Ah….Fresh Air!! (Mild showers of Rant warning)

Sorry I’m late folks. I really should have been writing up a post about the experiences when going through your first draft you find a big bit of the plot stinks and you have an experience similar to the crew of a big ocean going ship trying to steer it around too quickly. Anyway another day maybe.

No, I have been out and about mis-behaving on a Social Media site. The mother of that fool who killed and maimed folk on London bridge. The dear lady was expressing her grief at what he had done.

You would not believe the spiteful, nasty, bigoted and ignorant comments directed at her and Muslims in general…..or sadly maybe you would.

So yours truly posted out a comment condemning them and telling the bozos they were great recruiters for IS, then I made a few personal attacks on some of the very most objectionable attacks (see how they like it) an praised one dear lady who supported the woman. I then posted up a faux-set of awards for the ‘best’ stupid comments so far and am hoping to upset a few folk.

But it brings out the ravage/Punisher in me, and being Lent I shouldn’t be doing such things. (I fall for it every time). Thus I return to the clear air of WP. Even though I strongly disagree with them all, even the acts of the current Administration seem tolerable in comparison. (Just rich folk getting richer? Or finding ways to dismantle govt to get even richer?)

I embrace you all. I embrace those I agree with. I embrace those I disagree with, because here on WP at least the latter are eloquent and put forward arguments in an understandable and sometimes witty way.

Oooh, it’s good to be back in WP.

Keep the lights shining and keep on writing folks.

And take care of you and yours


30 thoughts on “Ah….Fresh Air!! (Mild showers of Rant warning)

  1. Good for you for taking a stand against ignorance and spite. The hateful comments you mention are endemic now a days. That sort of rant is why I finally deleted my FB account. I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s not enough for folk to love their automatic rifles designed to kill humans, but they have to defend them with brainless arguments couched in vulgar language. I agree with you one hundred percent. WP is like a haven, an oasis, a good place to be. Glad to have you back.

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    1. Hi Paul
      Thank you for words of encouragement.
      I have a bit of blessing/curse: One short temper and after 40+ years in the UK public service a thick hide when it comes to pathetic verbal abuse, so at times my sneaky imps getter the better of me and I go Intolerance hunting…. trouble is they never seem to want to answer me back…
      I really should stay out of that arena I’ve become a much better person for being in WP.
      Take care

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  2. Welcome back! The ignorance and vitriol on social media can be shocking. I keep out of it all and just have a handful of my actual friends where we do/say actual social things. I admire you for standing up to the trolls. Those who peddle hatred are no better than the terrorists. And as for those plot issues – I can tell you that I know exactly how that feels, you have my every sympathy! Keep at it chap. Enjoy the fresh air!

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    1. Hi Lucy. Thanks so much
      As I was just to Paul I really should stay out of it, I’m truly only going there to upset the trolls, and with my sardonic temper it’s a bit like shooting fish in a barrel; much better for my character to be here.
      Meanwhile back at the plot….’Hard a Starboard Mr Smithers; there’s plotbergs ahead!”

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      1. The temptation can be too much… I have occasionally wandered into the Daily Mail comments section and had to stop myself setting up a profile on several occasions… I can be quite rant-y once I get going.
        Ahoy, me hearty! On with the plot hunting!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Charles
      That’s what I like about WP, there is discussion here and erudite reasoning, so we can understand others point of view.
      And Art be it visual, or verbal transcends all.
      If I might be so bold, while we are discussing, what is your take on the Health Care debate in the US
      Being from the UK with our NHS being an institution as sacred as Queen Elizabeth II it’s one that I find complicated.

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      1. The proposed American Healthcare Act was a flawed bill that did not truly return control of healthcare to the individual. It still had a huge government control component that would eventually morph into state run healthcare. My position is that healthcare is not a ‘right’. It is a privilege or commodity that you purchase and for which you can by insurance. Forcing everyone to have insurance by forcing everyone to pay taxes to support everyone else’s coverage is actually theft.
        Apply the same logic to food. Food is not a right. You must work to either produce your own food (farming, ranching, or hunting) or else earn money to purchase your food from a producer. If you don’t have enough money to secure your own food, then you must lean on the charity of others, not force me to pay taxes (theft) so that you can be fed.

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      2. Thank you Charles.
        That was most clear and concise. Now I finally understand the reasoning behind why an American would be opposed to our NHS-style arrangements. This is the first time I’ve actually had an explanation that was not clouded in party political or economic rhetoric. (or odd conspiracy theories)
        This also gives me an insight into one American argument on the fundamental issue of taxes (I worked 20+ years in the UK version of the IRS- in the UK the argument is more basic ‘everyone should pay more tax but me’-no kidding).
        Of course it’s not an ethos I would personally embrace, but there again I now understand it.
        It’s an opinion of mine that because the US was settled by people fleeing the restrictiveness of government by royalty or the state in the name of royalty there is a strong theme of independence to government in general. Whereas those who remained in Europe accepted that there must be that central government but that it must have a theme of benevolence in its structure.
        This theory(?) of mine would explain a number of fundamental differences between American and European cultures.
        Thanks again for your time Charles.
        How is the holiday progressing, I have enjoyed the photo essays.

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  3. * offering you a glass of wine and a plateful of grapes, whilst fanning you with peacock feathers *

    Grapes of sweetness are better than grapes of wrath, at least for the soul, though ranting serves a valuable purpose from time to time. And if you must rant, ’tis always best to direct it toward those deserving your ire…

    As for the feathers, they’re just a fun reminder that we serve each other best by focusing on what is beautiful and bright in our world, as this post clearly does. Besides, feathers tickle, and who doesn’t need a good giggle before a major revision of a cherished piece of work?

    Keep writing, Roger, keep ranting, and keep on being you. Because it’s people like you who make WordPress the place it is! 😀

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    1. Hi Lisa
      Thanks for much for the taste of the Near East.
      I love the concept of grapes of sweetness against grapes of wrath, and of course tickly feathers…The police should carry long poles with tickly feathers, I’m sure it would defuse many a situation. 😄
      And in conclusion thank again, this time for your kind words of encouragement….yep plot revision beckons (hard a port – ding-ding) 😄

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  4. I absolutely love it! I can just imagine you really giving it to all of of those crazy folks who attempt to sound intelligent— all the while using ‘your’ for ‘you’re’ and the reverse! LOL!!! Not that I am the world’s best writer but good grief….have some pride! If you’re planning to express yourself intelligently please consider using proper conventions!

    But you know what I love best? I love your willingness to stand up for the ‘other’ that so many people seem to hate and fear. As a mother, my heart goes out to any mother who has lost a child and to any mother who has seen her child take the life of another.

    So I say, rant on! But not too long!
    Either way, we’ll always be happily waiting for you here 🙂
    Thank GOD I had the foresight to NEVER have a FB account.

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    1. Thank you Gwin for your kind words and support.
      This took place on Yahoo. But as they list posts in order of ‘likes’ mine were not seen by many I wished to annoy, although I turned up in some ‘replies’ to their stupid comments.
      I’m done ranting for the present and am back with WP and my ‘Patchwork’ folk.
      FB can be ok if you find a part where the folk are only concerned about something worthwhile and constructive such as poetry or art (or of course cute crazy cats). As for ‘the causes’ communities be they Right or Left, their (often foul-mouthed) venom is neither productive or interesting…Unless you get onto a serious Karl Marx group where they go on, and, on and, on about the collapse of capitalism and show you graphs too 😴 ; they seem quite happy in their world, so I leave them to it.
      Good night (here, it’s 11.30pm BST), take care of yourself and yours.

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      1. Yep slept ok thanks Gwin.
        We had a fun-day with a gas boiler problem, but the Housing Association who own the properties and the contractor’s staff who carry out the maintenance came through on flying colours, so that’s all good.
        I agree, Marxists are very serious folk, mind you, can you imagine them rioting? Stopping folk in the street and lecturing them, or harassing the police lines with large incomprehensible graphs, yes, but rioting 😂 ?

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      2. Actually the police should have special crack units of Marxists to be deployed in any possibly riotous situation; with the order:
        “Go in there and address the crowd on the imminent collapse of capitalism and the necessity of economic determinism”
        50% of the crowd fall asleep, the rest wander off to see what’s on tv 😂

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  5. Great post, Roger. I’ve been too busy to follow much of world happenings but I get the gist of what you are objecting to. Thanks for standing up for the rest of us who totally agree with you.

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  6. Roger, I admire you for fighting the good fight where you feel a few “swings” are in order. I periodically have to remind myself WP is actually a form of social media. There is so much intelligent conversation and polite consideration here it simply doesn’t occur to me for an outsider it would be lumped into the same arena as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is indeed a safe harbor in a swirling see of “social” behavior. Keeping the lights shining here!

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    1. Thank you.
      I have withdrawn back to WP now, because I have found I enjoy troll-hunting and racists-abusing far too much and I might end up as a mirror image.
      So I will venture out from time to time, just to remind them.
      In the meantime WP keeps me on the humane and productive tracks

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