Marketing Day 3. No Excuses Thursday


This book launch.

I dutifully adjusted every page as advised by Kindle, the chapters still run into each other; the price was set as 0.99cents  Amazon UK shows 0.99p as Amazon US shows $1.20. Now normally this would give me sufficient material to blog a post bewailing my fate as an author being tormented by the vagaries, and I could be ironic, sardonic & satirical.

No chance…..not this time…no sneaking out under a smoke-screen of humour.


So there I was, scrolling through the ‘See What’s Inside’ and I’d barely reach half-way through and I found one grammatical error and one extra ‘(‘ which had slipped in.

Oh lackadaisical fellow!! You transgressor of how many Writer’s-Basic-Rules-I-Don’t-Not-Know! You BAD writer!!

I now leave the more experienced and successful to shake their heads and go about their business and address these remarks o those who are just starting out or who are half-way through starting out OR have stopped starting out and wondering where to go next.

Y’see this is where ‘The’ BAD comes in.

BAD Writer: Dfn–  Ascribed to their approach in publishing their work

It is all nice enough to be able write well, and to feel the satisfaction of a work completed. HOWEVER when the next move comes which is putting the work out into the public domain, then one must really have more than just a few degrees of practical sobriety.

Before anything say to yourself several times a day: ‘I will see my work published. I will not wait on the vagaries of editors. I will self-publish.’

OK: As follows


This can go on while you are writing.


Well, there are self-publishing outlets that supply formatted covers and some of us like deluded ourselves into thinking readership will get the ironic meaning of the cover. BAD- the laws of probability demand there will be books into double if not triple figures with the same cover. Then you’ll be relying on the title to be eye-catching and this can lead to hyperbole which just looks odd to the reader. Thus research those services that provide covers and cost them. Or if you are skilled in photography, computer graphics and combinations thereof you can work on one yourself.

Writing tools

No not pen, paper, or a laptop! Don’t try and be cute!!. Go and Search Engine and see what I mean….No I am a BAD writer I do not use such stuff I would not know what to suggest or where to start or how to use them. Thus my books are patchworks( shameless plug) of plot and characters where continuity struggles to make itself known. This is fine if you are messing about with a Fantasy work (BAD writers always mess about), but can lead to trouble with any other genre.


It’s no use me trying to write any words of sense on the matter. I will not be told. I know best. I care not for a professional’s opinion. My ephemeral audience who is waiting in the ethereal knowledge that I out there (or here) writing for them will understand when the work arrives. This is BAD approach if you are intending to be very serious and professional about your work. If you can’t afford an editor then seek out a Beta-Reader.

Thus as you are writing your work and can be researching the above and learning about other aspects which I have overlooked, forgotten or not known about because I am a BAD writer.

Now your work is completed and you want everything to smoothly (f’rinstance, editors or Beta-readers might accept a few typos or other errors but wading through pages of them will not create a good impression)


Have someone read the work for spelling, typos, grammar and odd things which Word has snuck in when you weren’t looking. If you can’t find someone then read the work yourself, but do be detached look only for the above, otherwise you’ll be re-writing forever and forever.


If you decided you didn’t want anybody telling you what to do with your work, then you had best go over again and put yourself in the place of another reader. Print out the whole book and look at; it’s surprising once you see your work in the cold-light of print of different it looks. (Be honest, are not some of those paragraphs a bit long and cover too many scenes?)


Apart from friends and family, does anyone out there know what you are a doing of. Have you been Twittering, Facebooking, Blogging etc about your project? Even I blog about my writing. Having a few folk knowing what’s on its way does help.


There’s bound to be at least a Fourthly but I can’t think of it, that’s what BAD writers are all about.


Never give up, that’s really BAD!!


Ah me, I shall away now to my allegorical castle battlements and since it is conveniently night time I will look out of the slowly flowing river, observe the rippled reflection of the full moon and address a soliloquy on the pains of authorship to the pine forest on the other bank.

Marketing Day.2 ‘Man! Can you believe this cat?’ *





16 thoughts on “Marketing Day 3. No Excuses Thursday

  1. You just said everything I was thinking…Who are you? Are you in my head? Will this manuscript ever stop needing me to tinker? Has it been to the editor yet? Yes, I paid him. Then why are there mistakes? Why is there work to do? Why do I embarrass myself? Because I am BAD.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fear not. There is more than one category of BAD and some who feel they are BAD are actually HEROIC.
      There will be post on this very subject on this very blog this very day.
      Remember the worst of BAD is to give up.
      Keep on Keeping ON!


  2. I don’t know that I will ever write a book but if I do I will refer to this post early and often. That said, thank you for allowing us to learn from your experiences.
    Just so you know, I have caught all sorts of typos and grammatical errors in books published by the big guys.
    Just yesterday, I was reading a book where there was a duplicate word so it happens more than you think.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You may rise my shining Knight! LOL!!!
        You know, I think that most folks have come to expect the occasional error because there is so much written content on so many different platforms that it is nearly impossible to always be perfect.

        Liked by 1 person

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