Seasonal Messages

Well hello there fellow WP-ers! And hippy-hiddy-happy-holidaze-to you all!!

I thought I get that that out of my system, as for some reason this year I feel more seasonal than usual, which could be tempting Fate as it is 10:30am UK time on 24th December and as everyone knows there are so many things which could go wrong between now and whenever the holidays are concluded. So let’s get down to the basics of the message.


In the first case, for many folk this is going to be just one day in a litany of misery and pain, for others a random event has or is taking place which will be the opposite of a Merry Christmas and they are going feel pain and isolation as everyone else jollies around. (Like sitting in a hospital cafeteria wondering if your child is going to live, while staff chat and hang up the Christmas decorations- 1992). For some Christmas is lonely, no day at all. For others Christmas is a painful reminder. And there are many places in the world where the event is just simply not going to be celebrated because that’s the place some have chosen to fight a war. So here’s a few moments of thought for them. Yours and my holiday might not be perfect, but treasure the good parts and remember if you are not in any of the above then your life is not so very bad. In conclusion, to this part; whoever, wherever, whenever (time zones) you may be I wish you well for this season when there can be such a sharp divide between people’s circumstances.


On a lighter note for 2017. Yes, I am straight out of the starting blocks for the New Year’s Resolutions. This year I really am going to try to be a more nuanced and balanced person. Rage will not be allowed. Judgemental pronouncements will be stifled. Hasty conclusions on folk and peoples will not be tolerated. Instead it’s time for trying to be friendly, listen, discuss and be not acting to type (though what type a very left-wing socialist convert to Catholicism who reads comics, indulges in wargames, literally talks to trees, studies history and prefers animation as a film media, brit is I am not sure) I will still however reserve the right to heap Full-Metal Jacket Gunnery Sergeant style language upon my printer when a piece of paper jams; it’s no better than it deserves.


In conclusion I wish all those I chat or exchange views with all the very best. My thanks for enlightening, entertaining and encouraging (there are two projects on the way thanks to the latter). Above all thank you for your friendship. If I haven’t been in touch with you recently; firstly sorry ‘bout that but the characters out of my book have been dragging me about insisting I finish the tale: secondly what have the Daffy Duck have WP been up to of late? I know they can be quirky but, well!!!…………. go to Reader and up pops my profile; try and reply to someone and I am advised who is following my blog; according to my e-mail the only activity on WP relates solely to my own blog and no one else is blogging…shheeeesh!!

So folks, take care-here’s to you hope it works out for you.




20 thoughts on “Seasonal Messages

  1. Thanks for your good wishes, Roger. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with all of the hope and good thoughts (except for the printer, of course) you have written about. You are my favorite left-wing socialist and I hope I am your favorite right wing conservative. If we can enjoy the season together, perhaps there really is hope for the world going forward.

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    1. Hello there Charles!
      Those sentiments are one of the best Christmas Presents I could wish for! You certainly are my favourite right-wing conservative!!
      Those words give me hope for the future, when so many pundits and commentators of all political stripes are willing us to an apocalypse.
      I believe we can all work together, if we just listen to each other, and give each other space.
      Wishing you a happy Christmas for you and your family and a very good new year.
      Very best wishes Roger
      (PS next year some of my blog will be given over to politics, but I refuse to be type-cast and will be interested to see the responses- looking forward to exchanging views)

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  2. A very meaningful read! Love these lines…”Rage will not be allowed. Judgemental pronouncements will be stifled. Hasty conclusions on folk and peoples will not be tolerated.”
    Thanks for sharing and hope you had a very Merry Christmas! ☺

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