The placebo that gives me strength

Good thoughts on affirmation.

Sarahbeth Caplin

joanAt first glance, the pewter pendant hanging around my neck doesn’t look like anything special. If one can’t tell immediately that it’s an image of a saint, they might assume that it’s an ancient-looking coin. For those who can detect the tiny engraving of Saint Joan of Arc, they might automatically assume I am Catholic, which I am not. I don’t mind, however; the image of a saint can have multiple implications about one’s faith or convictions, as opposed to a more specific – and perhaps brazen – pendant of a cross or Ichthus fish.

It’s not a fancy necklace by any means. My husband frequently asks me why I don’t wear my nicer pieces more often – the beaded necklaces I make to sell on my Etsy shop, and the pearl necklace he gave me on the day of our wedding. As I get older, I find that I…

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