Patchwork Warriors # 38

And Migran has his day too

Meanwhile Trelli gets pulled two ways..


                             CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO


          Mietitore and his men crouched down in the alley with Migran, regarding him with if not quite respect at least attention.

          Migran meanwhile was venting his fear in an explosion of anger which made him feel more masculine in such company.

          “Where the Fourth Hell did you get that damn thing from? That’s the worse locator ever. Overloaded! Tell me you didn’t build it yourself for ferrkit!!”

          “No,” Mietitore’s men remained silent, that slow and careful way meant he was extemporising and this could be quite the work of art “We were sent here on a mission at short notice,” he shrugged “We are just soldiers of the Oaken Throne. We have no knowledge of these devices. Save what we are told,”

          He was also resolving to find out from Silc who was responsible for the device, and explain to them, with the aid of a knife to the throat the need to be more precise.

          “It’s blasted well careless, sending men out with those! Err, soldiers of the Oaken Throne??”

          “Yes,” Mietitore placed his hands heavily upon Mirgan’s shoulder, you needed to display a certain amount of approachability when entrapping an innocent. “Our mission here was to seek out someone displaying a certain amount of independent talent in matter of…I prefer to call it by its old name The Ethereal, although in my own land it’s known as La Rovina,”

          “How pretty,” Mietitore placed himself between Migran and the men, they were pulling collective faces at the mention of their homeland term for ‘Bane’ “It’s not easy working alone. Trying to progress. I meant no harm. Am I in trouble?”

          “Oh no, no. The Oaken Thorne takes a very sophisticated approach. The Jordisk as a group are troublemakers, but independents,” he shrugged “There are high ranking folk who appreciate such skill, but we don’t mention it to the Custodians,” Migran sniggered at the conspiratorial tone.

          “But who are destroying my town?”

          “Ah, they would be mercenaries in the pay of dangerous folk from across the Centrus. There is war-“

          “I knew it! I heard it on my device! They know about Trelli too! We must help her!!”

          Mietitore promptly focussed on two words ‘device’ and ‘her’.


          Custodian Meradat and the rest of the LifeGuard had set off in pursuit of the duo, pausing to meet up with Norvan and Merryk who having caused some unsettling of groups of pirates had withdrawn. This force was delayed twice groups of reavers, none of whom survived the encounter, but the resultant delay had them loosing track of the Beritt and Karlyn.

          The sudden illumination of unusual reds and blues left everyone in no doubt of the direction to take.


          Mietitore was being the process of smoothing Migran’s nerves with false sympathy and some genuine gratitude, when all attention of this particular huddle was drawn to a brilliance of red and blue issuing forth somewhere nearby.

          “Oh that has to be poor Trelli!”

          “Trelli? Dear Master Migran, who is this Trelli?”

          “She has been introduced to some empathy with The Ethereal! But until now it has been a very minor thing this is… this means she is in dreadful distress! We must go and help!!”

          He was a bit surprised by the sudden collective recoil of these previously stalwart men; it was not so much fear he was witnessing as very grave trepidation. There must be something about The Ethereal that highly trained men were warned about.

          “No. No, Master Migran no!” Mietitore clutched Migran by the shoulder so hard the man winced “She is beyond our help,” Migran made to object or at least ask a question but Mietitore shook him “Beyond it I tell you!” he snapped, then drew in breath again “Listen to me! We must get to your house and get your device! I assure you this is vital! Vital!! Show us the way!!”

          Migran suffering yet another shock accepted the command, for he could not find any time to think; he supposed the man must know something more than he did and thus obeyed.

          Being shoved to the fore, he did not see the men making various signs or clutch at small charms.


          Beritt was spitting angry; up to her back teeth and more some! She had this all sorted, and then Squirrel-Head had to go and could nearly have got them all killed. This girl Trelli could have gone off  ‘bang’ for all Beritt knew! Going through a whole litany of swear words, she grabbed a stunned Karlyn by the collar of her shirt, and hauled the elidian girl into a sitting position, teeth bared and face to face.

          “Happy-sliding on a stick!! I’ve seen more common sense in a line of arse-holes during worms inspection! You nearly crocked us all into a midden!! I told you we had to take it easy!! What the scraith is the matter with you!” she shook Karlyn, who bemused by the whole display shut up “Now go and do something fribbin’ useful and stand by a door and…. ohhh….scraithin’ well kill raiders!!”!

          Karlyn stood up, brushing flour off of her clothes with pantomime fastidiousness.

          “Hmmph! I will just do that. But don’t blame me, if Little Missy Sparkle Fingers fries your delicates,”

          And determined to have the last of the exchange, snatched out and pulled the brim of Beritt’s hat over her eyes, then making much of a casual stride exited, calling out.

          “Watchin’ you whichie! Don’t you try and kerflufegg Blondie there! I killed spikie-demonz y’know!!”

          Hat back in place Beritt massaged her brows and took comfort from the fact that soon she would meet up with the rest of the file and the custodian, and she would no longer have to make un-medician decisions. Meanwhile. She crouched down next to a very shocked and bothered Trelli, who was engaged on trying to find her gloves.

          “I’m sorry about her, Trelli is it?” nod. “Now, please may I help you with flour dust and any bumps or bruises; cut or scratches. My mad associate did mention a nick?”

          “That’s ‘lidian for being arrested,” Trelli “We get them through here. Always talking loud, and although you recognise the words, the meaning’s a bit obscure,” she managed a very faint smile. “But what’s going to happen to me?”

          “I’m going insist to clean off the flour dust first,” Beritt produced a clean linen square and from a long bottle poured out something Trelli could smell as part soap and part wound cleaner; the soldier’s touch was effective but gentle. “Can you moves arms, hands, legs, feet, toes?” she asked. Nod. Both women winced at the sound of flying ordinance, the resulting roar and the dull vibration. “Now we’ve been looking for someone, and I’ve found them… you. There will be some more LifeGuard, and we will look after you. You are valuable Trelli,”

          “I’d rather not be. I didn’t start anything. My Master’s son was fooling around with forbidden things, I found out and told him to stop, but he kept on and look what happened to me!!” she waggled her hands “I’d be better off he’d done what sons of households usually do to serving girls!!”

          “Don’t sound too disappointed,” Beritt tried to jest, it might help, herself too “Folk will get the wrong idea,”

          “Can’t be worse than this,” Trelli countered. “And what’s happening to my town!!”

          Beritt hated it when folk demanded of her an answer to something she had no idea about.

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