The Blue Sky Tag


My good WP friend Simon ( was kind enough to nominate me for this for which I am very grateful and thankful as I think it is one which is manageable.

The rules are quite simple:


“1.      Thank the person who nominated you.

2.      Answer the 11 questions.

3.      Tag 11 people.

4.      Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.”

And here are the eleven questions:

Here are  the 11 questions for my nominees:

1.      When you see blue skies and a sunny day what do you want to do most?

Stay indoors, draw the blinds and wait for the weather to ‘improve’

2.      What’s the most ‘blue skies’ thought you’ve ever had?

That ‘blue sky’ thinking is a misnomer; the sky gets in your eyes and confuses the thought processes. “Star-gazing” thoughts is more appropriate…….(pause to calm down to a mere grumble)

3.      What’s your favourite season and why?

Winter!….. for all the wrong reasons associated with normal people.

4.      Has there been a moment in your life that stands out above anything? What was it?

That would be meeting my wife of 42 years

5.      What do you love most about blogging?

The WP buzz from associating with so many creative, friendly and helpful folk.

6.      What do you think could make blogging better?

You don’t want to know, as it’s all to do with stamping out Hate &  Intolerance but involves authoritarian government

7.      What’s your favourite TV series?

Don’t watch much these days; Orphan Black’s pretty cool and Mom

8.      What’s your favourite film?

Megamind, The Croods, Zootropolis….. and Full Metal Jacket

9.      What was the last piece of music you bought?

Just signed up for Spotify, so binging at the moment in all directions

10.  Apple or Android?

Uuuhhh? Android…. (I think?)

11.  What was the last thing you did that you thought you wouldn’t like but were surprised you did?

Did as I was told and went to my wife’s hairdressing salon to get my unruly hair sorted out.

 And now the next part is nominating 11 other folk:

(1 hour later…..The WP site is not adding these correctly as it did with Simon’s, so I’ll just forge ahead and you search them out or recognise yourself)

(I’ll check this again later and may get the thing properly up-dated- at the moment I am having to type replies on Word and C&V them in the reply box on Reader)

And the questions are:

11 Questions:

1.      Would the list of people you would like to slap in the face with a custard pie exceed 1 A4 sheet?

2.      What is the most inspirational natural event you’ve ever seen?

3.      Film critics. A necessary evil or an unnecessary encumbrance?

4.      Have you ever had the urge, dream or wish to fly by your own power against the stars?

5.      Self-publishing. Full steam ahead or cautious?

6.      The Minions. Do you feel. They should be running the country. They are running the country?   

7.      What is your blogging ambition?

8.      Have you given up on Social Media in general?

9.      Your favourite walks. Coast. Countryside. Woodlands. Uplands?

10.  Do you write in silence, to music, or another source of inspiration?

11.  How do you feel about the fact that this blogger has classified you are a hero for enriching the WP and hopefully the world in general with your contributions?



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