Marketing Day.2 ‘Man! Can you believe this cat?’ *

Sometimes you just can beat a bit of Latin to sum up a situation; in this case

Alea Icata Est (I bet you know it, there again if  I’m wrong not don’t worry, it’s easy to google).


The trouble with my mind is it is prone to febrile-fit. On Saturday night, last I decided all was well with The History of the Isles project and I would place it upon Kindle, and the whole thing went smoothly (sort of; I learnt about TN104s from the IRS and a funny bank number I didn’t realise was there- it’s for overseas stuff) and was thus quite wired when the whole thing was finished.

Then I found I could access the proposed layout and noticed some of the chapters were running together, but in my appallingly frivolous mind-set judged this to be either all part of what Kindle does, or ‘gosh, well I’m done with it now’ and went ahead with what I laughingly call marketing.Marketing Day- A True History of The Isles is a Book!!

Ah, and cameth Sunday and reflections.’ Just what the heck (or other words) do you think you’re up to, man?? You’ve asked folk to shell out cash…..Never Mind How Much!….We are talking principles here!!..On a shabby bit of work. Get your brain out of whatever part of the anatomy it’s slithered into and do something about it!!’……For once I was quite acquiescent, and agreed to do so but not frantic because according to Amazon the book wouldn’t be out until Tuesday. So today was scheduled.

There now follows that rare episode when this blog produces a useful bit of technical stuff.

If you are intending to publish via Kindle and are using Word, and wish for chapters not to run together, then at the end of every chapter, click on INSERT and then PAGE BREAK….errrr…that’s it.

Thus this afternoon I followed this advice and all seemed to go ok and I guessed that another 72hrs would go by before the book saw the light of Amazon; thus Thursday, sometime. The problem this time being previously I could find a draft of the Kindle Book, but access, seemed to have vanished. But everything was cool, yeh?

So this evening tide I just checked the status and Oh My Sainted Aunt, the book was ‘Live’…..Live? I scrambled over to Kindle, and there it was…I read the extract, and there were the chapters…..all running together. (and as the characters in my fantasy project say when exasperated or alarmed)…..Oh frib!!

Now whether or not this will be amended through the wonders of modern cyber-things I cannot say; lucky for me the project is humorous.

Ah, this is me folks when in ‘publishing mode’. This is where the ‘Heroically Bad’ bit comes in. This is probably why my projects should only be carried out under strict supervision. This is where all folk who are new to writing and are regular readers of my blogs are advised to start making notes under the heading ‘What Not To Do’

This is where I say….’Goodnight all’


Tomorrow we shall consider more of ‘What Not To Do’



For those of you not familiar with 1950s/1960s idioms, approximate equivalents in use today:

“WTF!!?” (naturally)

“Oh honestly!! (more All-Age socially acceptable)

“Ah…Those Who Cannot Learn From The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It,” (for best affect said in a sombre tone with a sad shake of the head)

“Quite frankly, he deserves a clip around the ear ‘ole!” (traditional brit-speak, but the practice is now illegal)

“Get your act together!!”

“Dude!” (which seems to cover all situations)


14 thoughts on “Marketing Day.2 ‘Man! Can you believe this cat?’ *

  1. I DO love your expressions, especially the one about your ‘sainted aunt’! You always bring a smile to this tired, old face 🙂 That said … back in the day, Word had a feature that allowed the user to insert not only page breaks, but section breaks and chapter breaks. Unfortunately, with ‘progress’ of successive upgrades, we lost that ability and no longer is wysiwyg (what you see is what you get). Nonetheless … it is my intent to download and purchase your book tomorrow … well, actually that would be today, I suppose, as it is after 3:00 a.m. here.

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    1. Thank you so much for your confidence in the book Jill; My inclination is to file it under FUBAR, but if folks are paying, then I shall strive on to try and resolve it.
      Yes WORD, I can remember a time it was a simple device for everyone now it slants towards Business and Academia. I’ve only got to hover the cursor near either end of the page and I get a Header or Footer; I do not want Headers or Footers, I couldn’t care two straws about them! And there is that new aggravation the double blue line under a word, which indicates a programmer has no concept of the lyrical flow of language. I would have the miscreants chained to desks and made to type out classical words of literature or poetry and prose until their will was broken.
      I like collecting expressions; back in the day in my final working days (in a job I hated), there was a whole battery of polite and whimsical one to rely on:
      “Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice”
      “Oh bother! Said Pooh”
      “Computer. Let’s you and me find out how the laws of gravity are doing. Shall we?” (I worked on the fourth floor).
      They all covered up a lot of very inappropriate language 😉

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  2. Do NOT send it to FUBAR … wherever that is! I always loved “curiouser and curiouser”. Another favourite of mine is “Oh bother” from Winnie the Pooh. 😀 Shows you a bit about my persona, yes? Hang in there, Roger. And please, if you have time, send me a link to your book on Amazon, as I have not found it yet. Thanks!

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    1. One link coming up Jill: :
      (At least that’s what the computer says. Should that fail; on Amazon select ‘KIndle’ and type in ‘A True History of The Isles’- it should appear)
      Next part is said with grinding teeth:
      I did select 0.99 $- Amazon converted that to 0.99 as in UK £ and upped the US price to $1.20…’tis not what I wished…
      “Oh bother! Said Pooh”
      (I always feel at ease with folk who like Winnie The Pooh)

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      1. The link worked fine, and the price says $0.99 USD. Thank you! And yes, I quote Pooh a lot … also Eeyore … in fact, my family calls me Eeyore and have bought me Eeyore coffee cups, shirts, etc. 😀

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