Advice (Sage) and Example (Tragic)- Only the Other Way ‘Round, On Account of It Working Out That Way.

And much to my delight I completed the first draft of The Patchwork Warriors, by the 31st January 2017, as scheduled. The whole writing process was fun; there were times when it was necessary to stop because of a ‘What In the Name of My Ragged Trainers is going to happen next?’ interlude; and thus would be the time on pondering until eventually came a ‘Ding’ moment and onwards would flow the narrative. Watching the characters develop not in the initial way intended was quite paternal; they certainly taught me quite a great deal. With such a diverse crew running about the story there were times, Dear Reader, when I felt quite tolerant to almost all of my fellow human beings; which is quite enriching. Now will come the bit I really have a good time with; the re-write. Some might find this a hard slog, not myself, reading the story again there are times when I do experience a ‘Jumping Jell-Beanz! That’s not half-bad’ moment, and thus carry on encouraged. Yep at some stage the novel will be there, all tided up with 99% of spelling mistaks and 98% of all true grammatical errors does get sorted right.


Ah Dear Reader

“Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.”  (MacBeth).

‘Cuz this is the bit where the true import of the underlying theme of this blog comes into monstrous bloom, that does chill the blood of gentle souls, and yet should fire bright defiant inspiration into the hearts of those who are warriors willing to enter into the lists at the Muse’s clarion call.

In short at this stage

There will have been zero information about this work on Twitter, Facebook and other sites or platforms I am too lazy to read about.

I will have gone about my usual business of no contact realised or intended with anyone involved in the publishing process. So professional or very astute semi-professional input will be lacking.

No thought will have been given to a book cover, despite there being some very talented folk in the WP community who can produce such things

Aside from this blog and its 200+ followers, to whom I extend my thanks, and gratitude, no one knows ‘spiffle’ about this book.

Marketing is something other and more astute folk do.

Whereas I know all of which I should be doing, I have a feeling I shall simply seek out an Amazon Kindle format and do things the kina cheap ‘n cheerful way in the vague hope that I will gather a cult following who will do all the hard work for me.

Now understandably at this stage any far better organised, motivated, dedicated and serious writers who are reading this will wish they could find a cyber brick to throw at me in the hope of knocking some sense into my stupid head.

For those of you new to my blog I would repeat that one of the themes of this blog is for new readers to read it and do the opposite of whatever I am doing and thus be in with a chance of of doing reasonably well with their work. Hence the title of the blog. Hence the title I use.

And thus endeth the Example (Tragic) bit.

But why dear writer? You ask Why do you carry on thus?

Because Dear Reader I….LOVE….WRITING! It is the sole motivation. There will never be any large financial return. I write for the joy of seeing a creation move from the mind to the page. I soar on the growth of the characters and the twists and turns their journeys take. I create because I can, and because I want to. There is little I can do to change this world we live in, but within my writing in my own universe in which my beliefs, my intentions, my perceptions can grow. There will come a time when a project is completed and I will set this precious artefact out upon its own voyage into the literature and cyber-verses and thus will leave its fortunes to the various tides and courses of Natures. And I will be content. For the creation of thoughts into words is the most important aspect of response to the Muse. To sat down and worked, melding ideas, sculpting thoughts, crafting the words on pages over and over until they flow as a stream is sufficient for a writer. It may seem, the work is unknown, by the shallow standards of today the efforts have gone unnoticed. This is not so, a writer creates, a writer records that creation and thus becomes in a small way a part of the journey of Humanity; the work may in time be discovered by others and viewed interesting, a view of these times and thus maybe invaluable.

It is enough fellow writer that you worked and created.

And thus endeth the Advice (Sage).

I wish you all, all the very best in your endeavours. Belong to the Ages. You can achieve. No one can stop you. Just wave to me as you pass me by, still hacking away on my own furrow.


17 thoughts on “Advice (Sage) and Example (Tragic)- Only the Other Way ‘Round, On Account of It Working Out That Way.

  1. Roger, this is pretty much the same as my attitude toward writing and self-publishing, although you have expressed it much more eloquently than I. I’m wishing you well on the rest of the process and looking forward to reading the finished work when you have made it public.

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