The Patchwork Warriors# 21

Mostly features Medician Deya Beritt & how Major Gellgrachen gets things done.

2nd half of Chapter TEN.


There was a sharp unconditional knock on the door, and barely had Gellgrachen given the order to enter than it swung open Dekyria, Sergeant Erzns and Medician Beritt. Each regarded a rather embarrassed and fuddled Bleymore in the clean black ceremonial or sedentary duties tunic of the LifeGuard. Dekyria’s rather stiff expression turned to bemused surprise, Erzns square grim face displayed a flicker of disapproval, while Beritt gifted the new lieutenant with a polite smile.

Then they all saluted to Gellgrachen in his preferred informal style off two pressed together fingers to the right temple.

“I felt it was time extended our compliment,” he offered by way of explanation “Lieutenant Bleymore. You will of course report directly to Captain Dekyria. Now Captain, preparations ready?”

“Oculatorette is prepared and charged My Major. Carrying sufficient resources to operate for a decan. The falconades are being armed by my file. Sergeant Erzns, I’ve witnessed your file’s competency on the training field. Ensure there is strict adherence to contingently necessary use. Additional charges will be too volatile for this mission,”

“My Major?” Erzns terse, cold question signalled his insistence of a full and clear explanation of the task to hand, and no ‘that’s all you need to know’ stuff.

“Sergeant Erzns. We have a situation. Drygnest have been informed and have approved my course of action,” Gellgrachen’s opening words stilled at interruptions from Erzns. In his uncomplicated world even if receiving an order from Drygnest involving one’s own death, the only question to be asked would be the amount of damage required prior to demise. Gellgrachen then went on to outline everything in soldier’s terms. “One update Captain Dekyria, Drygnest instructs we are to extract, unharmed, the person who is source of the problem and bring them here pending transference to Drygnest They will need to be examined,”

Beritt listened casually, thinking it was nice to be alerted well in advance this time; she could plan her entire routine around calming down someone who had to spend a few days with Erzns pack’ Suddenly it was all Astatheia, Astatheia. After this she could write a pamphlet of the treatment of…

“Medician Beritt you will be part of Sergeant Erzns file in this mission,” The Major had expected three expressions based on surprise, so carried on smoothly “We don’t know what state this person or persons will be in. We cannot have them being disruptive or unsettled on the return journey. Your mouth medician. Close it please. Thank you,” he turned his attention to Erzns saying with heavy emphasis “Colonel Rachterg made the specification,”

Dekyria judged by the way Erzns second scowl melted to a very thoughtful frown at Beritt that there was a certain history between the sergeant and the legendary ‘Iron Kreydez’ Rachteg, although his attention was diverted to a slightly swaying Beritt, who give her due was not saying anything.

Bleymore was also quiet; into some sort of reflecting. Gellgrachen meanwhile pressed on.

“Drygnest have also instructed you to leave at dusk, at The Nineteenth Thousand. Something to do with their analysis of possible Temporal Latitudes? I’ll give the transcript to you Captain Dekyria I’m sure you and The Lieutenant can make more sense of it than I,” the business-like tone turned to one of gravitas “You will instruct Medician Beritt in the operation of an Oculatorette. Medician Beritt you are to place your basic duties in the hands of Equesteria H’senez, you will inform her now, then report to Captain Dekyria and finally Sergeant Erzns,”

“I got to look after that lot of wobbling whingers as well as my darlings!!”

Even if it was only for mucking out purposes H’senez with a pitchfork tended to make Beritt nervous; standing straight upright knee high in dirty hay one hand set on hip the other with pitchfork aloft only made the equestria look more intimidating.

“Well it’s only the day to day sort of stuff. I’ve done to regular check for Particular Boils,”

“Good! I don’t want to listen to old jokes about weaponry and comparisons with stallions,” Klareh dove the pitchfork into the hay and settled into sympathy. “High Holy Deya, they dropped you in that. Reckon it’s linked with…errr… y’know?”

“These are orders straight from Drygnest,”


Beritt snorted her agreement, with folded arms leant against the nearest object, being a stall

“Yeh!, Erzns crew are taking those whizz-whoosh falconades with them; the ones that near took Peller’s leg off! And I gotta learn Owl stuff too,”

“Are you supposed to telling this?”

“Aww scraith! It’ll filter out. Me going with Erzns’ pack. Our visitor now a l’tenant,”

At this juncture an equine head, small and with untidy mane appeared over the stall and gently nudged Beritt.

“Oh Poseydale, nice to see you too. C’mon Klareh, the lady wants carrots,”

“I trust that means the horse and for the purposes of eating,” then not giving Beritt a chance to make an outraged reply pressed on “This is moving way beyond the usual Observation business, isn’t it?” she handed some carrots to Beritt who began to fuss the mare “Poor Patch ‘Em-Up Deya. Least I can do is set Poseydale for you. Anyhow you’re the only one, she doesn’t try and bite or kick,”


After absorbing about one part in ten of what Captain Dekyria told her and making sure the instruction manual was tucked safe then satisfying Erzns she could load and shoot a crossbow bolt without impaling her own foot Beritt thought she done enough instruction and preparation to indulge in a brief doze, and in the relative comfort of her cot. Ahead would be hard ground and wicked stones hunting to dig into your back. Although still beset by jumbles of thoughts and consequent troubles, residual weariness for the past days eased her into brief repose, her last thought was naturally enough for any trooper.

“Why me?”

“Your turn,”

She would put that whispered response down to one of those fuzzy doze-dreams.

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8 thoughts on “The Patchwork Warriors# 21

  1. Thank You Roger. As always, you are an interesting read. I am finally in a position to start working again on my own writing and illustration. Props to you and Dr. Richard Feynman and above all, my STELLAR soulmate Violet. Without inspiration, how is one to be inspired? With regard to my soulmate, it’s more of the “If you don’t get cracking on your graphic novel, I am going to be doing some cracking of my own as in my knuckles on your noggin!”. She didn’t actually have to say that. She only needs that one look.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Veronica.
      Thanks so much for your affirmation.
      Best wishes with your Graphic Novel, I’ll follow that with interest OH yes! The Look! Has started many a worthy piece of work!
      Take care.
      (Can you confirm your blog site; WP or my search engine has gone a bit wayward with me of late and one of them is telling me things aren’t there which I know are)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you once again Audrey. Your suggestions and comments are playing a part in this work’s progress.
      I’ve been working on (in?) this world for the past 20 years, so some of it comes along without thinking- the danger there is assuming everyone else knows what I know….so….re-read, re-write and assume nothing.
      Thank you again

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Indeed!
        Even though I’m trying to be cautious and not get carried away*, once I read that folk are ‘getting it’ I can’t help but feel a swift ‘Yes!!’

        *(EG: the draft of the 4th volume of the previous saga only quarter completed…it died of sub-sub plots)

        Thanks once more Audrey for all your help, invaluable!

        Liked by 2 people

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