The Patchwork Warriors # 26

The Patchwork Warriors Reader’s Guide.This is the last part of the Chapter. We’re back with Trelli & Migran… (phrases or words in italics are all references to, or taken from my previous Three- Volume Saga The Nearly Not Quite Paladins).

Trelli used to value her Ghitanixday afternoons as little interludes when she could just be herself and sometimes lazy. This had been chipped away since Migran had got her all tangled up with firstly his financial doings and now here she was in his room, sitting at this desk, looking at that nasty mirror, and him carrying like it was all quite right and proper. And why had she been such a ninny and let him talk her into this? This wasn’t excitement jiggling her tummy, no! This was being scared silly!

“What am I supposed to do?” she demanded

“Nothing Trelli,” was his anxious reply “I just want you to see how wondrous The Ethereal can be,” and his hands moved across the jewels bringing the pale misty dawn light.

“That looks ghostly,” she complained.

“No, let me explain. You see. There came upon a world upon a thousand years ago a new force which enabled folk to do things which had only been dreamed off,”

“And the world nearly got blown up,”

“Yes there were mistakes, but that was due to foolishness. Look! Do you want to know or don’t you?”

“I don’t think I do,”

“Oh don’t be so soppy! Look at these jewels! These are selected for their empathy with the Ethereal! They draw its elements from the very air and channel them through these delicate wires into the….”

“Funny looking box with a scary mirror. Something will loom out of it,” she shuffled nervously, then flinched when Migran tried to pat her knee, he had meant to reassure her, not one of his better qualities.

“No,” he tried his idea of a calm authoritative voice, it came out peevish. “Look, watch this,” and despite her whimper of apprehension began to tap out a pattern upon the jewels “You see, each impact or combinations of impacts has a certain resonance which sends out a message to the central hub within the box, which in turn generates an empathy with the Ethereal. I’ll show you,” he turned to smile, hopefully at her, finding her wide-eyed attention upon the screen.

“S-something’s writing something!”

Migran swung about in his chair; he was used to images, sounds and if you were very careful small boxes of packaged script as if a horizontal shaped page, but here was lettering in imperial classics.

Traces of Integrity,’ it read

‘It’s not in a box!’ he said, mostly to himself.

‘I saw that being written like someone had an invisible pen!” Trelli was all for accusing “Stop it now! ‘Fore it tells us blasphemies!!”

Other letters began to form rapidly, Trelli tried not to be transfixed; this was all supposed to be wrong, and she knew it, but still it was….

More letter followed

Be this thine own Evermore,’

Trelli chewed upon her knuckles and began to recite prayers begging The Good Lord God to forgive this his foolish and wayward child, Migran sat back gave out with a gasp of delight and clapped his hands.

Seek Truth in The Number Where There Are None,’

The screen faded as Migran squeaked in delight and did his own version of chewing on digits. Oh Trelli. Oh Trelli. Oh Trelli,”

“Yes, I’m here. All three of me,” fear being replaced sarcasm.

“Don’t you realise?” well obviously she wouldn’t but he was beyond sense “They were quotes from The Paladinic!! The most wonderful of works of those years before the Ages of Retributions!! That was a message of encouragement! A signal that all my years of effort have not been in vain!!”

Once more Trelli did not have any notion as to what he was talking about. Except that he was going on about books that sounded odd and if they sounded odd, then there was a horrid chance they also might be forbidden. And if this kept on she would end being questioned by a custodian!

She was going to voice her fears when Migran began to dither about with the lowest of the three drawers on the right side of his desk, doing that stupid tapping, this time on three dull looking brass screws, at which point the draw flew open, and he swiftly pulled out a volume old and battered through use, waving the thing in her face.

She managed to make an odd title of ‘A Perplexing Tendency to Persist’

“This is how I started Trelli! When father made a speculative purchase of some woebegone lord’s library and I found this amongst volumes on the husbandry of vegetables!”

He could not understand why she was so repelled by this revelation. Obviously she did not seem to understand the simple statement that this seemingly amusing and quirky tale was actually made of two layers. Firstly, part of an account of folk legendary within the realms of the Jordisk, but more important a coded guide on how you could build one of those oculators.

Trelli wrinkled her threatened nose, she was sure there was an oily smell coming out of the pages and wished he would put the blasted thing back in the drawer. Then something struck her.

“How did you know it was a code? I mean if you hadn’t seen it before. Aren’t codes complicated?”

His grin was something she reckoned those gervalons went in for at their blasphemous ceremonies before they sacrificed small furry animals, not that she’d actually seen one, but there were stories.

“Because it all becomes clear when you read it with an open mind!”

This was the limit of her forbearance. She leapt up, hands to her ears, and a new string of prayers for protection from The Evils of The Lascivious and The Perils of the Retributions, then gathering all of her determination and with finger pointing stormed.

“Dangerous! Blasphemous! I’ll give you just one day to destroy all of this! And burn it, or I’m going tell your parents!!”

Migran leapt up, still waving the book, Trelli with a mix of fear and rage swatted it out his grasp, and with teeth clenched dashed towards the volume, snatching it up, making to tear it apart. Migran in turn howled and leapt at her, the impact sending them both onto the bed, which thus avoided any concussions so allowing Trelli the chance to hit him several times with the said volume. His cries for her to stay calm being of no use, as she was given vent to strong pleas for the forces of Goodness and Purity to envelop them.

The discordant duet and rather comic struggle was abruptly brought suddenly to a halt.

As Trelli’s hands began to glow with hues shifting between red and blue.

The brief interlude of shared wide-eyed open mouthed silence was broken by the cries of dismay from Trelli.

The Patchwork Warriors # 24

The Patchwork Warriors# 25

The Patchwork Warriors: A Glossary.

The Patchwork Warriors Reader’s Guide.

There will an be an interlude while some serious re-writing of villains’ interludes takes place.

Also work must be conducted upon A True History of The Isles A True History of These Isles-Introduction and Part 1.

As detailed research upon the 10th century has brought to light some startling new information!!


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