Shizzle Inc. Wonderful Screwball Humour


I read this back at the turn of 2015/16 and belatedly  reviewed on Amazon in May; this matters needs addressing WP, to….so….

I’ll try to avoid doing a review without a dissertation on the nature of Humour, all that needs to be said is that Humour comes in many forms and traditions. That’s it. I’m done.

Now onto Shizzle Inc.

The folk in Shizzle Inc would be familiar in the worlds of Brining Up Baby, Hellzapopin,Soap and its film partner Soapidish. The extraordinary images which spring out are those which beg work by the MAD magazine artists of the 1950s. All is chaos, unlikely twists and turns, comic folk and situations leap out with little warning. Characters who have no business being in our Reality stride the pages with wonderful and improbable invulnerability. The logic which we have thought must be the only sort just withers in the hands and minds of these folk. Leave preconceptions behind folk. This is wacky, screwball, vaudeville, knock-about, slapstick to name but a few, calling on a wild old tradition. It would make one heck of a cartoon.

Right: Plot- Isa Maxwell ditsy, living in her own little dream world that one day she will make it to the top by means that seemed bereft of a plan, somehow manages to end up as the aide to Mr Hue the most improbable CEO of a conglomerate ever. Ruggedly handsome and full of self-confidence despite all evidence to the contrary is a massively rich and apparently successful fellow. Together they are a good a double act of clownish proportions. Nothing Isa does is truly right, but this does not phase Mr Hue who plows on seeing all about him as affirmations on his philosophy. Isa being at once out of her depth struggles from one crisis to another, gathering situations and characters about her with a comically rapid pace. Soon in addition to possibly ruining Hue’s business she is being stalked by an unhinged cop, who seems quite in place in this frenetic tale. The gloriously over-top story results in a car-chase and characters in danger of literally loosing heads or other body parts; and by now none of this seems the least bit unlikely. Bit of a spoiler: Isa survives.

This is simply a frantic, glorious, fun ride.

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15 thoughts on “Shizzle Inc. Wonderful Screwball Humour

      1. That’s so funny. My Dad is retired and, as you know, he was a RR Conductor so he was BOUND to the time clock. In fact, they had to reset their watches at the start of every workday.
        Nowadays if you ask him the time, he says, “Saturday.”

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