How I feel regarding Trump and Angry People

Read and inwardly digest folks

Tiffany Belle Harper

Sorry to complain but I have to get this off my chest. I live in the UK. So things are ‘perhaps’ different here to other countries?

All countries (states/regions) are diametric. We may have varied cuisine, TV channels and favourite bands, groups, authors and community projects. That’s life. That’s what makes us enjoy exchanges – so that we may learn from culture and variety. (Not to forget those suffering war, poverty and destitution around the world).

Then there’s mainstream media we tend to share together (often forced upon us.) Mostly lies and deceit – agenda and biased opinion. Yet spiritually I believe we are one, to include nature – the animal kingdom. It can be cruel … nature has its own way. We don’t need to mess with it.

I don’t know anything much at all about American politics. I do watch a lot of YouTube channels and am fascinated by…

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5 thoughts on “How I feel regarding Trump and Angry People

    1. Hi Sharon.
      Tiffany who put together the post would give you a wider and more in depth explanation, but basically I think it works as
      What goes around comes around
      As you sew so shall you reap
      (or my own more basic view “If you are bad to folk eventually you’ll get a big smack in the mouth and serves you right too!”

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