Survival Guide: Keeping Your Sanity Intact

As we know in this day and age in the light of events recent and not so-recent you cannot help but wonder…..’WHAAAAAAAAT!’

Now I know most readers will think I’m going down the road of the USA Presidential Elections or the UK British Brexit referendum, which would be rational, however they are but two examples.

Let me just cite a few in my recent experience both personal and witnessed.

The ‘religious forum’ I gave up on. The fundamentalist atheist who argued I had no business believing in science and a God and had a closed mind for doing so (no kidding…It’s E=MC2 or nothing in his world)

The british comic who in his temper-tantrum (no satire, just a foul-mouthed tirade) over the US elections (his followers thought he was being witty) ranted “Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not against Americans. I like overweight mass-killers as much as anyone” (The way he said it…..Apparently all Americans……Racism anyone?)

Then there were the sour gnomes who were being nasty about a group of US girls soccer team because they all wore headscarves in solidarity with a Muslim team-member who had been told she couldn’t (Mind you I don’t think the gnomes expected me to turn up in one of my very combatative, vitriolic and abusive moods….. when that fellow is let loose watch out)  

Oh yes that inadequate over in the US who not having any backbone claims it’s a constitutional right to be offensive

Anyway enough about these brothers and sisters in the unfaith of negativity

 Ways to escape all of this toxicity

Put it into a Universal Context and Perspective.

Consider the size and the age of The Universe and the myriad histories which exist out there and of which we shall never know. And when the foolish and limited people have gone and are long forgotten by generations ahead, the majesty of this Creation will still be moving on, and their time and their egos will not have shifted its progress not one smallest measure of distance or velocity.

Consider The Laws Which Govern the Universe (Well the bits we know about)

These are still being discovered. But, well despite all the huff ‘n puff generated and the ways they will try to screw with you. There is still gravity. Water is comprised of molecules which are made up of 2 x Hydrogen atoms & 1 x Oxygen atoms. Light moves at a speed. Scientists have and will continue to discover complex laws which make the world we know move and progress. And there is no one dam’ thing any blow-hard, hate-monger, or inadequate internet crawler can do about it. Nothing creeps! You ‘cannae change the Laws of Physics’- yeh- You. Pretty pathetic, aren’t you? Not so a hot-shot!

What Us Humans Do

To name but a few ….We congratulate the excited woman who says she is expecting a child and wish her well. We will run to the child who has fallen and comfort them. We weep at loss. We will dig with our bare hands even when they are raw and bleeding to rescue someone. We will risk our life to safe another. We will marvel at a sunrise. We care for animals. We share the pain of a friend even a stranger. We take on burdens. We work for our families. We make mistakes and we get up again. And you toxics will not stop that

WP- Writers

We are one. We encourage. We advise. We support. We congratulate. We unite under sacred urge to create positive work. We transcend politics, religion, gender, nation, genre, style.

So neighbours, brothers, sisters, friends, when it’s all getting to look like the Low-Priests of Hate and Narrowness of any stripes are taking hold, remember at the end of it all…they are, were and always will be transitory and when they are gone; We and The Worlds about us will continue……..

Keep on keeping folks.


28 thoughts on “Survival Guide: Keeping Your Sanity Intact

  1. This is excellent advice Roger. I did have to laugh out loud when you mentioned turning up in the land of the gnomes! LOL!!! But I especially love your commentary regarding Universal Laws. One thing’s for sure, Science and God are not mutually exclusive. Maybe they are to people who aren’t really looking but they are not to those of us who think a bit more deeply about such things.
    Also thanks for the reminder about the community that we have formed here on WP. It is awesome! You and some of my other friends here are just as much a part of my world as the people I see everyday and I am so , so, very happy to have you.
    Keep doing your thing Roger! I love it!

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    1. Thanks so much Gwin.
      You are spot on regarding God and Science, sure some of it’s challenge, but then…that’s the way it is, and the more we learn the more God is pleased with us. Just like we are with our children as they grow and learn.
      Our WP community is indeed awesome. I’m learning more about people and writing since arriving at WP.
      And it’s approaching 11:00pm, so I’ll bid you a goodnight and see you tomorrow!
      And we shall all keep doing our WP thing

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  2. I love your positive attitude! You help me put things in perspective … something that is much needed these days, and you always give me a good chuckle … also much-needed. I generally ask permission to re-blog, but as I see others have re-blogged, I am going to take the liberty of re-blogging this … I hope it’s alright. Thanks for this calming, somehow uplifting post, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, a few stick in my mind, but they are more along the lines of:
        There was an Old Man of Nantucket
        Who kept all his cash in a bucket.
        His daughter, called Nan,
        Ran away with a man,
        And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

        Obviously, Byron, Shelley and Keats were always a bit beyond my ken … 😀

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  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    A month or so ago, a new reader somehow came upon my blog, and has since become not only a regular reader, but also a friend. In addition to being knowledgeable on most any topic and having a unique sense of humour, he has a positive outlook, and that is what made me decide to share this post on my blog tonight. I found this post to be calming in the midst of the storms surrounding us all these days. Please take a few minutes to read this post by Roger, writing as heroicallybadwriter (although he is actually a quite good writer!) And thank you, Roger, for the implied permission to re-blog!

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  4. Dear Roger,

    Thanks for this bit of perspective. When one is in the weeds of this USA horror show, it is too easy to loose this concept…and this too shall pass. Your post is a well needed pick me up.

    Thanks, Gronda

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  5. Roger, one of the best posts I’ve read in awhile for its sensibilities towards the past, present and future. It nicely puts “larger than life” things in proper perspective, something many of us in the US have lost our way on recently for sure. Well done. Enjoyed this very much.

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