Don’t Try This….Like…. Anywhere Folks

As readers to this blog will know one of the themes is to caution the reader from trying anything that this particular writer gets up to in terms of the Writing Process. By all means write. Write with all the joy, fury, fire or sheer love of the writing that you can muster. These are some of the elements which can contribute to the central hub of the creative process.

However, one should not drive one’s for about 8 hrs with but three 20 min breaks; get hopelessly lost, then drive one’s car over the edge of a central reservation, get stuck and require rescue by the local constabulary and the kindness of strangers as a deliberate strategy to enable the creative process to flow.



Maybe it was the sheer joy of meeting so many kind, sympathetic folk; maybe the shock shook out so of the dead-weight dross I’ve been carrying around in my head; perhaps getting back home in a relatively better time using an old-fashioned road map helped. Naturally spending time with our two youngest grandsons (3 & 5) was of infinite value.

Anyhows, we returned home on Sunday 2rd October and since then, aside from chores and the arrival of a Beta-Class cold, my Patchwork Project has been calling and the characters all busting with suggestions and re-writes- f’rinstance… (did you really think I’d react like that…. WTF!!…I supposed to be in shock & angry not tripping out like it was 1967!!) … or (Oh yeh? Like, I’d say that, just then? Right in the middle of a battle? Maybe you’d like us to stop and plat each other’s hair for Pity’s Sake!!) …also… (Now you’re not going to make me loveable are you? You can’t be a loveable crime lord. Give us some cruelty to work with…Of course it’s got to be subtle, I know that! I’m a crime lord!!) And so forth….

So for those who have been following it’s much catch-up time.

And when all of the re-writes have been posted, then it will be time to have another look and see where this is all going.

But whateverwhichway, the important thing is for us all to be writing. Filling up the cyber-waves with our thoughts, hopes, concerns, accounts, tales, images, poetry. Annnnndddd if this ‘Patchwork’ helps another writer in anyway then that’s fine by me (though you are cautioned to use your own world; the world of Patchwork can be very quirky…………….b85885aa0fd01f0cbebaa2798639b472


29 thoughts on “Don’t Try This….Like…. Anywhere Folks

  1. Absolutely delighted to hear you are conquering that blank page once more and bashing out no doubt paragraph after paragraph of utter brilliance 😉 Get back in the saddle and ride that keyboard like it was the last keyboard on earth!
    (I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure where that came from – I’ve used up all my quality writing today so I am afraid you are left with poorly constructed rambling in your comments section)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. YAAASSSS! He’s back and I’m happy!
    Now it’s time for me to catch up!
    BTW, I had to laugh when you mentioned those protesting characters.
    Is he going to have us platting each other’s hair! The very idea of it all!

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