Hey! You Lot! Yeh Press…talkin’ to you!!

Ok folks, this one is not pleasant, but there again sometimes as we all know you gotta let rip.

I’ll set the scene for those of you who are not UK citizens and not familiar with our update of Alice in Wonderland, or to give it its official title Brexit.

For those of you in the US the debate has been on the level of the USA Presidential Election of 2016 although instead of personal smears both sides use scare tactics about what would happen to Britain if we left the European Union or stayed. For inspiration both sides referred to the Book of Revelations, though without the poetry and imagery.

Now a group of folk who voted Remain took a case to the Court of Law (note that last word), arguing that although there had been a referendum which had been won by the Leave Campaign supporters (note: Not The British People, 100% did not vote to Leave); before the Government could proceed it would need to gain Parliament’s approval. Which is a valid argument. Three High Court Judges ruled this was so.

High Holy, the press which supported the Leave Campaign did everything short of demanding they should be lynched; called them Enemies of The People for Pity’s Sake. And I am  not sullying this post with their rag headlines!!!  Goodness knows what the Burning Brand & Pitchfork brigades that infect social media got up to; I’ve long since given up reading that blathering from whatever group.

Ok you lot, you think it’s fine to abuse people in public, people doing their legal duty.

See this…



Don’t dig it? Well you should. It’s from the  British Legion. Poppy Fund. All proceeds to aid those injured and the remembrance of those who died, so that Liberty, Freedom and TOLERANCE would be allowed to continue in these lands (My Dad was wounded at least in WWII and although he only alluded to it I think he also suffered what was called them ‘Combat Fatigue’ (PTSD anyone?)

Profanity Warning…#

Why the Happy Fuck I am writing this I don’t know because I doubt if any of the perps will get to read this, but for the good folk of WP community, it’s because I’m blistering at these folk who write this Filth.

Yeh, Filth!

How do you newspaper hacks like being called Filth? How do you like being mis-represented?…. In writing?. How do feel about being the subject of abuse?

Not nice is it? Being on the receiving end of a rant. Being accused of something, like Filth!!

Right now I am personally ashamed of being British.

Some poor sap was writing in a respectable periodical about these Islands’ heritage of tolerance. Tolerance?????…oh man, you are so innocent I could wrap you up in a blanket, leave a night-light on for you and tuck you in with a furry toy.

Angry? Hell, folks I gave up on Angry a long time back, right now I am White-Hot-Burning Mad.

Ok, I’m kinda done

No, I an’t


Now I am.

(This post has come to you with the assistance of my ‘Tearing Down The Highway’ music playlist)

Praise be for the Sanity and Perspective of you good folk in WP.

Goodnight and take care you  WP folk


5 thoughts on “Hey! You Lot! Yeh Press…talkin’ to you!!

  1. White-hot burning mad! You have every right to be!
    Earlier this week I saw where Brexit is now being challenged and I meant to ask your thoughts on that. Apparently, God passed the message on to you through the ethers and here we are!
    Roger, I am right there with you. The way the media slants the news is freaking ludicrous. That said, your description of them is so ‘on point.’ Like you, I am deeply troubled by the way they negatively influence important political outcomes and then walk away with no consequences.
    It’s obscene!
    I think I mentioned to you before that I no longer watch the news on our big cable networks. I can’t even read our local news; it’s so racist…and I’m not an overly sensitive person on that issue.
    Right now, my main source of news is our Public Broadcast System— or maybe NPR.
    I really just can’t with the rest of that mess!
    BTW, I’ll have to google the British Legion Poppy Fund. Thanks for including a reference to it.
    We saw a black WWII vet the other day and got a picture—as you know, seeing a WWII vet, black or otherwise, these days is like seeing a unicorn.

    PS: Great pic and excellent post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there Gwin.
      Thanks for your support.
      Like a lot of normal people who blog after I posted that the old ‘Uh-ho. Should I have sent that?’ crept in. But there again I slept a lot better last night, no freaky dreams.
      Our TV news channels are going through a dumb-down pop-culture phase, it’s not so much biased as kind of acting like it was a TV entertainment show (And now ‘Aleppo The Musical’). My ire in the UK is focused on the Press irrespective of what stance they take, as their reporting is always packed with agenda.
      My folks must have taught me in some way, because from an early age I always hated racism, and picking on folks religious beliefs.
      Makes me so damn mad!!
      Yeh WWII vets have a great air of dignity, they’ve seen it all, and come back, to see it happen again and again.
      I going to have to get back to my History & Patchwork for a few days and write a few issues out through that.
      It’s either that or start a real polemic blog on somewhere like Yahoo.
      Take care Gwin, you and yours. You are all precious to the world.

      Liked by 1 person

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