Best Christmas Present!!!!


My eldest daughter  been a mid-wife for 10 years & has just got promotion to being placed in charge of a birth-centre!!

Achieved with much hard work and a whole bundle of family life challenges to deal with

So proud of her! WHOOOO-OOOOOOOOO!!



15 thoughts on “Best Christmas Present!!!!

    1. …..and (sorry ’bout that..internet connection).
      Yes it is indeed a very noble and responsible profession, we are very proud of her. She doesn’t go into a great deal of detail, but we’re fairly certain she’s saved the lives of babies and mothers.

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  1. This is fantastic Roger!
    I’m sure that you and Mom are very proud of your daughter!
    Let your girl know that she has a whole family of WordPress bloggers who wish her the absolute BEST!!!

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      1. Babies are little miracles that can come at any time so that makes sense 🙂
        BTW, I understand keeping the name quiet–I don’t use my children’s names either for the same reasons 🙂

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