Donald Trump’s US healthcare bill withdrawn







But seriously though folks



What worries me are those who




Thought it didn’t go far enough ……So it was all or nothing for them…..well that’s mature. Guess I’ll reply in kind.


Good night all



18 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s US healthcare bill withdrawn

  1. It’s probably a brief pause while Trump tries to pull the Conservative dissenters into line, but at least they can breathe easier for a while.It seems that the Republicans are a large boil that need lancing so the pus can be got rid of. Once that’s done maybe the rest will heal.Trump and his cabal are a cancer that need excising completely.

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    1. I guess that being President of the US is not quite as easy as being the bullying CEO of a large commercial outfit or a flamboyant TV personality.
      Oh well, adversity is good for the character, I’m sure at the end of the day he’ll be a better fellow for it.
      G’night David.

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    1. Sarcasm Warning, with heavy gusts of sardonic….
      Defence for those who said it didn’t go far enough.
      1. I am rich, if poor folk get benefits they will try and steal my money next.
      2. I am rich through screwing the Health Care system via my insurance company. I want to be richer.
      3. I am rich, I want to be richer. Trump is good, but needs to do better.
      4. If we don’t put a stop to this now the next step will be a socialist take-over of the USA, and us rich people will have to do as we are told.
      5. Uhh dude! Like those Socialist Justice Warriors, dude, want us all to have transgender operations.
      6. I’m not a racist, but some folk just don’t know how to look after themselves. Why should my TAX dollars go to help those who don’t help themselves.
      7 It’ll be gun control next. This is the thin wudge of the edge, or something like that.
      8.This is what happens when you get a liberal lefty like Trump in charge!
      9. It’s those damn’ British and their socialist-gay rights NHS that’s the problem. WE shoulda let the commies have ’em back in ’46! (Yes sirrr, by cracky!).
      10. I voted for Ted Cruz dammit!!
      The defence rests… (and signs in at the Belverde Rest Home for Weary Minds).
      I’m in one of those moods today Gwin, I’ve just bearing tearing ‘fresh ones’ off the anti-Muslim brigade on a social media site.

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      1. Turbulent times Gwin, you with President Trump and us sailing off into the blue on the of Ship Brexit (At least Columbus bumped into the Americas…where we are bound I do not know!).
        After I posted that, by chance one of my friends of the US right (the thoughtful, calmly spoken wing), explained to me in a clear and concise way why he did not agree with a tax-dollar funded health programme. For once I had a clear explanation; I didn’t agree with it, but at least I now know the thinking behind that stance.
        Which is quite different from the bawling of Alt.Right yahoos and the excuses of Great Richer Quicker folks.
        We, on both sides of the Atlantic live in very transitory times.
        Look on the Half-Full side Gwin, you’ve got the 2018 mid-terms and the Pres election in 2020😏……We’re stuck with Brexit 🤡
        I shall keep my sanity working on Patchwork, writing another Vol of history and of course reading WP ☺️ 😊

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      2. You make a good point. All we need is for 2018 and 2020 to roll around a little faster. Yours is not such an easy fix. I just pray for a smooth transition for you and the rest of the UK.

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      3. I shall have a personalised T-Shirt, with the slogan
        But on the serious side, those who were against Brexit seem to be settling into mode of having lost that battle we are stuck with the result, while gearing up to fight every bit of ruinous legislation all the way.
        (Meanwhile the Labour Party…..errr?)

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      4. Yes, it’s a sad reflection that when people are angry at the perceived remoteness and uncaring attitude of the ‘Establishment’ they go stampeding off in an opposite direction…not checking to see if there’s a cliff, swamp, or wide fast flowing river in the way.
        Happy days in Moscow.

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