‘Curiouser and Curiouser,’ said Alice…(smart young lady)

So I visited the WP forum where WP folk post up details about changes, like to READER….and folk who know what they are doing with their various devices and also how to correctly manage, navigate and arrange their WP make sensible technical statement.

Me….I’m just an embarrassment to those who know me……pogo.stick.10




melodramaOh woe! He does vex(ed) me so with his variable manners.

My post:

I’ll start by saying I shouldn’t be allowed on a computer without assistance, however that said.

It was interesting to read about the update because:

  1. When I try to reply on Reader at some stages the site feels the need to show me my Notifications status half-way through my typing a reply; then forgets what we were doing and I have to start again.
  2. Sometimes it loses interest in what I am typing, forgets, and insist I go back to the original notification and start again.
  3. Decides whatever I might have to say can be of no possible interest to anyone and doesn’t give me the opportunity to reply.


In addition the site is very severe with me. If I do not look at notifications at least every hour it grows very cross. When I scroll down the posts it will again get bored with the process and not move for a while. Then when I do find where I was it plays tricks by slipping back making me suppose a contributor has posted the same post several times.


I suspect these are all teething problems which arise whenever something new is introduced and I shall preserve.

If however any one can enlighten by dim mid-20th century brain over something is obvious to a more modern person I would be grateful.

And I shall on record that I do perversely enjoy WP.


If you don’t hear from me again, you’ll know that WP have extracted me to give me a stern lecture:Gunner Sargeant Hartman





11 thoughts on “‘Curiouser and Curiouser,’ said Alice…(smart young lady)

  1. Congratulations, Roger, for your courage. I haven’t even tried to go there, except to change my header image, that being the extent of what I know… oh yes, I did manage, I think, to put that translator thingy on my main page, or whatever they call it. Fortunately I’m not terribly bothered by lacking in fancy. As the quote goes from “Enemy of the State” – my social skills are like my cooking skills: quick and tasteless. Keep playing, you might win eventually, I don’t think WP is run from Vegas… yet.

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      1. Yep! I lived down the road a bit from his home turf of Pontypridd. I saw him live in London back in 1968 (when I was a snotty Velvet Underground follower) but he was amazing to watch, worked and sung with the sweat dripping off of him.
        Now me, I’m more of a stand there, yelling and screaming incomprehensible metaller, either that or an indie tormented soul- whichever the sound is not one you’d feel happy about! (tee-hee)


  2. I dislike the WP Reader page. I get email notifications for several of the blogs I follow, and even those are too much on a regular basis. I don’t even use their “new and improved posting experience.” I prefer the WP dashboard, where I can see what sections are what, and navigate easily. I am so adverse to change. lol

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  3. Oh gosh darn, here we all are, living in our new and improved earth! Don’t you just love it?
    Re-launch: “OK folks, sorry about that, the rocket failed to ignite properly so we shut the reactors down. We’re going to do the count-down again, keep your fingers crossed everybody! … 3… 2… 1…oh s**t!”

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