Some Things I Was Thinking About

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A Joyful Process

Some things I was thinking about…

Can anyone tell me when words like compromise, cooperation, compassion and coordination became bad words? Can anyone tell me when “my way or the highway” became the law, rather than let’s work things out? When we decided that “working together” became “I’ll do it my way?” When our heels became so dug in that nothing can move us, no matter what? When did we become “I’m right, so you must be wrong,” rather than “let’s hear your side?” When did civil discourse (that’s plain talking to each other) hit an all-time low, when insults, personal attacks and boorish behavior became an acceptable response to disagreements?
It’s easy to see there are problems, but harder to see how solutions will come. Not “my way or else” solutions, but working partnership solutions. Not everybody is right about everything, but you’d never know it from the…

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