Sometimes…y’know it just gets you!

1.To the organisers and proponents of the Brexit farce…sorry referendum

8d8f41c1217d3007621ceda397c48ef6(That’s for failing to present the arguments in an intelligent and dignified way)

2. To the UK Labour Party

8d8f41c1217d3007621ceda397c48ef6(Hoi! You lot! The opponents are the UK government, not each!!!)

3. To the current UK Government


(That for privatising elements of the police force, justice system, NHS…and that’s for starters!!)


4.. To The Candidates of the 2016 US presidential elections

8d8f41c1217d3007621ceda397c48ef6 (People died to make democracy work in your country! Honour them and for pity’s sake act like adults!!!!!)

5. For all those who think that a pundit or personality does not have the right to express their views on a political matter



(Of course if they’d have agreed with you, then they would be a breath of fresh air wouldn’t they!!)

6. And finally to all those who think that denigrating a person by race, country, community, adult orientation, religion, creed is somehow exercising  free-speech

8d8f41c1217d3007621ceda397c48ef6  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I can’t say that was dignified, nor eloquent, nor ennobling of my literary prowess, but……………….

I feel a heck of a lot better now.




35 thoughts on “Sometimes…y’know it just gets you!

  1. ROTFLMAO!!!!
    Can I borrow this kid?
    You’ve summed it up so nicely Roger and I’ll bet that you do feel a whole lot better. I have to say that I am so glad that I don’t have a Facebook account. I’m hearing of people falling out with each other over controversial posts and comments.
    I have a snarky friend, luckily she’s on the good side, that goes through certain people’s posts and corrects things like the misuse of the words “your” and “you’re” or “were” and “we’re”
    Damned contractions! LOL!!!
    She did that to this guy who wrote a long rightwing tirade about people being ignorant! LOL!!!! She made him look like the ignorant one.
    He was none too pleased– to say the least 😉
    Anyway, please keep having your say my friend. We love it!

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    1. By all means Dear Gwin!
      I gave up on Facebook after I found that folk who have political views close to mind (very,very left-wing) were acting just like the thugs on the extreme right wing…..
      Your friend..
      I bet that guy’s response was a fountain of eloquence!
      In my darker days I used to stalking on the social media for extremists. One day I pounced on one and nagged at him until his final reply was “(F-bomb) you!”. To which I replied “You’ve proven my argument exactly. Thank you very much. Good day to you”….Like shooting fish in a barrel….
      Anyway this is why I stay with WP, fresh air and friendship with folk whose views are sometimes miles from yours, but we just love to exchange art, and comments about our daily lives.
      An’t this all cool….Far out man!!
      Hope you have a great week-end Gwin.

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      1. Good morning Roger it’s 8:44am (Eastern Standard Time)
        I knew that those babies would be a handful. Have you guys caught your breath yet? LOL! I am sure that round 2 has already started. Hope y’all are having a ball 🙂

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      2. Hi Gwin.
        Yep! 9.18pm BST in the UK and we’re recovering from the 2nd amazing visit. My son & family will be visiting friends of his (and families) tomorrow.
        But Tuesday they will be back for a final (and no doubt tearful) farewell visit.
        Wonderful week-end.
        How is yours doing?

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      3. 7:36pm EST 🙂
        I rather like this time space coordinate thing we got going on here! LOL!!
        British Summer Time is it? I have learned something new; or so I think. Google is a helluva drug!
        Oh yes, I remember how, when I was little, my grandmother would cry whenever it was time for us to leave and go back to our home –which was 5 hours away. So I really get the tears that will flow.
        Your grandchildren will remember ALL of the fun they had with you and your wife for MANY years to come.
        Grandparents ROCK 🙂

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      4. Good morning Gwin(8:29 am uk).
        And next Sunday 2.00 we move the clocks back to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which means an extra hour in bed….(bliss).
        We’ve had a busy but good time with them. Apparently Caius (the younger of the team) on the trip to meet us was nagging remorselessly about when would they be seeing ‘Gran-an-Granpa’.
        It’s been cool! 😊

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      5. Good afternoon Roger!
        Oh my! So you guys switch between BST and GMT?
        I think that is comparable to Daylight Savings Time for us.
        The only way I can remember it is Spring FORWARD (1 hour) and Fall BACK (1 hour)!
        I am not exactly sure when we will fall back but my guess will be next Sunday too.
        Anyway.. on to the good stuff!
        I love the name Caius. Is it pronounced Kay-us?
        I often wonder about the magic tonic that turns mean old parents into kindly grandparents. Do you remember taking it?

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      6. Hi Gwin
        Yes, I think the DST & BST are much the same thing. Make sure you check, you don’t want to miss out on the extra hour in bed….Bliss.
        Caius is pronounced Khi- Us, and in our grandson’s case is usually prefixed by ‘Oh’- (lol).
        I think the magic tonic might be the grandchildren themselves (apparently it turns ‘evil’ sisters and brothers in kindly fun-lovin’ aunts or uncles too!) .
        Good night then Gwin,
        Be speaking with you tomorrow

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      7. Hi Gwin!
        Sorry I’m late (again)..It was our wedding anniversary yesterday (43 years). We spent most of the day out at a garden centre, and then watching an old British black & white war film…Dunkirk.
        A good day!
        “Patchwork-esque”….Love it !!!! 😃
        Hope you’re doing ok
        All the best

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      8. Happy Belated Anniversary to you and the Mrs!
        43 years! Wow! That’s VERY impressive 🙂
        That’s a new one on me but I googled it and saw where there are plans to do a remake in 2017.
        I am doing well and I hope that you all are too 🙂

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      9. Thanks Gwin.
        Yeh, here we are still standing (well leaning against each
        (Film lecture warning:….(😉 )
        After WWII in the 1950s the UK still had a film industry and made some classic gritty war films. This one has two stories, the corporal suddenly reluctant leader getting his men to the beach and the little civilian who finds himself caught up when he and his little motor boat are part of the fleet of little craft sent to help in the evacuation. Not much in the way of heroics just folk trying to survive and do their best. I’ll be interested in seeing what they do with the remake.
        Glad to read you’re doing well. Yep we’re OK. Sheila is working on her poetry (military style harsh- language because of Word). My son advised me to sign up for Spotify and I’m like the proverbial kid in the Candy Store!!


    1. “Bronx Cheer”, I like that! It’s being added to my lexicon of international phrases.
      It’s depressing, but I can’t recall a time when the UK & US political scenes were simultaneously replete with so much evidence of the thought processes being conducted through the other end of the body!


    1. I would happily deliver them personally.
      (It would be so rewarding to break through a security cordon, and give the target the old raspberry accompanied by the good old twiddling hand gesture to the nose! I imagine there might be a pause while the security folk compose themselves from sniggering…then getting carried off while still raspberrying..what a way to go!!)

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      1. Worse things could happen than being on TV. Unless, of course, you are referring to what we call Soap Operas. Then, you would be better off here, penned in an institution, bouncing off walls thick with cushioning while wearing a special jacket that helps give yourself the love you need.

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