The Treasonous Book Trailer

Not only does Rachael write high quality YA, she produces her own covers and trailer videos.

Rachael Ritchey

I really enjoy making these videos, so even if they aren’t all that helpful in the marketing scheme of things, it’s still pretty satisfying to be creative with different art formats. 🙂

I did this video with Windows Movie Maker. My old PC finally gave up and my older version of Magix can’t be put on this computer, so I must make do! It works pretty well. There are certain limitations that bug me, but I can deal.

What is your go-to movie editing/making software?

And of course, I decided to remake Captive Hope’s trailer too, so here ya go!

And if you couldn’t tell, I’m kinda enthralled by Kai Engel’s music, which he has so generously made available for free (most non-commercial but some commercial) on Please check out his website if you get a chance! I did buy the compilations of Scope and Alantida from…

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