Follow-up to “Wake Up, America!…”

Don’t pay too much attention about my involvement. This is all about Lisa and what she has to say about being an individual

the otherhood of one

Or alternatively: a response to Roger (Woebegone but Hopeful), my friend in social anarchy…

I absolutely LOVE that phrase, “your friend in social anarchy”!  Having just read your latest rant, I know that it’s true, as well, which only makes the phrase richer and more tasty to me… lol!

I admitted to being reluctant to publish “Wake Up, America!”, though I didn’t discuss the reasons why.  And I’m glad I waited until a calmer heart could prevail before attempting to do so today.  It has proven to be an interesting experience so far…

To begin with, it is by far my least popular post ever!  Seen by at least 26 people (according to WordPress), which is a lot for my site, it only received 3 (now 4) “likes.”  And while it is quite possible that many (or most) of those “viewers” did not read the whole thing, it is still…

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