Before You Publish that Book, Don’t Forget these Things

Now these are some of the things you should be thinking about doing….

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Start a Blog – A blog can be a great way to get your feet in the door far as reaching out to an audience is concerned. The frequency to which you can publish articles on the blog can help people to become familiar with you and your writing style. I think blogs are especially important for people who aren’t necessarily known for writing (a doctor or construction worker) but they’ve decided to write a book. Starting a blog first can introduce them to the writing community (whichever community that is) and get people familiar with them as a writer. It’s one thing to enjoy doing something but it’s an entirely different thing to translate that into a language that others will understand. The immediate feedback from the blog can help writers to access not just where they are with their writing (if they can engage a group of people…

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2 thoughts on “Before You Publish that Book, Don’t Forget these Things

  1. Thanks for sharing. I especially love the attention to blogs. Since joining WordPress, I feel like I’ve joined a community of like-minded intellectuals with all different backgrounds. I’ve loved the support I’ve received, and I would like to emphasize this point in this post. It is a great way to show style and gain support.

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