The Patchwork Warriors # 28

We are back with Trelli & Migran; Poor Migran he’s just not the sort of fellow who can deal very well with the day-to-day Real World

New terms:

Being placed unfortunate: When an unmarried girl becomes pregnant

Libratery: Equivalent to Convents. Very socially active. With their own networks and strictures. In terms of  Oakhostian Politics -low profile but not to be fooled with.

Sanded Lands: Basically the area we might recognise as North Africa. A collection of nations which the Oakhostian folk are wary of on account of seeing them as ‘exotic’, although quite a lot of trade and travel goes on between them (mostly dubious).

Shereavan the Wylde Raven of the North: Basically a character out of my previous books (Correct name ‘Sherevine’. Youngest child of a trading family whose adventures started out in a broadly similar way to Trelli’s)


Another short chapter: Anything included here would just be clutter.

“Migran! Explain yourself!!”

“Trelli has left because you argued!!”

Migran being with a parent each side of him, felt maybe this had not been such a good plan after all. But when you are faced with a crisis, well you do the best you can.

“I may have been a trifle harsh over her recent figure work,”

His mother tutted a great deal and set upon him a severe look.

“Such a dear girl. She’s worked so hard for us these past five years. You really should not have burdened with all that paper-worked. I did say so at the time!” she heaved a fatalistically sigh “I had best ask Luucresia if she can spare Mollea; the girl is useful, needs watching though. Oh really Migran!” she reached for her most business like hat “Honestly we were away for but five days, just a simple half-decan holiday!” and thus made to exit, pausing by her husband to whisper “And you had better find out ‘nothing’ else happened,”

There was a short interlude, his father began to pace.

“Now look Migran. I know how it is,” he ahemed “Trelli is a not unattractive young woman, and young men, being young men. Well I do hope it was just an argument,”

“Oh nothing else!!” Migran cried in horror, (was that with a pinch of regret? He wondered) “It was the summary of the last quarterly accounts. You know how hectic things can get in the lunation prior to the visit from the Imperial Assessors of Taxes and Tithes. Speaking of which, I really must get down to the offices and check, aspects,” with that he picked up his only hat “I’m sure she will be back, at some stage,”

Then feeling he had said enough left.

And reckoned, actually, he had recovered that quite well; when all things were considered, of course.

As he reckoned he had done, when Trelli’s hands had first started to glow. He felt he had managed to calm her down, firstly by letting her cry a lot; girls always cried. He’d then took her to the kitchen and made her a nice herbal brew, she had said it tasted like dead rats and had cried some more, which had been fine because girls needed to let their emotions out. He then decided to leave her cry some more while he gathered ‘stuff’ and during the night by means of gloomy alleys had shuffled her off to a safe place. Once he had ensconced her there and told her, despite her fearful and fearing words that all would be well, he would be back with more stuff. Which he had done so. She had stopped crying. She had become frosty. He had reckoned, again, this was the sort of thing girls did. And all would be fine once she had calmed down.

Now the closer he got to the sanctuary he had some doubts, but hoped they would clear once he found Trelli all composed and ready to explore this exciting new opportunity.


The office was a place he could be certain one of the workers would not bother with. Located at the top of the warehouse, by a rickety set of stairs, and facing out to sea it was naturally the most draft-ridden part of the building. Reaching the door marked ‘Family Hendrechan Only’ He tapped on it, gently.

“Trelli? Are you there?”

There were soft sounds, followed by a battle with bolts and a lock, the door eased, slightly open, a fiercely disgruntled face filling one portion of the gap. It seemed to a common means of communication between them these days.

“Yes,” she said, tersely, then thrust one gloved hand out, waggling it at him “I can hardly go about with these can I now?”

Some part of his confidence crumbled.

“I am sorry,”

“I wish I had a silver piece for each time you’ve said that this past day. There would be enough for me to flee away back to the Libratery orphanage and offer supplicant payment to the Devoteds; I’m sure they would get me to a special Libratery that could cure me,”

“It’s not a curse! Please let me in. It is not good for me to be standing here,”

“And it’s not good for me to be stuck in here!!…Oh spiffle!!” with exasperation vented she pulled the door open.

He noticed she’d made the office reasonably habitable and draft-proofed with aid of the blankets, cushions, pillows and suchwhich they had gathered in the flight, but he had a feeling she would not appreciate conversation of domestic arrangements. She flung off the gloves and held up the hands glowing from red to blue and back again in a delicate and slow evolution; the barred teeth disturbing the arresting sight.

“So what progress have you made!!” she demanded “It’s all your stupid fault!!”

Returning to the phenomenon of the spontaneous production of coinage he in turn wished he had a gold piece for every time she’d said that, in between her tears. Right now he would have bought passage on a craft for the Sanded Lands, there they would appreciate this sort of circumstance for what it was. An opportunity! Try telling Trelli that. He’d never realised she had this abrasive side to her character.

“It’s not very easy Trelli. These matters have to be evaluated,” his very clear and concise rehearsed speech was evaporating under that accusatory glare    “How long is that going to take! Am I expected to stay in this room for years and years? That won’t do, for all sorts of reasons!” she stalked over to the window arms folded “For all sorts of reasons,” her repetition accompanied by a very disgusted expression

Just for a five, he did not speak. He gazed settled upon the glow emanating from her hands. The steady progression through hues between pale crimson and summer sky blue was setting alluring patterns upon what should have been Trelli’s dowdy servants clothing. His reverie was not destined to be long; her very loud and judgemental sniff shook him back to matters practical. In consequence of the suddenness words spilled out without much thought for tact.

“I am trying to work out the reason in which The Ethereal was attracted to you. There must be some sort of circumstance within your natures for this,”

She spun on one heel, there was the fierce look again, and oh dear, with her eyebrows narrowed into downward pointing blades and the return to the barring of teeth she did look rather fetchingly wild.

“Don’t you go try to blame me for this Migran Hendrechan! You’re the one who was fooling about, despite what I said to you!” tears began to brim “It’s worse than being placed unfortunate! Again, I could have gone to the local Libratery in the broad daylight and no one would have thought of bringing a custodian in on me!! They understand how poor serving girls get put upon!!”

At this juncture, her shoulders began to shake, her head drooped and the tears fell.

“An’ to make it worse, I bet you have gone ahead with that stupid excuse and told your parents I’ve run off!!” she looked up anger brimming back “You’ve truly messed up my life you have!” Up shot one summer sky blue hand, finger tips darkening to a thunder shade she pointed to the door “Oh go and leave me be! And don’t come back until you’ve got something sensible to say!!”

Once more she swung about to the window, tears were back.

He gently put down the bag containing food, with three bottle of very weak wine, and the small sack of soaps and cleaning waters. And feeling comparable to the worst of sewer rats he quietly closed the door.

This was monstrously cruel; he had pushed the very boundaries of his knowledge and had made a discovery, of some sort. In other circumstances he would be checking his forbidden works for clues and insights, building upon the initial success. If only the Ethereal had settled within him! Why Trelli? He wished he had the time to work upon the question of Empathy, study the wise words of The Paladinic. Was it not so that Trelli’s experiences were not dissimilar to the initial trials of the legendary Shereavan the Wylde Raven of the North, and what a hero she had become!

How would Trelli may able to make use of the forces which were now moving within her?

The Patchwork Warriors #27

The Patchwork Warriors: A Glossary.

The Patchwork Warriors Reader’s Guide.




14 thoughts on “The Patchwork Warriors # 28

    1. Trelli & Migran are favourites of mine. They are ‘Innocents Abroad; destined to go separate ways, but hopefully criss-cross
      Trelli has to adapt while Migran has to grow up, although not central he does ‘have his moments’ (spoiler: he will be introduced into Silc’s world)

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Got to give it to Trelli! She’s still a feisty little something!
    At first, I started to worry when Migran was being grilled by his parents about Trelli’s whereabouts.
    But, I was very happy to learn that she was alive and well—albeit glowing–LOL!
    I did find it interesting that Migran wondered what it was in Trelli that attracted the ethereal.
    While that may have been a very good question, I can understand why Trelli viewed it as a bit of victim blaming 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks again Gwin!
      This means that Trelli is ‘working’.
      She started out as a too-smart by half character, then flipped over into a ‘Penelope Pitstop’ (hhheellppp! Get away y’ old Hooded Claw!!), but finally has evolved into someone with a brain and a spirit trying to make her way in a situation way beyond her understanding. (Like most folk in Life).
      I really do value all your comments and feedback; the book is becoming a WP community project!..Yea Team!!
      All the very best


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