Intolerance- I would have you rot.

Good day to you all. There are 200 + followers to this blog (thank you one and all). Now many of you recently arrived will be familiar with the quirky, idiosyncratic, affable posts.

That author’s not at home today. You’ve got me instead. At this stage I would advise you there will be (A) Unsettling political ideals stated (B) Harsh and unforgiving opinions (C) Stern and iron clad condemnatory statements (D) One of two profanities used with surgical care. (E) This post may upset everyone that reads it. (F) It’s very long 2000+ words- I may have overdone it- don’t care.

The Hate and The Intolerance. A Waste

The rage and the outrage, turned into screaming obscenity and masked as justifiable by The Left. The swift urge to hide behind Freedom of Speech, wilful mis-reading of a Constitution, Bible or political creed by The Right. What a complete and utter waste of time by one and all!

Sad and infuriating to observe the willingness to fall into step with the terminally stupid, the twisted hate-mongers and the snake-oil merchants all peddling their brands of Intolerance, because oh yes indeed, nothing sells so good a Venom and Fear. US Elections, Brexit and now Frexit (France goes to elections shortly). Another period of history where the histrionic and the hysterics have their say revelling in the attention while their followers puff out their chests and make proud with ‘Not In My Name’ banners or fatuously proclaim ‘Liberty’ (for themselves of course). Lots of shouting but very little talking. What fools. What blind, useless, destructive, criminal waste of energy and endeavour. In a world thank is screaming out for communal effort and far-sighted strategy here we have the unedifying spectacle of whole populations dithering, spitting and scrapping over meaningless picky bits of irrelevance.

One Solution: Then Another

Small wonder then that when I view Orwell’s ‘1984’ I think to myself: ‘Not a bad way to run a country. Need to drop the ‘Hate’ interludes and replace it with ‘Community’. Lighten up a bit on the party members (bread and circuses thing). Oh yeh Room 101, just talk at them, on and on and on; that’ll work’ . Oh yes, dear reader my views are very austere Left-Wing, none of your fluffy ‘Freedom and Rights’. For me: Civil Rights come with Civil Responsibilities. You abuse the latter, you seriously lose the former. There is a simple equation to this, we live in complex societies with many layers of beliefs, outlooks, social styles, advantage (or lack of) and financial inequality; these cause many pressures which must be kept in check and then the energy syphoned off- (social programmes folks, we all put in- no exceptions, everyone to the best of their ability.). Hate- can’t change Humanity, but The State can certainly weed out and supress the corrosion and its sources, and the State can ensure that the best doctrine for social stability can be indoctrinated.

I daresay this is all very disturbing for many, and no doubt if many of the more strident folk on social media were to read this they would be in Abuse Mode in seconds. To the latter my answer is a shrug and the response. ‘Well you had better do something to prove that people of different views, outlooks, races and beliefs can get along together. Prove your maturity. Talk. Discuss. Listen. Learn. All of you.’ . Because historically, in terms of centuries the wheels will turn, the engines re-calibrated and is response to this rowdy negativity will come authoritarianism, and many will welcome it, for the seeming stability it brings, and as for the rest, you will be consumed by the system, fresh and supported.

I’m Calling Out The Culprits

Now I’ll only deal with the US & The UK because those are the nations I am most familiar with. The US comes first because you are the younger:


Firstly I will not really bother with President Trump. He is where he is because a large section of the population both for and against him are not thinking straight. Putting an amateur in charge? If he hadn’t been around those who voted for him would have invented him.  He has to learn pretty fast, novelty can soon wear off, and the might which is the state has many tricks up its sleeve to immobilise him.

Anyway, to the population. It’s difficult to know where to start really. Apparently, there is an Alternative Right, well in the UK we had an Alternative Left; they seem to be very similar. Loud, aggressive (but only to those they can bully or out-number), narrow minded and much given to wrapping up prejudices in some nebulous excuse of ‘The Right To Free Speech’. Looking at the US these seem to be the very folk which The Founding Fathers did not wish to give the vote to ‘The Mob’. There’s some little person scrabbling about the place claiming the ‘Right To Be Offensive’ ; I’m guessing someone who wouldn’t have been allowed to sign the Declaration of Independence. Then we have those who have bought into the notion that every Muslim is a threat and it would only take a few in their town to ruin it. This is of course just what IS and the rest love, white folk picking on Muslims, ideal recruiting fodder. Naturally I could go on about the misogynists, the old fashioned racists (all nicely packaged these days) and my brother and sisters in Christ who somewhere along the way decided that Jesus didn’t really mean you should love everyone and not call everyone a fool, he was obviously referring to Fine, Upstanding Folk. Somewhere mixed up and dragged along with these tawdry groups are folk who really just want everything to be Peaceful, Quiet and Prosperous. These I say, talk to the other side, you don’t really belong amongst the haters. Use you God-given Hearts and Minds.

Now my good friends on The Left or the Liberal Wing. It is very difficult in these times to make your voices heard, seeing as how most of Talk Radio seems inhabited by those paid for their capacity to shock and upset , and of course the Net has rank and festering pools of Hate. The problem you have is similar to those on the Right, you are listening to the wrong folk, the Strident who love to preach to the converted, because they love the feedback. Your tactical problem is you will keep denigrating the entire opposition as if they all lacking in intelligence all are bigoted and quite frankly you seem to think they are all weird. Not so, they are simply you on the other side of the mirror. Why are you not embracing the Dignity of the Silent Protest or the Reasoned Argument. Yes, it is difficult, but shouting is the easy and quite wrong answer. Yes I know the moment you appear above the parapet you get labelled Social Justice Warrior or worse. I did my time both in the UK Civil Service and on a Religious Discussion Site hijacked by the more venomous type of atheist who adhere to the Book of Dawkins and take it from me the only way you get through is by quiet and reasoned argument; some of course will not get it because they don’t want to. But don’t follow the offensive ones, like the guy allegedly an academic who stole the Sacred Host from a Catholic Church and messed with it and burnt a copy of the Quran to demonstrated his bigotry against religion. And there are those in crowd who physically attack the single member of the opposition (usually a woman I notice).

Talk together everyone, lest you watch your country separate into minor nations because that is just what History has in store for you if you don’t learn.


I am less forgiving here. The Isles have been through many trials and tribulations over a two thousand years and damn’d well should have learnt by now.. The native folk of many regions have often vented their ignorant anger on minorities. Less us not hear about the The Irish, or The Scots or The Welsh or The English and their trials, none of us are innocent and the total victim. We are all guilty, mostly of selective history and doing whatever suited us at the time.

So now, these Isles with no merchant fleet to speak of, a navy that is very small, an industrial base which is mostly overseas owned, relies on an overseas supply on energy and communally insist that we can’t possibly use any homegrown energy sources lest they impinge on our back gardens; whose income comes from the unformulated world of finance has now decided that if we set the clock back the The Glorious Revolution of 1688-89 then all will be well because we can magic up the conditions to make us a great trading powerhouse. Some of course blame all the foreign people that have come here for everything that has gone wrong which is an excuse so old but regrettably not worn out.

But we are also quite inventive in our spite here. In fact we are far more enterprising that our fellows in ignorance in the US, we don’t have a written constitution to play with. However, us Brits are much more inventive. Particularly my comrades on the Left; The Fashionable Left that is.

Of course prejudice is a nasty thing and we wouldn’t want to be associated with those horrible people on The Right, but fear not we can hide behind the masks of Social Conscience. We can indulge in an old tradition in these Isles of Anti-Semitism, but these days we can say it’s because we object to the Israeli Government. It’s so much more easy than trying to make common cause with the Israeli opposition groups, and there are Jews here to  pick on. Naturally it’s nothing personal because we all know they support the Israeli Govt. We would be horrified to be associated with attacks on Muslim folk as individuals, but of course we can rail against Islam because look how ‘they’ treat their women. They all do it y’know. None of those women wish to dress like that, they have been brain-washed by their men. And of course we are on safe ground by being offensive to religion overall because it has been the cause of more wars and abuse than anything else in the whole wide-world. We know, we read it on a web-site.

And finally, the Left can indulge in some real open racism by picking on Americans. We can call them stupid, lazy, ignorant, superstitious (religion) obsessed with guns and every single adult for being responsible for Donald Trump, because we are witty, astute, informed having spent many minutes reading inanities on web-sites. And no obviously we didn’t mean those of the minorities, no  we have been mis-understood.

Coming back to reality there is nothing so sad in the UK as someone on the Left displaying a crass ignorance by generalising; unless you count those who enthusiastically agree with them.


So what do I know then? Apart from my history. Well I know about Intolerance and Prejudice I’ve suffered them but more importantly I’ve indulged and am still prey to them. Oh yes, Racial Prejudice, small -time irritation but some standards, but it’s there no the less. I don’t even have excuse of being born into it, I acquired it as an adult. NO I don’t make a virtue of that. It’s a weakness to be fought against, to be erased. It is an offense unto God. I written all these words under a cloud of hypocrisy. The details are secret, because I do not wish to cause offense to anyone by detailing this moral crime of which I am guilty. The internal battle goes on; it will not win.

I could go on a lot longer, but it would be a bit self-indulgent.

In conclusion I would thank you all who’ve read this. And if anyone wants to rant at me in justifiable outrage, please do, as Mr Bennett said in Pride and Prejudice “I am at my leisure”


14 thoughts on “Intolerance- I would have you rot.

  1. Hello, my liberal friend. It is your friendly conservative compatriot from the USA. I too am disgusted with the current situation in our country. The left has become completely unhinged because they lost an election. You didn’t see the right become unhinged with BHO got elected twice. You didn’t see paid thugs smashing windows and burning cars. You didn’t see the universities completely shutting down free speech. I am completely disgusted with these thugs and spoiled brats ranting and raving that the world is coming to an end. It is complete and utter nonsense. They remind me of the brown shirts in Germany in the 1930’s who intimidated the population into accepting the socialist Nazi party (and believe me, that government started out as socialist).
    My take is that the entrenched power structure in our country is threatened by a President that they cannot control through bribery. The core population of our country want this power structure ousted (drain the swamp) and they are fighting back with every dirty trick in the book. This includes a completely one sided media of elitists who think they are better and know better than the grass roots population of hard working people in the country. It is going to be a long and hard struggle.

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    1. Hi Charles.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.
      For opners, with something of a grin I have to say ‘liberal’ doesn’t apply to me, although this may seem so from your side of ‘The Water’. UK liberals would be very critical of my hard-line left wing and rather authoritarian view. It’s a European politics-thing. As with Hitler whose National Socialist ethos was a mish-mosh of nationalism, communism, socialism and any other ism which fitted.
      My principal concern is over the levels of violence and intolerance which seems to be driving both sides of the political debate apart. Although those on the extreme right are not rioting per se there are those who share, with their fellows on the left in the vandalism, the causal intimidation of the individual and the on-line harassment. This can only raise the fever-pitch.
      I have a respect for the US, still by our standards, young and with a long way to go. Far from perfect but with multiple time-lines a continent’s worth in length, 300 million people and a bloody civil war, the country has still held it together in a basic democratic form. This I fear is under threat. As an outsider I perceive parallels with the decades prior to your Civil War, and worry that the US might fragment (though this time by a more civil process) into nascent states.
      The tragedy is that I believe both yourselves on the Right and those on the Left have COMMON CAUSE in your shared dismay at the way politics has degraded over the past decades. I believe this is a time when you should all come together and discuss your differences, accept them but work on those aspects you share. I believe it is the duty even of the American to talk to the other American. It will be hard work, Lord knows I have had much experience professionally and socially in these things, and the rewards can be scant but they can be built upon.
      In conclusion I have to say in comparing President Trump with say Nixon (even with his flaws), Regan (The Great Communicator) and even Bush jnr (who seemed to manage to always appear affable), I feel that President Trump is a bit of amateur and will disappoint in the long run during the complexity of running a nation. We would all wish to drain a swamp, everyone who involves themselves in politics would wish that. The important factor is to convince everyone to join in for the COMMON GOOD. You don’t want folk like me taking over.
      I hope I have stated my concern is for the US as a nation and for its people who overall, in general I find friendly and helpful (maybe a bit overwhelming at times, but then I’m a brit). And I hope I have clarified why I am so intolerant of intolerance.
      Take care Charles. Best wishes to you and yours

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    1. I would like to think I have falling into trap of hyperbole with a dash misanthropic indulgence thrown in and it will all turn out alright in 5 years time. I would be only too happy for people to read back on this post and laugh at how wrong I could have been.

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  2. As you see from the first comment here, it’s not easy having reasoned debate over here. I’ve decided the best I can do is defend and project my own values, which include treating everyone according to the Golden Rule. Oh, and speak out when I see injustices that shouldn’t be tolerated. Trying times.

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    1. Hi Kevin.
      I can’t recall who is was or if I have the quote quite right, but something along the lines of ‘These are times which try men’s souls’.
      My great concern is the rise of the violence both physical, verbal and on-line. The fact that no one is talking to the other side or trying to discuss things.
      I repeat (as I do) the tragedy being that there is so much common cause between both sides of the debate. The antics of Washington is hardly inspirational. These folk do need to be shaken and made to understand they represent nations and not interests. We have the same problem in the UK, on both Right and Left (or the Fashionable Left as I call it).
      I thing yours is the best approach for the individual, and talk to the other side. Get to know them Ignore the hate-mongers on both sides.
      It’s hard work and its trying indeed (I know both from my work and my times on social media). The majorities must come together. The proverbial ‘sit down and have a coffee’.
      (Flippant note: In the UK a good ice-breaker is the weather, we all love to complain about the weather).
      I wish you and yours well.
      Trying times for all, indeed.
      Best wishes
      Roger (You don’t want me running your country)


      1. I looked up the quote: it’s good ol’ Thomas Paine.

        I’ve said on my own blog that the best place to find common ground would be in labor issues. Let’s get the Wobblies going again. We’re all workers in one respect or the other, and we’ve lost a lot in that regard over the years.

        You certainly couldn’t be any worse running our country than what we have now! Sadly, you’re not eligible …

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      2. Thanks for the invite but you don’t need a guy who thinks the government in Orwell’s 1984 is not bad, just needs to lighten up a bit (ironic snigger).
        Yes I agree that Labor would be a true common ground (It used to confuse a lot of UK left-wingers that you could have trade unions which looked after their members while at the same time being essentially not left-wing). Funny enough I was reading about the Wobblies recently, a real coming together there.


  3. Thanks Roger. This is going to need some slower, serious re-reading, but for now, great. I like where you’re going and how you went about it too. I do a lot of that for myself, but it’s refreshing to read it. Keep those waves washing up the shore, keeps things fresh and alive in those inter-tidal zones.

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  4. This is a good, strong rant you’ve had here my friend. I think one of the key things that stood out to me, whether you intended such or not, is humanity’s innate need to stand up largely for himself and only himself while putting down anyone who doesn’t agree. All while simultaneously shouting down the ‘others’ who stand up for themselves and only themselves while putting down those who also don’t agree.
    In short, many people and groups are found to be self-serving and (understandably) self-preserving while being a very loud voice about how that is the exact wrong way to act. It’s a bit maddening.
    Personally, I think we all need to take a step back and read some children’s books and start acting how most of us teach our children to act; be accepting and kind to those around you, whether they are different, have different opinions or come from different places or not.
    Either way, I’m over here in the states fighting the fight of figuring out who can use what bathroom, who can travel to what country, and just who is going to pay attention to the actual news that is happening while we all bicker amongst ourselves. I say we find a way to overthrow the real problem, the New World Order, before the evil influence can take over!
    Have a good weekend, buddy.

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    1. Hi Damean.
      Thanks for taking the time to read.
      Yep, I do love a good rant when the mood takes me.
      My reading of histories, political, military and social tend to lead me to a similar conclusion, which I guess is why belief systems start off as a means to codify and restrain the destructive ones, but of course get taken over by self-serving types. As you say maddening! It why I tended to stray towards left-wing and slightly authoritarian views- but admit that path falls down when if the people in charge are not high-minded, public spirted, stern but fair sorts.
      The interest and possibly optimistic message from the replies being that there is Common Cause in a wish to clean up or out the whole self-serving elites who are playing silly egomanic (is that a word?) games with ordinary peoples lives. History is a stern teacher.
      Anyway here’s to the Jewish and Muslim communities who are supporting each other in the current waves of cowardly attacks and the folk who help them.
      You take care and keep on keeping on.
      Best wishes

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