You Knows How It Goes Sometimes….


Well you all know how it goes. All the swirl of circumstances coalesces around you, and you think you’re doing ok, but really you’re just about holding your balance and it doesn’t take much to knock you off your proverbial feet.

So this is not so much me telling you my woes. This is more about explaining and apologising for not being around of late. We’re community, after all and folk need to know you’ve not ‘gone off’ them, us only being in contact by WP.

We promised we would visit one part of the family for a Grandparents Day at one grandson’s school and he was so looking forward to that. A 200+ mile journey on UK roads is not fun. Anyway my wife was hoping she’d be well enough and I was hoping I wouldn’t screw up and get lost (worst navigator). Then there appeared another crisis within another part of the family, which was a very unhappy situation and it was all re-plan and a chaotic build up to travelling.


We got lost.

Annnnndddddd I managed to have an accident, which happily involved only our car and a large piece of stonework, but I’m not the sort to let myself off lightly. Oh criminey no! Everyone else I like or love I can cut slack the length and breadth of small(ish) nation; me….nope I must be perfect, spot-on, solid.

Well thanks to my wife’s straight talking, helpful locals (including the police) and family support I had a good time and even managed to drive back quite successfully.

And here I am. But I’m not too sure where at the present. Well yes, I know my house, my location, shoes can be tied, tea made, books read and even Patchwork Warriors worked on, but the thing is…..My general groove has been knocked out of kilter, it’s like someone has given me a shot of pyscho-anaesthetic. Now which ‘what-way-why’ caused that is a mystery. The details of three family crisis/problems are no worse in comparison with those that many folk carry; the accident only damaged a small chunk of body work. So what’s reason for all this??…..Who knows? We are all complex pieces of construction. If I was to venture a guess-timate it would along the lines of a clutch of recent upsets brining unfinished business back to the surface, and that the mind to avoid nasty dysfunction and taking things out on others has shut down a whole clutch of synapses that deal with ‘flight or fight’.

So I am here, and will get around to reading all those posts which are so much fun, enlightenment, enjoyment and education. The Patchwork and History projects will progress. (the latter will be delayed as that is written in smart-ass mode, which currently I an’t). All will get back on track; i.d.c (that’s old HM Inspector of Taxes speak- ‘in due course’).

Hope you are all well.

Take care guys. The world needs you.




22 thoughts on “You Knows How It Goes Sometimes….

  1. I am so sorry to hear that you have been having a rough time of it lately, Roger. Whether crises are big or small, they can certainly take it out of us. Take the time to regroup and recover, returning to us all with the wit and vigor we know so well. I shall be sending kind thoughts and wishes to you and yours. A small hug, too.
    Lucy x

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    1. Hello there Lucy.
      Thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts. They are invaluable! As was the hug!
      You’ve hit it spot on with ‘take it out of us’ To redress the balance I’ve put myself on a medicinal diet of extra sugar in tea & coffee; extra chunk in the daily chocolate ration and watching the Lego & Minions DVDs (not constantly you understand)
      Will catch up with your WP blog!
      Very best wishes

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      1. Sounds like the perfect course of action, dear chap! I realise there is little I can do from here, but should you think of anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Don’t rush to the blog, I always find some offline time is very beneficial at times such as these. Take very good care, my friend.

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      2. Much appreciated Lucy.
        Y’see this is why I ditched Facebook and ‘Discussion Forums’ (aka Me throw rocks) for WP. This is community, everyone pitches in to help everyone else.
        I will take your sage and wise advice. As I said to Audrey, one of the results has been a need to press on with my Fantasy Project ‘Patchwork’ (although The History one will still continue in the near future).
        Your support is much appreciated.
        All the very best

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      3. I urge you to use the time to write. It is never time wasted and you know you will feel so much better for it. I have been focusing mainly on anything but actual writing recently, but sat down last night and knocked out 500 words and felt reborn. Well, you know what I mean. I now all I want to do is write some more.
        Always here, chap.

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      4. I’m very happy to read about your writing Lucy. ‘Knocking out’ 500 words is just the ticket! Keep up the good work!
        I will follow your inspiration!
        (On that note I’ll have to go….three characters are demanding that I conclude this episode they are currently in…they have the ideas, I just write it down for them!).
        Take care

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  2. Well, you’re back, and in one piece. You didn’t lose your better half on the road somewhere, so, as they say down here, “It’s all good” (an expression I actually loathe… but in this case it seems appropriate). Glad to have you back.

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    1. Thanks Sha’ Tara.
      It’s definitely evaluating The Blessings time.
      I’ve been down this road before and know the way back.
      By good fortune it’s had more of a physical effect this time, so it’s rest up a bit.
      Thank you so very much


  3. I was wondering whether I’d somehow missed your posts, then thought you were busy beavering up more chapters of Patchwork Warriors. I’m glad the accident was minor, and hope the other troubles will be alleviated in time. Don’t feel pressured to jump back into blogging until you’re in the right state of mind. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so very much Lennon.
      Could have been so much worse. Grabbing tea (with extra sugar) and extra chocolate ration. Plowing on with my Fantasy Book project, Since this hectic week-end all the characters are demanding I get on with it and filling my head with their suggestions!!
      Hope you are well and fighting the good fight in your new work role. Will catch up with your posts over the next week or so.
      Take care & best wishes

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    1. Thanks Veronica.
      It is indeed a long & winding road, but these days, there’s lot of pleasant scenes and folk along the way.
      I’m getting all getting sorted…even the cold I caught isn’t such a nusiance (and cleared a bit of a bloc of my book)
      Best wishes


  4. I had no idea that you’d had all these troubles Roger. You know, most things we can get over if they happen as isolated events but I think that when they all seem to converge right into your midst it gets to be too much.
    So, that said, be easy on yourself and remember the tried and true saying, “This too shall pass!”
    Much love to you and yours Roger,

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    1. Hi Gwin.
      Thanks so much for your kind & wise words. WP blogging and writing folk are the best!
      Indeed this will pass, taking it a bit easy (a visiting cold is a good excuse 😉 !)….and working on the book….all the main characters have been busting out with ideas). I’ll be back on track soon; it’s all cool.
      Love & hugs to you & yours from us all Gwin

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