.
      Take care and keep on friend. You are valued by so many folk, never lose sight of that.
      I’ll be here, in the UK, maybe not regular in contributions but I will be here, thinking of you.
      All the best Lennon, good friend.

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  6. just signed onto your “Follow” button. figures…as soon as I walk in to a place people leave… But I know what you mean, having been on a sort of break from writing myself the past couple of months. Hey, I won’t forget about it, just keep my deathless prose and astute opinions to myself with sort of an attitude that “I could write something really outstanding, but I won’t.” 🙂 The World In Spite of Trump

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    1. I’m classing myself as ‘All Over The Place’ at present.
      One thing I am certain of is that the WP community is ‘The Best’, keeps me level-headed and writing too!
      Sitting here in the UK, with my figurative arms folded I look sort of Trumpways and say ‘Well. You wanted it. You got it. Now what’re you going to do bub? Uh?’


  7. Your voice is valuable, treasured and needed! I hope you read these response to see how many of us float around your blog because we hold you so dear .
    Believe it or not, you are still pretty good at being the voice of reason.
    That said, I understand your needing a break. You’ve had your hands full with “History” and “Patchwork.”
    Not to mention all the trouble of the world.
    Take your break, Sir Roger, but please do come back 🙂
    Lady G of the Mathildas 🙂

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    1. Hi Gwin.
      Your words and thoughts are as always very valuable to me.
      It’s been one of the crazy times that we all go through where you think ‘Hey! Who’s pulling the strings here?’…followed by…. ‘Well young man, you’re letting them make you play their game. Break off. Break off,’
      Anyhows, I wuz supposed to go into a monkish retreat, but….ahhh Gwin WP is WP and I was soon drifting back to see how everyone is getting on and what good words they were coming up with!
      Good ol’ WP eh? 😃 👏 👋 👍 !
      So I revised my plan, press on with The Patchwork edit etc, because I’m enjoying that (quite pleased with the finale where Trelli, Karlyn and Deya just ‘rule’ despite the knocks and tough work). But I just cannot leave WP, so I’ll be drifting IN, once a day, probably a bit scrappy, but how can I leave my WP Village?
      Best wishes to you and your Gwin and thanks for all your help and kind works.
      (Bends to one knee…’At your service. My Lady’)

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      1. That’s the spirit Sir Roger! Just keep the aspects that you enjoy (Chatting with WP folks and editing Patchwork) then toss the stuff that bothers you. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m good as long as I know you’re still around 🙂

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