Patchwork Warriors # 36

And this is where the chaos starts……


                            CHAPTER TWENTY

           Migran had made this journey innumerable days of his life. But never in a night made hideous by the scream and crash ordinance, cries of people, rumble of falling buildings, all mingled and made worse by panic and fear. Twice, riotous and armed men had caused him to duck into unfamiliar pathways, three times he had stumbled over litter, which his currently livid imagination turned into fresh assailants.

          He was sure it was this way, he was…


          Colliding with a tall, lean man, sword in one hand, and in the other something which flickered a bluish light at a rapid pace.

          The lad’s initial urge to scream was stifled by his attention upon the device. Well that was Jordisk and no mistake!

          Mietitore’s initial urge run the fellow through and get him out of the way was restrained by the rather evaluating look the man was giving the device, which had quite replaced his original one of abject terror. All was quite silent about the group, as the pace of the movement of the sapphire between gems began to increase, then break out of the central four until it was hurtling back and forth along all ten in an irregular pattern and pace. Whereas Mietitore and his men started at the thing in annoyed puzzlement, the new arrival’s evaluation turned to one of disbelief. With a sharp oath, and a surprising speed of daring he snatched it from Mietitore and threw the device into the air.

          “Get down! Gonna explode!!”

          Since it was he who had been holding it, the mercenary did not see how this could be a trick and took the advice, there followed a very bright light and a sharp crack; the group looked up to see small shards of debris falling in a rather pretty shower of twinkling bright reds and blues.


          The sudden burst of light and the loud crack shattered the window, Trelli thought herself mighty lucky that the shards of glass had flown past and above; really she should have been badly cut. The thought did not hang about very long’ Her confused mind was making the connection between the colours from her hands and those in the sky. Something was coming for her, no doubt about it!


          Trelli was alternating prayers for guidance with those begging for forgiveness; the rapid recitation of the litanies was having the pleasantly surprising effect of bringing some focus to her swirling mind. The town was under some sort of attack, that was terrible, it also meant there was chaos, and if there was chaos then no one was going to notice someone clutching a blanket over their head scuttling away; she could get out of Prendaelyn and head for orphanage at the Libratery of the Gentle Hope. They would understand. She’d always been a good girl. They would help. Firstly, picking up some bread and light wine as sustenance for the journey, she pulled the thickest blanket about herself in the form of a hooded cloak, grasped the door handle, said one fervent prayer committing her soul unto the Good Lord God, and stepped out.

          On the threshold she said one brief prayer for Migran; it seemed a bit mean not to, and it would be as well to be generous of spirit in such a circumstance as this.

          Kalyn rushed at the door, but then noticed reflected against the growing fires, the window. With a whoop of glee, she picked up a nearby crate and threw it, clapping her hands as the glass smashed. There was no time to stop and think long plans, the calling was so strong, it was pulling. So with only the briefest of pauses to kick away the more dangerous edges of glass she hauled in through the window, with a brief cry of ‘Cmon Blondie!’, which Beritt answered with a coarse affirmation she was following.

          “If I got to sew up a tear in her skinny backside after this,” being said to herself as she more gingerly negotiated the window frame.

          And then a scampering through store rooms, Beritt sourly wishing she could point out to that elidian squirrel she was not only carrying a full medician bag, but this uncomfortable ‘storminnghidggle’ thing AND crossbow, bolt holster and a sword, while Karlyn The Mad had nothing but some cutlass and a mere back-pack of ‘stuff’.


          Although the scream of the bombs, the crashes, rumbles and thuds were filling up most of her world Trelli could hear something below, in fact whatever it was it was growing closer and more understandable. It was a voice, actually it was two voices, calling back and forth to each other over a little distance.  

          There were people in the warehouse!

And being stuck stiff half way down a flight of stairs was all the wrong place to be. There again going back up these creaky stairs in any way was going to be heard. But if she just crouched down, low in this dark blanket in this dark place, she might, just might seem to be a shadow or just a corner or something. Heart hammering, she slowly squatted, hands tucked into her armpits and for no good reason, eyes squeezed shut.


Beritt finally caught up with Karlyn because the girl had stopped advancing and was looking up and moving in circles, one hand holding a cutlass, the other stuffed into the pocket of her trousers.

              “They’re close,” she was muttering to herself.

             “Well get in cover,” hissed Beritt as she lurked behind a woolsack “Don’t stand in the open. You’ll either be a target or scare them into something stupid,”.  This caused Karlyn to snigger.

          “Oh Blondie you do so look like a little urchin, all wide-eyed, hiding and peaking from behind that stuff!”

          “I am not peaking nor hiding!” came the reply heavy in dignity “I am merely taking cover and surveying the terrain,”

          Karlyn merely rolled her eyes and waggled the cutlass in Beritt’s direction  

          “You’re all crumbled up and creeping, ‘cas you’re afraid if you stand up you’ll wet your underthings!”

          “Oh yeah! Let’s do discuss bladder failures! This is such an ideal time!! High Holy! If you do get a well-deserved crossbow bolt twixt your shoulders, you’re Second-Hell bound! And I feel sorry for the whole crew when you get there!!” 

          This outburst prompted a rather stiff-backed confident stance from Karlyn. She raised the cutlass as if an admonishing finger, her expression insufferably superior, her voice ridiculously parlour room prim

          “We are not at home at Miss Snippy,”

          Before Beritt could educate Karlyn into her own county’s style of insults, threats and observations on the elidian’s state of mental health, the medician noticed amongst that performance there was a swift tightening on the expression and a glance upwards. Fribbit if the girl wasn’t acting as some sort of lure! Beritt gave a brief nod; then joined in the performance.

          “Aww Little Hell on you! All this blatherin’ has indeed agitated my innards. I gonna go fer a squirtz! You play hunt the mousies an’ don’t go blamin’ me if y’all get tramsfixated to a wall with a piece of metal!!” and jerking her head to the left slipped out of sight; her intention to circle in from the flank towards the stairs as indicated by Karlyn. It had been some time since she’d been on formal field training, she hoped she was getting it correct,

          Karlyn thought Blondie should stop pretending she was proper imperial and stick with her homeland voice; she was quite cute when she spoke like way.

          Meanwhile back to the hunt.


Just to elaborate and warn…a lot happens in a short space of time, so my intention is to post up a the series of chapters involving Trelli, Deya Beritt & Karlyn, as well as how their actions have ramifications. Each chapter is quite short, this is something my experiment with sharp interludes of action.

Here we go then…

Patchwork Warriors # 35

Patchwork Warriors # 37



3 thoughts on “Patchwork Warriors # 36

  1. Actions in these sections (#36 thru #40) hold together quite well. So at the end of #40, the 3 women have survived the bombing of the waterfront, but we’re not sure of the fate of the Life Guards troop and Meradat. And Migran seems to have fallen in with the pirates/raiders. That’s my take on the results of all these action sequences, which made for a gripping read, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Once again your feedback is invaluable Audrey.
      Yes, your take is spot on.
      At this stage the events and consequences took hold of me, and I couldn’t think straight on any other writing until these had been re-worked, set out in short chapters and then put out for feedback.
      This sort of thing is not my usual writing experience. It was all quite frenetic last night and a whole clutch of things I had planned on doing were shoved to one side or forgotten.
      There will be a slight pause while I re-group!
      Very pleased the whole set of episodes worked for you.
      Thanks again for all your advice & best wishes

      Liked by 1 person

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