Patchwork Warriors # 32

The second part of Chapter Sixteen.

This revolves around Silc’s endeavours. Highlights the potential un-reliability and complexity of ‘Jordisk’ devices and how Silc and the mercenaries view and deal with these problems. I felt it was important to include this ‘problem’ for as we all know nothing us humans make is ever totally reliable. (It also gave me a chance to work more with Silc, being confronted by things going wrong and his consequential adapting- I can’t abide Perfect Plan Villains particularly ones who go about telling the world how unstoppable they are)


Mietitore looked at the oval disc and examined each of its ten small jewels for any sign of activity. He was not one to place much faith in the Stommigheid, Ethereal, or Astatheia. With its proliferation of metals, wires, glasses and types of gems arranged in haphazard ways. No one in charge, because the Custodians were pretending it had been supressed beyond a few stubborn souls, while even they used a few selective devices. Small wonder it was not dependable.


“I suppose that’ll do,” Tymus stepped back, wiped his hands on a rag, then his nose on the back of his sleeve. “Might burn out if you go on too long. But for sorting out a botch-up, it’ll do,”

Silc judged that because Rhoney was staring in goggle-eyed admiration, that the traditional old mechanical’s discerption as any piece of exceptional work as mere ‘sorting out’ was once more in play.


In the gloom of the quarters, Mietitore watched the sudden faint glow of a pale yellow gem, he leant forward, ear to the device.

“….itore….hear me?”

Why was he not surprised all was not clear?

“I hear you,”

A long pause.

“…. shore…’llow the saf-ire… ronger it glows….’loser…get,”

In a very sardonic tone he repeated this to his men, none looked impressed; his longest serving associate, long hair covering a scar down the left side of the square face asked pointedly why couldn’t they have been told that earlier.

“I yes understand….I said ‘Yes I understand!”

“….when you….done… once!”

“Yes, I understand!!”

And snapped the cover on the device, dropping it into the leatherskin sack; apparently these devices did not take well to salt water. When he addressed his men it was in very bitter tones

“I was told to await the details of something called a triangulation, which could only be supplied at the time of the landing,” he waved the small sack; dismissively “And thus tonight we know it is the saf-ire colouration we follow!!”

His second, Marillo, scratched his head and spoke slowly, folk now no longer above the ground had mistaken that simmering anger for simply slow wits.

“So then, we go ashore, to a town we’re not familiar with, to look for someone or something we don’t know anything about and bring it or them back, while that elidian and his band of web-foots are firing all sorts of whizz-bangs at the place, and hoping a pretty light guides us through it all,”

“Yes friend, we are called upon to do the impossible, for the ungrateful,”

“But we get paid Captain,” the youngest of the group but the best shot any of the rest had seen in a collected career of about a hundred years.

“Indeed Marallel, but as you will learn, it is never comparable to the worth of the task!!”


Silc glowered at Rhoney, then took a long draw up a mug of beer. He then addressed his woes to the group of his most trusted

“Now that was blimpin’ embarrassing that was! I felt a right clown. Could barely hear a word he said and no doubt likewise! Just gotta hope the fellow lives up to his reputation and gets ashore in the right place. Then hope my twonk of a nephew can point his toys in the right direction at the right time,” he shook a sheet of paper “I didn’t get a chance to give Mietitore the locations of where the bombs will be falling in Prendaelyn or when. It wouldn’t do for any to fall on him and his lads,”

A man of hard unforgiving features considered the machines.

“And you still don’t know whether he’ll be bringing person or machine out! What happens if it’s a scraithin’ big thing they can’t lift or that won’t fit into a ship?”

Silc snorted.

“Use your noggin’ Grutch! All those Jordisk stuff’s little things aren’t they? Got to be otherwise they couldn’t be secretive could they?”

“This load of boxes don’t look little,”

“But you can blimpin’ well pick it up an’ carry it! Can’t you!!”

Oily Tymus Tymus returned to the room from ‘attending to his necessities’.

“You still talking to whoever you’re supposed to? Shouldn’t stay much longer could over-heat”

“Naah! We’re done,”

“Then, you’d better disconnect then,” the old man said, waving a spanner at the farthest right box “It’s still casting out all your words,” he sniffed, used his sleeve again, and took some amusement from the sight of feared crime leaders getting their knickers twisted, then added “Not there would be much chance of anyone catching a snatch of anything between this and a specified piece of work. Not up that part of the world anyhows; not a usual place of h-interest by the authorities. Now if you were up north where The Grim keep their stuff,” he shrugged “They’d be knocking down your door right now,”

Silc let his lads puffed out their chests and say things like ‘More fool them’ and ‘Like to see that,’. Confidence was good.

But craftiness was sometimes better.

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11 thoughts on “Patchwork Warriors # 32

  1. Everything in #s 20 through 32 holds together and makes sense. It took me a couple minutes to figure out that Jerreli Silc was Silc’s nephew; they do sound quite different. Otherwise, all parts seem to be moving forward in order.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jerreli Silc is an ‘Every Family Has One’ character. He’s only reached where he has by other relatives money and family ties. There’s a bit more back story later on, but only from ‘Boss’Silc’s perspective.
      Once more thanks for the feedback Audrey. I’m glad its holding together. So many books start out well…..
      I’ll be flooding my blog with a few more episodes because I’m anxious to see if the scenes in which Deya Beritt, Karlyn & Trelli meet work against the backdrop of action.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement Gwin. Patchwork has grabbed me by the collar of late, which is why there’s not been much in the way of blog posts. The final pages of the first draft beckon. Action. Chaos. Heroics. Confusions. Double-Dealings. More action. It’s getting heady and is taking control (sometimes I can hear the plaintive far-off feeble cry of ‘I’m the plot. Please don’t forget me,’

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL!!!! I guess that’s the writer’s plight-trying to stay on task with the plot. LOL!!
        These characters, with their human frailties, want to do what THEY want to do.
        That said, I’m still right there with ya my friend-even if it takes me time to there 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s OK Gwin.
        The episodes reached as far as the three Trelli, Karlyn & Deya meeting up. After that I was writing all sorts of speculative and far-out stuff which was re-worked or placed to one side to see how it looked in a couple of months’ time.
        Thanks for all your help and encouragement!

        Liked by 1 person

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