Marketing Day- A True History of The Isles is a Book!!

It is here, as intimated in previous posts!don_martin-running_like_mad

That which began as a simple means of releasing frustrations and downright annoyance at the nascent and ridiculous nationalism released by the Brexit Fur-ren-dumb. Which then evolved into a series of posts has now taken book form and within the next 60 hours (or so) will be available through Amazon’s Kindle for the economic sum of 0.80p or 0.99 cents or 0.93 of a euro, and so forth. (ratesofexchangemayvarypleasecheckyourconverter).Victorian writing

(At this point I was going to insert a YouTube of Handel’s The Halleluiah Chorus, but since I might get into copyright problems because this post can be classed as Marketing…..errr…I didn’t…so instead here’s a picture of Handel  Handel_GF 

and you can hum the tune)


Oh yes, of course silly me!!muttley_laughing_by_sektor8bit-d7fv6sh

The True History of The Isles Volume 1 Prehistory to 1216 Ce-ish.

My authorship name is R J Llewellyn, but searching by that method is not advised; at least not in the UK because normally you get referred to either very academic books or erotica, neither of which I remotely associated with (You know how quirky the Amazon search engine can be).funny-victorian-era-photos-silly-vintage-photography-9-575132ee985f9__700

As with all writers of histories I hope to cause controversies, be labelled as a ……….. (whatever), be vilified in prestigious history journals and Joy of Joys be criticised on social mediaDaffy duck for as the old show-biz agent’s saying goes ‘No Publicity Is Bad Publicity’

To mark this event, there will be a series of posts this week covering such topics as:

Doesn’t Kindle Do Funny Things To The Layout of Your Book, and Why I Left It As It Was.(serious reason)

How Not To Market A Book (The Heroically Bad Writer explains they are who they are)

How To Get The Best Out Of This Book

Some Thoughts on Writing Histories.

Some Thoughts on Writing.

Future Volumes

I will also confirm that Amazon’s computers have not gone all Skynet 20160109_153650 and have actually placed it as available. Tuesday 14th March 2017 19:00 GMT (I think)

In conclusion….Thanks my fellow WP community members; you have made it possible that another book has been produced…….As for the ramifications of that event  I will shoulder the blame.


A True History of These Isles-Introduction and Part 1


22 thoughts on “Marketing Day- A True History of The Isles is a Book!!

  1. Did you forget? It’s mandatory, isn’t to to… “Oh gosh, I don’t know what to say. I wish to thank the Academy, my family, especially my great-aunt Irene, my friends, my teachers, my manager at McDonalds, my driving instructor and finally the hostess on British Airways flight 108 for making this possible…”

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    1. Thank you Audrey- Firework music as well…too kind!!
      (Now I’m worrying because Kindle has , new chapters on the same page as the preceding chapter, and some folk say ‘That’s Kindle’ and other folk go into explanations I can’t hope to understand…must check the Help Page)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m not so sure what’s what there. Might have to let it go with its flaws- Argh! The angst!!
        Anyhow thanks so much for all your kind comments (Amazon suggest it’s pretty instant- but there’s always The Skynet factor)

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Simon.
      I’m having sudden fit of pondering here because I’ve found Kindle doesn’t seem to be inclined to separate chapters as ‘proper books’ do when converted from a Word doc (Last minute production crisis)- must check the Help Page before I go to Press. 🙂 🙃

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