Survival Guide: Getting Lost In The Majesty of Creation ( or one very small bit…The Kuiper Belt)

I would like to extend my thanks to all the folk who commented on my earlier post Survival Guide: Keeping Your Sanity Intact.

As you could tell I was in a Sounding Off mood, so it was quite humbling to find out how folk were telling me how much they appreciated the post. I had best not elaborate any further lest I slip in Oscar Acceptance mode.

Anyway. So we sit there and decide to write something about the wonder which is Creation; the Universe; the Cosmology and at the other end of the scale The Quantum, and try and encapsulate it all…..

…..which is when our heads start to spin.

Rather than have my head fly off, which is bound to inconvenience my darling wife as I did promise cut back some of hedge of ivy this week, I would like to give you this example of the sort of thing which keeps me close to Stability.

Firstly a bit of an introduction to the source.

BBC has a world-wide reputation and if it would stop trying to be fashionably image savvy and also cut back on some of its gaudier stuff all would be well, but that’s for another time. The radio wing boasts Radio 4 which covers a wide scope of programmes, one of which is my favourite: In Our Time; broadcast twice on a Thursday  morning edition 45mins; evening edition edited down to 30mins, the format is quite simple host Melvyn Bragg (something of a British institution) and a topic; Arts, History, Religion, Philosophy, Politics, Science and three experts in the field and they basically talk, prompted or shepherded by Bragg: Use your favourite search engine tap in ‘BBC In Our Time’ and it should lead you there. Programme or played back on your device

This topic for this particular episode is The Kuiper Belt, a vast array of matter left over from the formation of this Solar System. The detail which flows out in plain language is amazing and when you consider this solar system does not even measure as a pin-prick in the scheme of things then the transitory blow-hards can simply be filed away as ‘So What’

As Melvyn Bragg says in the podcast introduction ‘I hope you enjoy the programme’

As a conclusion, if science is not your choice then have a rummage through the other programmes on offer (there have been times when I’ve downloaded about 30 programmes and cheerfully wandered through so many subjects on my MP3)


8 thoughts on “Survival Guide: Getting Lost In The Majesty of Creation ( or one very small bit…The Kuiper Belt)

  1. Oh I know I would love this.
    I am going there as soon as I leave here. Ever since I have learned that there is more in the Universe that we cannot see than we can see I’ve been amazed!
    I will surely let you know what I think! Thank you for this jewel Roger.
    Ron has been very busy, he has recently started working on his Master’s degree but I will tell him about this as I know he’ll love it too 🙂
    We are two of the biggest nerds on The Flowering Vine 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My grandson started his first year at University; so send Ron my very best wishes to another scholar!
      Isn’t the Universe just spectacular!
      When I ‘shuffle off of this mortal coil’, I’ll be asking if at some stage could I have just 10,000 years to fly about the Solar System (What’s 10,000 years in all Eternity? It should be just enough time to skim through everything the Solar System has to offer)
      Of course I’ll have to serve my time in Purgatory; probably playing a part in sorting out a Universe’s worth of files! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I don’t think that’s too much to ask of the Divine!
        In fact, I’m willing to wager that your wish is already granted.
        When I read this I couldn’t help smiling! I imagine you passing over my way…. momentarily….just a gentle little breeze on a flight beyond the sun ☀️

        Liked by 1 person

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