Thank you readers of Patchwork

One of the problems with being an heroically ‘bad’ writer is when things go right.

There you were hacking away in several types of obscurity; content to mutter about the injustice of a world which does not spend time seeking you out and being ecstatic to have found you. In place all those carefully crafted ploys to scathingly deal with rejection (or being ignored). Even relying on the conceit  that later generations will discover your work and say what fools your contemporaries were to have ignored you.

Then one day you are introduced to Reality; it’s a tenuous relationship as Reality seems inclined to make for too much of itself, intruding into your Life, nit-picking at details and bothering you with its servile friend Practicalities. But having been influenced by the friendly, helpful and creative folk on the WordPress writing community you decide you’ll be civil with Reality and you try the novel approach of learning how other people are approaching writing.

This is interesting and….. you find refreshing. Suddenly you observe people are not only reading your work but actually liking it and taking the time to say why. This is a little bit unnerving, and you have trouble with your sense of balance, but you resolve to carry on. You also start to pay attention to detail, plot construction, character development and all those previously ignored mechanisms which intruded upon your alleged lyrical flow.

And you start to take risks such as letting people read your novel as it progresses. The next thing you know…. it appears to be going well. This is not something you were prepared for. You are suddenly aware of how important Character Continuity, Consequences of Actions, Physical Limitations, Explanations, Logical Dialogue, Rationale (and Rational), Personal Interactions, Morale (and Morals) and other things to do with Reality matter. Who is the quickest to react, as opposed to those who think things through. Let’s not have the Stalwart Character who is Alpha in all circumstances. And also…let’s have villains who have believable plans and have to react when those plans go awry. You are suddenly having to take things seriously. (But you do consider yourself fortunate to be writing Fantasy and so can take some liberties with the passage of and people’s perceptions of time and distances).

So I raise my mug of coffee (sorry purists it has milk and sugar in it…yes I know Hersey!) in thanks and a toast (not spread and sticky UK marmalade) to those who have stopped by to read or make comments, ask questions and give general feedback. Every word and like is invaluable to the writing and the development as a serious project.This has now become your book as much as it is mine.

So we forge on…..

Yea Team WP!!

The Patchwork Warriors Reader’s Guide.

(PS: For those who have been following the monumental and probably THE definitive work on the History of The Isles, this has not been abandoned, it’s simply that the Patchwork Characters have hijacked my creative processes and insist on being heard. But my academic side is demanding I get back to this serious study at some stage- this being 1066 week…. I’ll do what I can)Sprinter


10 thoughts on “Thank you readers of Patchwork

  1. Hurrah! I raise my teacup to you, good sir! There is nothing like the blogging community to get you moving forward with writing. This approach has led to interesting times for myself and I sincerely trust that good things will follow for you also. Cheers! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lucy!
      And I raise my teacup back(tea and coffee- essential food groups!).
      Having spent some time trying to have intelligent conversations sites on Social Media forums (Ugh! You wrong! Me throw verbal rock!! Me mighty!!) I realised the futility and came over to WP.
      Have not looked back!
      All the best

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  2. Hi Lucy and hi Roger… My first steps with blogging feel like tiptoeing on glass. So far I’m talking to myself… But I did set out to do my… Thinking Allowed (aloud)… At the least Iknow there are othere kindred spirits out there somewhere. Lovely to make contact. All the best. Margie

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      1. Hi Roger, thanks for replying. I’m quite a Dinosaur at anything technical… But I’ll keep on trying. I’m still wandering in a fog on the technical border, pressing all the right buttons, but not necessarily in the right order. Miles of smiles Margie

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m afraid the urge to cover this episode of the adventure did cause me go into Frenetic Mode.
      Now this is ‘out of my system’, I will approach matters in a more measured approach 🙂.
      I’m glad you have enjoyed things so far.
      Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.
      Best wishes

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