The Patchwork Warriors # 24

Once more I extend thanks to all those who have been reading this series and coming up with supportive and helpful comments; you’re all part of the process now folks. My pen name is R J Llewellyn….. if this gets to publication I might just amend that to ‘Team RLJ’!

Anyhows: The lands few episodes/chapters started to gain a momentum which dragged me along out my usual ‘leisurely’ pace; hence the flurry of episodes all crammed together.

For those starting out on the writing journey getting feedback for readers far and wide is valuable, you learn a great deal, you no longer feel you are in a bubble and you meet nice folk. WP’s writing community is the nicest, most varied bunch you could ever care to meet. Try this approach yourself, yes it’s a bit nervy-making at first and always when you press the ‘publish’ button you are seized with doubt, but….writing is an adventure.

Now I’ve digressed (but for once, in a good way………………I hope)

So back to TPW…

This chapter was longer than the previous ones as not only did it include the aftermath of the first incursion by The Fourth Realm, interaction with Karlyn and Deya Beritt, but also an important interlude with my innocents abroad Trelli & Migran. All these parts fitted together and it did seemed conducive to the narrative to keep them in one chapter. So Chapter Twelve comes in three episodes. The first one involves Trelli and Migran, and is a consequence of events in Chapter Eleven. (warning comic vulgarity is involved….It’s a fine British Tradition)


Trelli was sitting up, gasping and wondering if she had really screamed or whether the sound had only been in the dreadful nightmare. A hideous midnight scene of ugly flapping creatures cackling obscene threats. Leering at her. Then thrusting into her face their own features; twisted versions of men. She had threshed, begged for help, stumbled, felt the thick flap of bat-like wings upon her head, knew she was doomed unto a hell, when there were sudden eruptions of noises, then screams as thick bloody stuff fell upon her, she trying to scrambling away.

Into the blessed familiar shadows and shapes of her room.

As the soothing sound of the night-time sea swept away the memories and brought her into the comfort of the reality of a simple, cold night, fear gave way to relief.

Which was nudged out of the way by an anger!

“Ooooh you! You!!” she muttered as she slithered out of bed, pulling on her coat against the chill, she was going to box Migran’s ears she was! Enough was enough!!


“Migran!” she hissed tapping his door “I know what you’re up to in there! Now stop it at once!!”

It says much for the purity of Trelli’s heart and the fire of her anger that it never occurred to her, not for one heart-beat, of this being a most unfortunate statement to make outside of a young man’s room at night time. Migran was taken aback and a’feared that a latent ability to see through doors had suddenly blossomed in Trelli. Composing himself and also wrapping on a coat, he stumbled to the door.

“Trelli! Go back to bed! This is most……improper!”

“No! You’re doing things you’re not supposed to! And they’re affecting my sleep! Dreams! Great looming things in my face!!”

Migran’s initial agitation vanished, puzzled, somewhat he carefully opened the door, slightly, at once her face filled the gap.

“Now you just open this door!!” she ordered.

It says much for his own confusion that in turn, it did not occur to him, not for one heart-beat that young men all over the town were dreaming of such an opportunity. Whereas in his case the puzzlement growing into bafflement, caused him to do as she commanded. So with maidenly-like caution , he carefully drew back his door

And was nearly toppled over as Trelli entered by means of shoulder.

“I asked you not to be doing this!” she was saying. He quite misunderstood and was about to ask for clarification as he could not recall being so careless when she was around, when she spun on her heels towards the slight glow upon the screen.

“There!” she announced with triumph “Knew it!! You’ve been fiddling again!!”

His thoughts were mixed between the sincere hope this conversation was not reaching the ears of his parents, albeit at the other side of the house. He was sure he’d switched it off after that last success in probing new distances. On reflection he knew he had. So here was the sudden realisation that his device was coming into life on its own. He looked to Trelli. He looked to the brightening screen. He looked back to her.

“Not with- I mean I had set the device to be inert. It shouldn’t, cannot become alert by itself,”

Trelli sniffed with all the superiority anyone of the fairer sex can bring to a situation of male haplessness.

“Well it doesn’t seem to have listened to you has it now?”

He moved around her and sat at the desk, moving fingers over the jewels. His mind catching up with all of her accusations.

“Dreams? What dreams?”

“Horrible monsters!” she said “And I knew it was all to do with your dabblings with forbidden stuffs!”

“How did you know?” he asked, feeling a bit more confident as the screen soothed by his administrations settled into a soft pale blue background light

For herself Trelli stopped being confident and resorted open-handed waving of her hands.

“I don’t know! I just did!”

His eyes widened, and he swivelled his chair so he faced her, studying her with much interest.

“Empathetic- “he began, interrupted by Trelli’s slight gasp and her spinning about her back to him.

“Master Migran,” she began formally “Will you tighten that coat up please!!”

In the excitement Migran had been quite unaware of the malfunction of his attire, so with babbling apologies did as he was told, followed by an action which would have surprised those many young men, he shooed Trelli towards the door; she having had far too many shocks and surprises for one young woman in one night did not resist.

“We’ll talk about this in daylight!” he urged.

“Well you just put that away!!” she retorted and fled.

Leaving him not too sure just what she had exactly been referring to.

He glanced back at the device, idly gnawing on his thumb. Spontaneous activation? Empathetic resolution?

This was exciting stuff! Trelli with his machine could break barriers!

There was no time for sleep, or anything else for that matter; he tided away his copy of “The Lustful Revenge of the Scorn’d Princess N’Y Hishleal of Old Roder”* and set to work…


*Addition to the Glossary: A notorious (and much sought after) book filled with  colourful ‘energetic’ characters,  heady revenge and much erotica; some copies are illustrated! (if anyone wants to write it, be my guest, I’ll supply you with background info!)

The Patchwork Warriors Reader’s Guide.

The Patchwork Warriors: A Glossary.

The Patchwork Warriors # 22

The Patchwork Warriors # 23




29 thoughts on “The Patchwork Warriors # 24

    1. Thanks!
      I’m feeling quite a buzz about this and the History of the Isles and its all down to the feedback and suggestions.
      For me, the relatively easy bit in the writing…but those covers, formatting and ‘stuff’ (uhh shudder…hides under kitchen table)

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      1. I don’t know if the UK is ready for a benevolent left-of-Corby never-mind-your-civil-rights-what-about-your-civil-responsibilities! Along will policies which involve the compulsory destruction of empty office blocks and replacing them with parks, children’s play areas, museums etc. (My wife has not me I’m not to discuss my Law & Order policies….apparently they upset people)

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  1. Now you know I was all set to hear more from Migran and Trelli. These two really tickle me; especially Trelli! I can tell that she really does want to take over.
    Regardless of our suggestions, these (Patchwork and History) are you babies and they provide so enjoyment to so many 🙂

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    1. Hi Gwin.
      As always I must start by saying ‘thanks’. It’s all the feedback which is firing me up.
      Trelli has some deliberate parallels with the hero of the screwball fantasy project. But she’s mostly trying to keep feet on the ground and stay modestly normal (Yeh! Good luck with that Trelli!)
      And I know it’s an old show biz thing, but heck…if folk are enjoying both, then hey, that’s all I need to know!
      Once more thank you so much Gwin.

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